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2 year olds' room.

WC- 1.4.19

The children really enjoy playing games in groups, they all fully understand that they need to share the resources and wait patiently to take their turn.

Today we played a game called ice cream crazy, the aim of the game is to follow an order card to make your own ice cream.    The children quickly grasped the concept of what they had to do and each time they turned a card over would check their individual order card.   

This game is great for encouraging communication and cooperation between the children.   It also teaches colours, provides practice in matching and promotes observation skills and memory.



WC- 25.3.19

We would like to thank all our families that joined us for our special Mothers Day stay and play. It was lovely to see you all and spend time with you doing fun activities.





WC- 18.3.19

We would like to thank all of the parents who donated items for our role play Garden Center, as you can see in the photos the children have been making full use of everything.    We have learnt how to dig and fill the plant pots with soil and how to plant seeds and bulbs.   This provided us with lots of opportunities to talk about the process of growing plants and flowers which meant the children learnt some new language and knowledge of growth.    We have placed all our pots to one side so we can observe any changes and hopefully grow some beautiful flowers. 😀🌻🌸🌷😀🌻🌸🌷🌿🌻







The children are all still engaged and fascinated with the changes that are taking place with the caterpillars and tadpoles. They check each day to see how they are developing. This is sparking great conversations between friends and many amazing questions.

We will keep you updated on their growth.🐸🐛



We have many helpers to make play dough each week. The children work together and help read out what ingredients they need.

Following on from making the play dough the children are really excited to join in with a play dough gym activity. This activity is amazing for helping to develop the children's fine motor skills, listening and attention.

We will be sending home a play dough recipe for you to make at home with your child. Don't forget to upload any pictures of you doing this onto your child's Interactive Learning Diary. We love to see the child learning in thier home environment.







Look at all the bugs the children have been able to explore today. They have been able to look closely at a great bug collection. The children were fascinated by how each one looked and some even noticed the differences. Many questions were asked so we then watched video clips to show the children the bugs in action.








WC- 11.3.19

Learning the cycle of a frog.

This week we have been very lucky to have some frogspawn at Nursery, this is a wonderful opportunity for the children to be able to see and experience.    We talked about the frogspawn and the process that happens  from the tadpole hatching to it growing into a frog.  To extend the children's learning and knowledge we watched a video clip that showed the whole process.  The children showed a lot of interest throughout.

Later as we were eating our snack we spoke again about what we had learned, the children were amazing at remembering and simply retelling the information they had learnt about the cycle.

They said: "Frogspawn hatch."

              "Come out tadpoles, little babies."

              "Tadpoles wiggle." (Wiggled their finger as they said this)

               "Tadpole swim, eat plant."

               "Grow legs turn frog."





The children have been fascinated on how fast the caterpillars are growing. They check on them everyday and talk to each other about their size. The children are also using positional language now when describing where they are in the pot. 

We will keep you updated on their development.




Below you can see the children enjoying a messy sensory painting activity. The children mixed the paint with their fingers and commented on the changes that they observed and created.



Following along with the them of The very hungry caterpillar we thought we would do a little counting with the children. They were amazing at counting the butterflies and were also using language of quantities and size.



W/C- 04.03.19


The children this term have been really engaged with a lot of role play.    Today's role play was followed on from a story of a mouse going camping, it was decided that we all wanted to make a tent to sleep inside.    Once the tent had been put up the children all collected the cushions and blankets to pretend going to sleep, they then woke up and used the barbecue to cook their breakfast, the tongs were used to pick up the food which helped the children to coordinate and strengthen their whole hand/tripod grip.    We made a pretend camp fire using wood pieces and tissue paper, then discussed about how to be safe around a fire, that we must not touch it as it's very hot and can burn our skin.    Sitting around the camp fire we all chose a musical instrument and sang some nursery rhymes, the children are all beginning to learn the words and showing confidence to sing together lovely.  To finish off our camping adventure we had a little picnic outside the tent, the children were encouraged to peel their own oranges to work towards developing independent skills.

A good time was had by all. 







We are so excited this term to be doing The very hungry caterpillar for our theme. The children have enjoyed the story together in groups and individually. As we read the story we are asking simple questions along the way to help with the children's understanding.


We have had a special delivery of caterpillars this week. The children have looked closely at them and have used language of size whilst describing them, "Look they little ones."

We will be showing and explaining the life cycle of the butterfly as the changes take place. So keep an eye out for regular updates on here and our nursery face book page.

Following on from this exciting delivery it has sparked many fun and creative activities where the children have created their own caterpillars and butterflies.








The theme has continued outside and we have provided the children with many activities. Below you can see the children taking part in a insect hunt. They all looked at the pictures of the insects they needed to find and with so much energy and excitement they rushed around looking for them. We situated the bugs in a variety of places to encourage the children to use positional language when they find them.

You are more than welcome to join in our insect hunt with your children when you drop off or pick up.🐛🐞🐝




Welcome back to Term 4

We hope you all enjoyed a lovely half term.

What a lovely week back at Nursery we have had so far with all this spring sunshine.

Within Nursery we have definitely made the most of it, spending plenty of time outside making good use of the large climbing apparatus to strengthen our muscles, develop coordination skills and gross motor skills.  




We have enjoyed lots of other varied activities such as dressing up to ignite our imagination and role play, building to balance and create structures, mark making to work towards writing skills and using a pincer grip to squeeze pipettes of water to transport between containers.







WC- 11.2.19


This amazing role play opportunity arose from one of the children sharing his experiences and ideas of going on a bus, he stood next to a unit and told everyone, "Come on bus, this bus stop."   All the children followed his lead and joined him to wait for the bus.   To extend the activity we used the chairs to create a bus to go on and made tickets to buy.  We travelled to the beach, the park and the shops.   Throughout the role play the children used lots of language and really played lovely alongside each other to keep the play going.

We sang along to the 'Wheels on the bus' and followed all of the actions.






The children have been practising using scissors and Palm scissors this week. They have improved their grip and how they operate them so much in such a short space of time. We are so impressed. 😊



WC- 28.1.19

We had so much fun in the snow! We explored the snow and how we could leave marks in it, made a snowman and all the staff ended up being bombarded with snowballs.

Once we had finished exploring outside we took the snow back inside with us. We used the pipettes and coloured water to create marks in the snow and mix colours together.

The children were amazed as they watched the snow melt in their





This week the children have been learning to play the animal farmyard lotto game. They did really well at waiting for their turn and being kind to others.

We modelled animal names and sounds alongside the Makaton signs which the children loved to copy. We also asked the children simple what, where and who questions throughout the game so that we could extend their understanding.

If you would like to borrow our farmyard lotto game to play at home then please don't hesitate to ask for it.





We created a team building game using the Tap tap box this week. The children joined in with the rhyme and waited patiently for their name to be called. Once it was their turn the child chose a brick from the box and then added it to the teams tower. They managed to take care and build the tower to a great height. 

At the end of the game when the tower fell down the children were immediately excited to play the game all over again. Their focus and energy levels were amazing. 

The following day we left the game out in the room to see if the children revisited it independently. They did this many times throughout the session, showing good interaction and social skills with their friends.



WC- 21.1.19

Today the children have been naming the farm animals and learning the makaton sign for each animal.   All the children were very good at trying to use this sign language and some even remembered the signs when ask to repeat it back.


Here are some examples of the makaton signs which show how to use your hands for each animal, why not have a go with your children.😀




This week the children have been doing lots of activities along the theme of Old MacDonald had a farm. They have been creative in making animal collages, pen enclosures using play dough and lollipop sticks and singing songs. The children have been strengthening and developing their fine motor skills by lots of activities like threading farm animal cards and cutting feathers into a hen picture.





We also created a hide and seek game with coloured tractors. The children waited patiently whilst we hid them around the room, keeping in mind positional language and understanding. We then asked the children individually to go and find a particular coloured tractor. 

This game helped the children in developing their colour knowledge, turn taking skills, listening and attention and understanding.

They had so much fun throughout this game at the beginning of the week that several children asked to play it many times throughout the week.





We would like to welcome you back to Term 3. 

We have been busy helping our new children settling into nursery the last couple of weeks. We are so proud at how they are doing and how the older children have been demonstrating kind and friendly behaviour towards them.

Below are some photos of some of the activities the children have been engaged and involved in.







We are really interested in learning all about what your child achieves at home. We have a special WOW board, where you can write your child's individual achievement on a star and add them to our display. This can be anything from brushing their own teeth to helping tidy their own room with you.

You can add as many stars as you like. Please ask a member of staff for some stars and lets celebrate your child's learning together.