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2 year olds' room.


The children continued the Humpty Dumpty theme outside and created his wall using their amazing constructing and balancing skills with the large bricks. Lots of communication was going on and it was great to see the children helping each other and working together.

We then started a role-play game where we were the kings men from the nursery rhyme.

The children each had a horse and rode them around outside. They cared for the horses by giving them food, water and even made a bed for them to sleep in.🐴




Here you can see the children painting Humpty Dumpty on the playground floor. We noticed that the children were creating amazing shapes like circles and lines.




A Playdough activity was set up today along with Mr Potato heads body parts. The children used their creative skills to make Humpty Dumpty.

It was amazing to hear the children singing along to the nursery rhyme as they did this.



This week we will be focusing on the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty.

The children have enjoyed singing along to the rhyme with the instruments, creating amazing sounds.

We then decided to build Humpty Dumpty's wall for him to sit on.

As you can see the children did an amazing job using the small bricks to create walls. The children used language of size and quantities. They persevered and showed kindness to others by sharing the bricks.

Unfortunately Humpty Dumpty did fall off the wall but the children were kind and caring and looked after him again until he was well enough to sit on another wall.








We enjoyed the story of Twinkle Twinkle little star this week. The children showed good focus and listened with interest as the adult changed their voice throughout the story. 

Some children chose to look at this book independently in the book area after, repeating some words/phrases from the story.




The children were amazing at threading their stars today.

This activity helps the child to develop their pincer grip, perseverance and hand and eye co-ordination.

The children persevered until they had threaded all of their string through the stars.

We have left the string free on the star so you can thread the star together again at home.😀





We took full advantage of the change in weather this morning and went on a learning walk to explore the icy, frosty school grounds.

We all had so much fun and our concentration and fascination was amazing as we made marks on the icy benches and tables.

We ran on the field noticing that we left footprints behind and discussed the change in colour of the grass.







Outside this week we have been drawing lots of stars on the playground floor.

This activity helped the children develop their Mark making skills at drawing lines. Some of the children are beginning to show a preference to which hand they use to hold the chalks.






This term we are learning Nursery Rhymes.

Our first one this term is Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. The children have been amazing at joining in with the words and actions.

We have done many activities that have linked into this nursery rhyme. 

Please could you support your child's learning by singing this rhyme at home also. smiley



We have been busy mark making this week using a variety of objects.

The children were so focused using the paint and the ear buds that some children stayed at this activity for around 30 minutes!

This activity was good to do as it helped the children develop their pincer grip and paint in a smaller, more detailed way.




Welcome back and a Happy New Year. We hope you have had a lovely Christmas with your family and friends.

This term our theme is Nursery Rhymes if your child has a favourite one that you share together at home please let the nursery team know and we can enjoy this together also.

We would like to welcome all the new children and look forward to working with them and their families.smiley