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2 year olds' room.


At nursery the children help us plan at the end of their session. We ask them what they would like out or do the next day.

Some children said they wanted the diggers in the sand and another child said they wanted the bricks out. We combined all their ideas and set it up in a fun and inviting way.

The children had fun playing, exploring and lots of learning went on in many areas of their development.

If you would like to share with the nursery team your child's interest at home then we can plan activities around that and see where it leads.smiley




We would like to welcome you back and hope you have all enjoyed the break.

We are excited to get to know all the new children and their families that have started with us this term and work together closely to make your child's time in nursery a fun and enjoyable time.

Please feel free to pop in our room, have a look around and get to know the nursery team.



We have changed our home corner into a hairdressers this week and the amount of interaction between the children has been amazing! We have observed children sharing, communicating with each other, good fine manipulative skills and taking an interest in others play and joining in.

We have also sported some very creative hairstyles.





We left a tough tray empty outside so the children could put out what they wanted. We were interested to see what they would do.

One of the children emptied a box of dinosaurs into the tray and more children gathered around.

There was some concern with a couple of the children that the dinosaurs didn't have any food to eat. We suggested that the children could go and explore the environment to see if they could find any food that the dinosaurs could eat.

The children came back with handfuls of mud and grass. They placed it all around the tough tray and continued with their small world play for another twenty to thirty minutes.

It was lovely to observe the children interact with each other and come up with ideas for their dinosaurs. We think the children did a great job.nosmiley





The children are always interested in building and constructing towers and homes with the wooden bricks. We decided to add some silly soap in the tray to see what the children would do.

They loved covering the bricks and themselves with the soap.frown

We then modelled how to use the soap with the bricks  like cement. The children did an amazing job! We hope you enjoy looking at the photos.

Why not add some shaving foam next time you are building at home with your child.






We have been strengthening our hands by using tweezers to pick up the pom poms from the sand into the tub provided.

This can be very challenging at times but with perseverance some children managed to complete this challenge.nosmiley






We decided to join in with the schools yoga session in nursery. The children and staff showed good core strength and control as we all did many poses.

Our yoga session also helped with the children's listening and attention skills.

It was such a huge success that we decided to add weekly yoga sessions into our planning.

Our yoga poses were sent home with the children on sheet so that they could practice them at home with their families.







Thank you to all our families that turned up for our sponsored dance. It was a great success and we saw some amazing dance moves!smiley

It was really nice to get a chance to meet even more of our children's family members.

We will let you know how much we have raised when all the money has been collected.

Thank you once again.




Look at how much fun the children have had in our outdoor sandpit today!

There was so much learning going on developing their gross motor skills, mark making, interacting with each other and learning new words.





We have noticed lots of children have been showing an interest in books, taking time out to sit and quietly look at the books, learning how to turn the pages, developing language and reciting words and phrases from the story.

If you would like to borrow one of our story books to take home and read with your child then just ask Kirsty or Sarah.




We had trays out today with rice crispies, spoons, pots, tubes and funnels.

The children learnt how to share, develop language of size and quantities, fill/empty containers and hold spoons with control.

At snack time one of the children asked if they could eat some rice crispies so we got a new box and all enjoyed some together. The children developed their social skills and ability to feed themselves.




Today we all enjoyed the sun and played some parachute games.

The children showed good listening skills as they followed our instructions throughout each game.




We have lots of displays up and around nursery. You are very welcome to pop in at the beginning or the end of the session to take a look.

Don't forget to bring in your child's favourite book from home and a photo of your child's family so we can add them to our displays.smiley







On pancake day the children had great fun tossing the pancakes in the home corner.

We then made more pancakes using the playdough.

Snack time was extremely enjoyable as we all tucked in to some more pancakes with our variety of fruit.




Don't forget to come into our room and get a star to write all your child's amazing home learning on so we can add it to our WOW board.


If your child has a favourite story at home and you would like to bring it in, we would love to share it with the other children at story time.



















We are creating a Family tree display at nursery. This is where the children can bring in photos from home of their family members, so they can talk about them and for everyone to see. Feel free to come and speak to Kirsty or Sarah about


We have been lucky with a change of weather this week!

We have been out exploring the environment, looking at all the changes around us. The children screamed with laughter as they jumped up and down on the frosty grass.





We have been busy mark making this week. The children have been making lots of circles and lines on the paper. We have been developing our control when holding mark making tool.


We would like to welcome you all back to Term 3!

A big welcome to all our new children and families that have joined us.

We look forward to getting to know the children and to work closely with you to help your child progress in their development. smiley






Look how well the children climbed up, in, out and over the different tyres that were stacked at a variety of heights. By the end of the session the children were becoming more confident. Good job ! Keep up the great climbing.


​    ​




The children have been using potatoes to print with today. They loved to see how many times they could bang the potato down on the paper, sometimes laughing when the paint went all over them.sad

​    ​


Wow! look at all the brilliant climbing we have been doing at nursery. We are getting more confident at climbing the ladder and showing more control whilst climbing over the bars.smiley

​    ​


We have been using the Numicon today to push them into the playdough to see how many circle shapes were left behind. We were amazed at all the brilliant counting that was going on!

​    ​


We used the leaves from outside in several activities this week. Here are a few photos of some of the children engaged in them.

The children used their imagination with the leaves and playdough and look at what they have created!

​    ​

We also scrunched the leaves in the tray and looked at the detail in them. We counted them and waved them around, dancing to the windy music.



Thank you to all the parents/carers that came to our Halloween messy play session. We all had lots of fun together and it was a good chance for you to take a look at your child's learning diary. We look forward to seeing you at our next event.





​    ​


Wow look at all our amazing balancing we are doing! Some of the children were really kind and helped their friends by holding their hand whilst on the board. What kind friends we are. frown

  ​  ​



  ​  ​


The children have had lots of fun with the water today by using the pipettes, washing the toys and using the brushes to do great cleaning and mark making with. We have also been developing our pouring skills. 




Look at the concentration on the childrens' faces whilst trying pick up the pasta using the tweezers. This can be a little tricky but the children showed good focus and perseverance by not giving up!! well done!smiley

​    ​


The children have been been working together this week to create buildings, make up role-play games and talk to each other about their experiences. Its lovely to see how the children are progressing in their personal, social and emotional area of development.


​    ​


We made a washing area for all our babies in nursery. The children got their sponges and plenty of bubbles and washed their babies really well. Some children related to this activity and started talking about their bath time they have at home. The children did such a good job at washing the babies i think we may have a car wash tomorrow! Great work everyone.



After the children had finished washing the babies we added chalks to the tray. The children made circular motions with the chalk, mixing them around in the water and leaving marks behind.

​    ​

Thank you to everyone who has put a star on our WOW board! We love hearing all about your learning at home.


​In our room we have a home celebration display. This is where the children can show off all their amazing learning that goes on at home.

All you need to do is pop in and get a star from a member of staff and write down the wonderful things your child does at home, we then share this information with the other children and then place in on our display board.

Lets see if we can fill the board up shining stars!smiley



We have been doing so well with our cutting skills!! Take a look at how well the children are concentrating on cutting the paper.


​      ​


  ​  ​


 After a farm animal listening activity the children went off and used their imagination to build homes for them. They talked to each other, made animal sounds, built towers and took turns!! great job!frown




In the sand area we have been introduced to lots of new words as we explore! These are displayed all around us on cards for the children to have as a visual aid.


Welcome back !!
We would just like to say how pleased we are and how well the children have settled back into Nursery after the summer break.
We have had lots of new children and families start with us in this term. We are working together to settle them in and we look forward to getting to know each and every one of you!smiley
You are welcome to pop in at the start/end of your child's session to speak to a member of staff and to take a look around our room to see what we have been up to.
 The children have got stuck in with their exploring straight away and have showed great pouring alongside hand and eye coordination! look at how well they are using small scoops to pour sand!
  ​  ​

Our small world dinosaurs was set up in a tough tray with natural objects and Weetabix (crushed and whole) to add variety and texture. The children loved how the dinosaurs made a crunching sound when they stomped them down into the tray.

Some children have shown an interest in ICT equipment. they have been able to operate it without needing any help!! Amazing! Keep up the good work!frown


We hope your child has enjoyed their first week back as much as we have and we look forward to seeing you all next week.