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WC: 1-4-19


We have been continuing to learn all about Spring this week. We have been on a hunt for blossom around the gardens and used a camera to take photos of the blossom that we found. We are getting very good at using the camera and were very proud of the photographs. We then made blossom using our finger prints and sticking scrunched up tissue onto card. 

We have had fun making lots of Easter crafts including an Easter wreath, a card and mark making shapes and patterns on lots of different sized eggs. We have been practicing recognising and writing our names.

Our tadpoles have gone on holiday to Mrs Abraham's house and will hopefully be frogs soon. 

Have a wonderful Easter. See you on Tuesday 23rd April. 






WC- 25-3-19


We are learning all about Spring this week. We have been on a nature walk and looked at the buds growing on the trees and the different flowers we can see. We collected daisies, dandelions and buttercups to count and sort. 

Our tadpoles are growing well and we have been feeding them boiled lettuce, the children all agreed it smelt " horrible, yucky, disgusting, stinky," 

The caterpillars are now in their cocoons and it won't be long until we have butterflies. 

We have turned our home corner into an ice cream parlour which has encouraged lovely role play and language. 

We have again been making the most of the lovely sunny weather with lots of outdoor play. 

Happy Mothers Day to our lovely Mummies.








We- 18/3/19


We have been watching our caterpillars and tadpoles very closely this week, our caterpillars are nearly ready to make their cocoons.

At the beginning on the week we went on a bug hunt. We found worms, spiders, ants, wood lice, and a a bug with lots of legs that we were unsure of. We returned to the classroom and looked it up in our book. The children decided it was a centipede from the photos.  The children practiced mark making by recording the bugs that we found on our tick sheets.

We have been practicing retelling the story of The very hungry caterpillar and have created excellent pictures of the food he ate. 

Our outside area is now a garden centre and the children have had fun digging and planting in the compost. Hopefully the weather will improve and we can make the most of our lovely outdoor space. 












WC-  11-3-19


We are continuing with our topic The very hungry caterpillar. The children are very interested in how big our caterpillars have grown, one child said " they are going to be massive". The children have used wonderful language when talking about the caterpillars such as they are " wiggly, spiky, furry, big, tiny, crawly, messy, funny, hungry." 

As part of our topic we have been talking about healthy and unhealthy food. The children are starting to understand which foods are healthy and we should eat every day and which foods are unhealthy and we should only eat occasionally. We are going to taste lots of healthy foods.

We are very lucky to have some frogspawn in preschool and we are learning about the lifecycle of a frog alongside watching out caterpillars grow. 

As well as all of our topic activities we have been practising our name recognition and forming some letters in our names and learning the days of the week. 

We had lots of fun colour mixing. We guessed what colours would appear when we mixed two different colours together.

Because of the awful weather this week we had a group yoga session. The children really enjoyed stretching and breathing in time to a chime bell.



WC- 4-3-19


what a busy week we have had! Our topic is The Very Hungry Caterpillar and we have been learning all about the lifecycle of a butterfly. 

We have some real caterpillars that we are growing and we are super excited to see them make their cocoons and eventually hatch as beautiful butterflies. The children have been very careful when handling the caterpillars and know they need to be gentle and very quiet. 

We are enjoying retelling the story using our home made hungry caterpillar. We have talked about our favourite foods and which foods are healthy and unhealthy. 

We used potatos to print caterpillars and will soon be painting beautiful butterflies. 

Hopefully the weather will be nice next week for our bug hunt. 





WC- 25-2-19








we have been playing outside in the beautiful sunshine this week. We have practised climbing on the big slide and balanced on obstacle courses. We have had fun dressing as bugs and flowers and playing hook a duck to find the highest number. 

We are enjoying learning a new song " turn the bag around" we have to have good listening skills to guess what is in the bag. 

We have been practicing our writing skills by writing letters and posting them in the post box. We used diggers to find letters hidden in rice. 


.  WC- 11-2-19




This week love is in the air as we have been talking about the things we love and things that are special to us. We have discussed how we can be kind and what an act of kindness might be. 

We have made lots of heart shaped art work and counted and sorted hearts. We loved making our "love bugs" We definitely know what a heart shape is now. ❤️💙💜💛




We we have been exploring floating and sinking. We put different objects into a tube, filled it with water and guessed if the object would float or sink. 















Wc- 4/2/19

this week we have been learning about Chinese New Year. We have listened to the story of The Great Race, dressed in traditional Chinese costumes, played with rice, explored Chinese dragons and the way they move and tasted Chinese food. 

Most of the children really enjoyed the noodles and rice and even asked for more. 



wc- 28.1.19








We we have made the most of the snow today by playing in it and painting on it. The children described the snow as "cold, frozen ( because it's been outside), soft, white, crunchy, it feels like Winter" . When it was painted they used wonderful language to describe it " it's colourful, its like a rainbow, I've painted it perfectly, its like unicorn poop!!"



We are reading the story of The Three Little Pigs. We have been taking part in lots of construction activities and testing how strong straw, sticks and bricks are. We have been retelling the story with our puppets and story tray.

We will be matching by shape and size and learning counting songs.


Welcome back to Term 3.