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3-4 year olds' room.

What a fantastic end to this term with our Halloween Messy Play session! Thank you to all of the parents who came along to share in the children's play and to learn about the benefits and learning experiences that this type of play offers. 

If you try out any of the recipes that you were given at home then please upload photos and comments to your child's learning diary so that we can see what they have been doing too.

                                                                     Some photographs of the session.















The children have been learning the story of The Little Red Hen. They can join in with the repeated refrains and can make the Makaton signs for the different animals.



Farmer Nick's real red hen visited the Reception class and the nursery children were delighted to be invited to go too. They were amazed to see the size of the hen and were able to handle wheat seeds, see an ear of wheat, grind the wheat into flour and feed the hen with some bread.



  The afternoon children wanted to plant the wheat seed that we had been given. They knew that they needed soil and took some from the plant trough. They found a flower pot and each planted a seed. Now we are waiting to see what happens.





 A rainy day last week gave the children the opportunity to puddles on the playground. They enjoyed exploring different ways of moving down the muddy slopes and discovered that by shaking the leaves on the tree they could create their own rainfall. 





      Who could live in this hole?



   With a little bit of team work a branch was found and carried back to the hole.


                                                                                                                       Now whoever lives in the hole will be able to climb out!


A child brought in a torch which made different coloured light. Another child noticed the repeating pattern in the colours so we made some repeating patterns of our own.





 We also got out the nursery torches and explored light and dark with them.







The children followed our playdough recipe, with support, to make their own playdough to take home. The children are understanding that the pictures and words carry meaning and that they have to be followed in sequence. We hope you have fun with the playdough they made. We supplied the recipe so that you can make some more at home and please upload any photos to your child's interactive learning diary, we would love to see them.





We have been fruit tasting in our room this week. This has encouraged the children to use their senses of smell, touch and taste, to express their likes and dislikes, to use new vocabulary to describe the fruit and to understand that we all have different preferences for food. On Friday we choose some of our favourite fruits and combined them to make a smoothie.


                                                            Some fruits were heavy



                             Exploring the mango's stone







                                                                  Using their senses



                                                         Recording whether they liked or disliked the fruit



            Some children wanted to count the berries and grapes 


  Counting to make sure there are enough cups



                                                                   Preparing the smoothie





                                                   Noticing the changes and tasting the results



This week the children have continued to develop their friendships and we have been pleased to see them showing co-operation, turn taking, helping each other and enjoying playing alongside each other.






 What a wet week it has been. The children have been using the umbrellas while exploring the rain. Putting them up and down helps to develop strength and control in their arm and finger muscles.




  The children have been looking closely at themselves and each other to identify similarities and differences.

 They made hand prints and then compared and talked about the different sizes. We joined the prints together to make a height chart. Every child wanted to be measured leading to lots of counting and the use of language to compare heights. Nobody was as tall as Lisa.






The children thought about the names of all of the body parts that they knew and enjoyed seeing their ideas written on the life size drawings. Afterwards they were encouraged to draw their own person, checking that they had included all the parts.








 We looked at eye colour and the children were encouraged to make marks to represent their own eyes, looking closely at the shapes they were drawing and the colours that they selected to use. 





We have been pleased by how well the children have all settled in nursery this week. Our 'old' children are enjoying being the 'big' children in the room and our new children are making friends and showing great confidence.




The water bottles have been replaced with cups that the children can fill from a water jug. This is proving to be very popular with the children who love the independence of pouring their own drinks and washing up the cups afterwards. It's great for improving their motor skills too.




The children have been talking about the patterns and colours on the fish in our 'Only One You' book. This has inspired some colourful mark making. Every child was eager to decorate a paper fish. We are now looking forward to painting our pebbles.