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We are all enjoying KS2 Board Game Club!


" I love coming to Board Game Club because it's fun and you don't have to stay at home doing nothing!"  Eva


"I am getting much better at Draughts but I still can't beat Mrs Parker!  I like being able to play lots of different games."  Josh


I like coming to club because it's enjoyable and you get to learn new games that I haven't played before.  My favourite game is Charades!"  Leah


"I really like Draughts and Connect Four.  I pretty good at Charades!"  Josh


"It's fun at Board Game Club because we do fun things."  Riley


"Board Game Club is fun because I like playing the stack game called
Four in a Row.  I'm good at it and I've beaten Riley and Ryan!"  Destiny


"I love the games where there are counters because out of the counters you can make up different games to play, like Leah's Oreo Jenga or my own Coin Flip."  Ollie