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Cookery Club


The cookery club has started with lots of enthusiastic children sharing their ideas and experiences. The first recipe to cook was flapjack and they could have a choice of plain, chocolate chip or raisins in their mixture. 


The children shared their ideas to help produce a list of food that they would like to prepare which included: fruit kebabs, pizzas, jam tarts, cheese straws, cookies etc.


We are looking forward to using their ideas to create a menu for each week and hope to write and illustrate a cooking leaflet to share the groups favourite recipes over the weeks.


A few of our proud cooks and recipes:







Some of the recipes so far have included:

Pasta salad with tuna, cheese or ham, pizzas, pancakes, biscuits, flap jack and fruit kebabs. The children have helped to make the items from scratch, and have also learnt about where the ingredients come from and ways to make healthy choices. They have all been brilliant in having a go at tasting new foods to them - some have even really enjoyed the new tastes and textures!