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Healthy Eating Workshop

Healthy Eating Workshop


We were very excited to begin our Healthy Eating Workshops in Term 6.


Week 1


A big 'thank you' to our families who joined us for our first workshop. 

We made delicious beef burgers with salad and fruit jelly for desert.

Our children really enjoyed trying different fruits, which included:

strawberries, raspberries,  blueberries, melon, pears, pineapple and mango.


Week 1 was a great success and we look forward to more food preparation and

food tasting next week!

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Week 2


We were so pleased to welcome six school families to our second

Healthy Eating Workshop.


Today, we prepared a delicious chicken and vegetable casserole.

Our food tasting this week was another great success!  Having tried different fruits

last week, we enjoyed trying different vegetables this week. 

Our children are so good at tasting new things and this week we ate

Guacamole, Houmous, Tzatziki and Garlic & Onion dips with

crackers and cucumber, celery, carrot and pepper sticks.


We are all very much looking forward to Week 3!

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We all thoroughly enjoyed making delicious pizzas this week!

Our pizza toppings included:

mushrooms, cheese, cherry tomatoes, red onion, ham, red peppers and yellow peppers.

They looked amazing and tasted even better!


We discussed the importance of eating a healthy breakfast and compared the sugar content in several different types of breakfast cereal.

We know that if cereal contains chocolate or honey they will have a high sugar content.

All of our children ate Weetabix or Rice Krispies with fresh banana slices or fresh blueberries.  Our families also enjoyed baguels with low fat cream cheese.

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Week 4


We enjoyed another great workshop this week where we prepared a delicious 

'Fakeaway' chicken dish.  We also made crispy coleslaw and stuffed cucumbers, which looked fantastic and tasted amazing!


Our children are always enthusiastic and ready to taste new foods.


Well done!

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Week 5


This afternoon our amazing children made delicious fresh fruit kebabs and they were delicious!  During our Food Tasting we ate sugar free banana and blueberry muffins which tasted really good and several of our families said that you couldn't even tell that they didn't contain any sugar.  


Our children created Eatwell Plates and could identify, using a traffic light system, which foods we should eat lots of (eg fruit and vegetables) and which foods should be eaten as a special treat (eg biscuits, chocolate, sweets and crisps).

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Week 6


This was our final week and it was so good to discuss all that we've enjoyed about our

Healthy Eating Workshop.


Our families unanimously agreed that the Workshop had been a great success!


"I loved coming to the Workshop.  I was nervous to come because I have anxiety issues and I don't like being around people I don't know but it's been good to be with the other parents and I've got to know some of them."


"This has been better than other Healthy Eating groups I've done.  It was good to see the food being prepared because then I knew what I had to do at home to make it."


"I loved that Mrs Parker was at the Workshop because I've known her for ages."


"We definitely eat more fresh fruit and vegetables now."


"My family eats less frozen food now and we eat more vegetables."


"I wouldn't have given my children some of the foods we tasted at the Workshop.  I haven't even bought some of them before!  We will eat them now though."


"I've told my Mum and my friends about the Workshop and they think it's a brilliant idea."

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