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Mad Science

 Erupting Volcanoes

Much excitement was evident when the children used bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to make volcanoes. They tried different amounts of each ingredient and even added washing up liquid to see which mixture was best. One child suggested using the empty vinegar bottle to make a larger volcano and all agreed that this was the best one of the night.










Flying Fish

 We made newspaper fish and tried flapping them with paper to make them move. The children soon discovered that blowing them made them move faster and they tried different surfaces to see which ones the fish moved along best. One child observed that if the edges of the fish were not flat then it 'caught' the air better so he cut a fringe all around his.






Balloon Magic

The children explored balloons, using a pump to fill them with air and then letting the air out again. They explored static and attempted to make balloon rockets too.