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Nursery 2 year old 2017/2018

W/B- 19/3/18

  1. the children all came together with Reception class as the Easter Bunny came to visit us. We all explored Receptions garden to go on an Easter egg hunt to find numbered eggs that we had decorated earlier on in the morning session. The children had a lot of fun and were thrilled to meet the Easter Bunny, they were very pleased with the chocolate egg that he gave them.



  1. had another Easter egg Hunt as the Easter Bunny visited Nursery for our afternoon session, the children were so shocked to see the Easter Bunny knocking on the window. We all had a lovely time looking around the Nursery outside area to find some chocolate eggs that the Bunny had hidden.


We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a fantastic Easter break and look forward to seeing the children back in Term 5. 🐰



The children enjoyed the snow outside again this week. We got all the buckets and spades out so they could make snow castles. All the digging helped strengthen their gross motor skills.

After a little while the children were feeling the cold so we decided to take a tray of snow inside with us so they could explore it in the warmth of their room.

The children got the pots, scoops and tweezers out to explore the snow with. They were using words to describe the snow, using language of size, quantities and watching with interest as the snow melted in their hands.




In the sand provided the children with plastic eggs. We modelled and supported the children to explore the eggs by filling and emptying, counting, sorting, matching and sharing them with friends.



After reading the story of Hen's Pens we decided to do a group mark making activity, copying the zig zag lines that then hen drew in the story.

Look how amazing the children did.



Following on from a child's interest of planes we made paper planes and took them outside to fly.

Lots of gross motor skills were being developed throughout this activity such as crouching, running, stretching and throwing.

We modelled language to help the children understand the simple concept of high and low.








W/B- 13/3/18

What a relaxing way to start the week!

Lots of children are showing a real interest in books now.

We are all enjoying story time together as a group, individually or with friends.


The children were completly engaged and excited taking part in a paint mixing activity and they were amazed at how the colours changed when mixed together.

This activity kept the children engaged and focused for around Thirty minutes. Lots of amazing mark making took place alongside language of quantities, size and word endings being used.




Outside in our home corner we add different foods to give the children a variety of experiences. This week the children have explored and played with rice. They have acted out everyday experiences by stirring the rice in the saucepans, pouring it out onto plates and pretending to have tea together.



We all had so much fun with the bubbles outside. This activity helps develop the children's listening and physical skills. They had so much fun popping, running after and jumping on the bubbles.

We use bubbles in many activities at nursery. If you would like to know more about these and give them a go at home then please pop in and ask a member of staff for some ideas.



W/B- 5/3/18

A huge thank you to all our families that came to our special Mother's Day stay and play session. We all had an amazing time together.




The children have been so interested and engaged still with our story of Dear Zoo we have decided to keep it going for another week.

Don't forget you can borrow our Dear Zoo book to read at home. Pop in and ask for a copy of it from a member of staff.


  1. introduce the concept of shadows and for children to observe how they are created we placed some white paper on the floor and stood the animals on it. The children were encouraged to draw around the shadows to create marks, they were introduced to new language such as, shadow/shadows, light/dark, big/little, sun/sunshine, which they were encouraged to say.

They were fascinated by the shadows created by the animals and it didn't take them long to realise they were making shadows with their own bodies.




Look how well the children are threading their snake ribbons through the crates. This activity was good for developing the child's pincer grip and perseverance. As we threaded the ribbon we were creating the sssssss sound.

A little later on the children decided to create play dough snakes. The children were using language of size and comparing which one was longer. We modelled the language back so that they were introduced to the word shorter.

This is helping them understand simple concepts.




Lots of fun was had at the Dear Zoo wash station this week. The children developed their sharing skills with each other and did an amazing job at washing all the dirty animals.

Without realising, the children were strengthening their muscles in their hands whilst squeezing the sponges to create more bubbles. This will help the children later on in life with their writing skills.

We placed a jug on the side so that the children could access more water independently, gaining more control whilst pouring.



We managed to have some last minute fun in the snow on Monday when we came back to nursery. The children loved jumping and stamping in the snow, creating footprints left behind.

We were all laughing together as we counted how many holes we could poke in the snow.






This week continuing with the theme of Dear Zoo the children have been emersing themselves into the story.

We are now all helping to tell the story together repeating some of the words or phrases.

We have used the animals this week to introduce the children to positional language. We have modelled how to place the animals, inside/outside, in front/behind and on top/under a box.

Below the children are making the giraffes pattern with brown paint and ear buds.



We have introduced the children to our Dear Zoo lotto game.

This game helps with the children's social interaction, listening and attention skills and their turn taking.

Throughout this game the children were remembering, naming and repeating phrases from the story.

We will be repeating this game throughout the week as the children enjoyed it a lot.



Bubbles are a great way to get the children involved in a listening and attention activity.

As a member of staff blew the bubbles the children waited until they heard the word, "Go."

Once this was achieved we moved on and extended the activity by giving different instructions each time eg "Pop the bubble with your finger, try and catch the bubble, clap the bubbles, stand on the bubbles."

All the children were engaged and involved in a high level.

If you would like to try any of these activities at home with your children and would like more information then please don't hesitate to pop in and ask a member of staff for ideas.



Welcome back to term four.

This term our theme is the story Dear Zoo.


This story is a great repetitive story that the children will enjoy and eventually help join in with at story time.

We have an interactive story wall where the children can lift up the flaps and find the animal underneath.

The children have created lion collages using photos of themselves and they especially loved wearing their frog hats they made and practised their jumping skills outside.


If you would like to read the story of Dear Zoo at home with your child then please ask a member of staff for a copy of it to take home for the night.


The last week of term we have focused on the nursery rhyme Baa Baa black sheep. This also led onto the rhyme of Old MacDonald had a farm.

The children have been very creative this week doing lots of collages, painting and mark making activities.

The children showed high levels of involvement and interest with the small world farm that we set up in a tough tray.

The children explored it daily and were interested in the new items that were added each day.

If your child has been singing any of the rhymes at home then don't forget you can add your own photos/videos onto their learning diary.






Look how hard the children are developing their gross motor skills.

All this stretching, climbing, stepping, balancing and jumping is a good way to also help the children's confidence when climbing equipment.

This activity is repeated a couple of times a week so that the children gain confidence and ability faster.






This week we have been doing lots of activities around the Incey Wincey Spider nursery rhyme.

Below you can see the children helping each other to create a big spider.

They used their amazing mark making skills to colour it in on the body and then they used their line drawing skills on the spiders legs.

The children helped count the eight legs and some children recited some number names in sequence.

One of the children asked for the spider to go up so we hung him up in our room for them to admire and show off to their families when the got collected at the end of the session.

Having the spider up in the room gave the children opportunity to use words like, "Scary, up high, big, sad, more and lots."

Feel free to pop in and and take a look at our Very own Incey Wincey.




The children are creating spiders webs using crates and ribbon. This activity helps the child's fine motor skills and perseverance.



We set up the light box with string and small world spiders so the children could be creative making spiders webs.

The children were patient when waiting for their turn and it was lovely to witness great sharing going on.



Water play has been so much fun this week. The children have been washing Incey Wincey down the drain pipes, developing their pouring skills and how much control they need to hold the jugs and pots.

We decided as the weather was so bad to take our water fun outside and go puddle jumping.



We created a spiders web with a hula hoop and masking tape and hung it up from the ceiling.

The children used Pom poms to develop their throwing skills as they threw them at the web.

The children returned to this activity many times throughout each session, showing amazing levels of excitement and energy.





The fresh bread rolls went down well with the children this week.

Lots of everyday actions and sharing was going on.

They even sat together and said they were having tea together.

Breaking off little pieces of the bread rolls was good to develop the child's pincer grip.




This weeks nursery rhyme was Hickory Dickory Dock.

The children have taken part in a number of fun activities that have helped them with their learning across all areas of their development.

Below are photos of the children creating their own clock collage and using the torches to find the missing mouse that had ran down the clock.

The children have been regularly breaking out in song, singing the rhymes we have focused on whilst exploring and playing.

We hope you have heard lots of singing at home also.






As one of our last themed activities this week the children got creative and decorated their King crowns.

They showed amazing independence accessing the glue and the coloured paper that they wanted to use. Scrunching up the paper is good to develop the children's strength in their fingers and hands.

They were so proud of their finished crowns that they went off to admire themselves in the mirror whilst wearing them.

Some of the children wore their crowns for the rest of the session.

Next week we will be doing the nursery rhyme Hickory Dickory Dock.



The children continued the Humpty Dumpty theme outside and created his wall using their amazing constructing and balancing skills with the large bricks. Lots of communication was going on and it was great to see the children helping each other and working together.

We then started a role-play game where we were the kings men from the nursery rhyme.

The children each had a horse and rode them around outside. They cared for the horses by giving them food, water and even made a bed for them to sleep in.🐴



Here you can see the children painting Humpty Dumpty on the playground floor. We noticed that the children were creating amazing shapes like circles and lines.



A Playdough activity was set up today along with Mr Potato heads body parts. The children used their creative skills to make Humpty Dumpty.

It was amazing to hear the children singing along to the nursery rhyme as they did this.


This week we will be focusing on the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty.

The children have enjoyed singing along to the rhyme with the instruments, creating amazing sounds.

We then decided to build Humpty Dumpty's wall for him to sit on.

As you can see the children did an amazing job using the small bricks to create walls. The children used language of size and quantities. They persevered and showed kindness to others by sharing the bricks.

Unfortunately Humpty Dumpty did fall off the wall but the children were kind and caring and looked after him again until he was well enough to sit on another wall.





We enjoyed the story of Twinkle Twinkle little star this week. The children showed good focus and listened with interest as the adult changed their voice throughout the story.

Some children chose to look at this book independently in the book area after, repeating some words/phrases from the story.




The children were amazing at threading their stars today.

This activity helps the child to develop their pincer grip, perseverance and hand and eye co-ordination.

The children persevered until they had threaded all of their string through the stars.

We have left the string free on the star so you can thread the star together again at home.😀




We took full advantage of the change in weather this morning and went on a learning walk to explore the icy, frosty school grounds.

We all had so much fun and our concentration and fascination was amazing as we made marks on the icy benches and tables.

We ran on the field noticing that we left footprints behind and discussed the change in colour of the grass.





Outside this week we have been drawing lots of stars on the playground floor.

This activity helped the children develop their Mark making skills at drawing lines. Some of the children are beginning to show a preference to which hand they use to hold the chalks.




This term we are learning Nursery Rhymes.

Our first one this term is Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. The children have been amazing at joining in with the words and actions.

We have done many activities that have linked into this nursery rhyme.

Please could you support your child's learning by singing this rhyme at home also. smiley



We have been busy mark making this week using a variety of objects.

The children were so focused using the paint and the ear buds that some children stayed at this activity for around 30 minutes!

This activity was good to do as it helped the children develop their pincer grip and paint in a smaller, more detailed way.



Welcome back and a Happy New Year. We hope you have had a lovely Christmas with your family and friends.

This term our theme is Nursery Rhymes if your child has a favourite one that you share together at home please let the nursery team know and we can enjoy this together also.

We would like to welcome all the new children and look forward to working with them and their families.smiley

We would like to thank all our families that joined us for our Christmas stay and play.

We hope you enjoyed the children singing their Christmas songs and the fun creative activities that were out for you to share together.

We would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.





We have all been in a festive mood this week, being creative in lots of Christmas activities and singing songs.

Please pop in and take a look.smiley



The children have been practising following lines and learning new directional words. They helped us tape out paths to follow on the floor and at first they walked on them, they showed lots of focus throughout.

A little later on in the session the children used the small world vehicles to travel on the lines.





We used sponges, water and soap for a fine motor activity.

This activity the children squeeze the sponges to create foam and bubbles, this helps to strengthen the child's hands.


We used the light box with trays of glitter and paintbrushes for a different and interesting way for the children to practise their simple shapes (circles and lines)

Every child chose to go to this activity and were fully engaged at a high level.



We shared the story about a rainbow with the children. One of the children asked to paint a rainbow after so we set up a finger painting activity where they explored the paint and created their own rainbows.



Lots of sorting has been going on this week with the children in their self chosen activities.

They have encouraged others to join them and worked together until they have completed their task.









Following a child's interest we decided to do an Under the sea theme.

We have had lots of small world activities in the water extending the children's knowledge of the sea creatures names, what they eat, where they live and how they move.

We have enjoyed lots of stories based around our theme and watched clips so the children see them in their habitat.

The children have been really engaged and focused throughout our creative activities and have been really proud of their finished masterpiece.



Thank you to everyone that came to our messy Halloween stay and play. We all had a great time and it was lovely to see so many families enjoy our activities.



We wanted to see how well the children got on using ICT equipment so we downloaded a doodle app onto our I pads.

The children amazed us at how fast they picked it up. They showed good listening and understanding as we modelled how to use the app.

The children were able to use the icons in the app to create colourful pictures, changing the style of pen each time if they wished to.



We set up the sand a little differently today. instead of putting items into the sand tray ready to go, we placed trays of items beside it so that the children could choose independently.

Lots of learning and exploring took place.



The children had fun outside today exploring natural resources.

They developed their pincer grip whilst using the pipettes and paint to make marks on pumpkins. They explored the leaves in a tough tray by listening to what sounds they made as they crumpled them up in their hands.

Some children accessed other resources and toys and added them to the leaves to play in other ways.



Thank you to everyone who brought in their favourite story from home.

  1. enjoyed sharing them together and finding out more about what the children enjoy at home with their families.




As one of our activities from our topic All about me we created puzzles of the children's faces to see if they could piece them back together?

They did an amazing job and we also enjoyed mixing the photos up. This made the children laugh and communicate with each other.




We have been working hard on our cutting skills. The children have been persevering and showing good concentration throughout.

We can all now create small cuts along the edge of a piece of paper.smiley



An activity linked in with our topic 'All about Me' this week was a fun and messy mark making activity.

The children had fun exploring the paint with their hands and noticed the marks that were left behind. We looked at how we could create handprints and compared them by using language of size.

It was lovely to see all our children so involved and confident whilst getting messy.smiley

We used our handprints to create a border for our future display.




Does your child have a favourite story at home?

If so we would love for you to bring it in so we can share this with the other children at story time. smiley


We have been on many learning walks around the school in the first couple of weeks back.

  1. children are learning how to use all their senses to explore the world around them. We have noticed many new things each time we have been off exploring.

To extend the children's learning we used some of the leaves we collected from outside to set up a cutting activity. The children are becoming more and more confident whilst using scissors, gaining more control and strength in their



Our topic for the first term back will be 'All about me'. We will be taking a look at ourselves and our friends and how we are similar/different.

We will be doing many different and exciting activities throughout the term that will cover our Three Prime areas of development.


We first set up an activity where the children had to use their sense of smell to see if they could recognise what was inside the pots.

The children found this activity fun and interesting and it kept their attention for a lengthy period of time.

This is a really easy activity that you could do at home. Feel free to ask a member of staff for ideas.



We would like to welcome you all back to the new school year.

We hope you have had an enjoyable summer and we look forward to working with you.smiley


Our first week back we have been enjoying the story called 'Only one you'

We have enjoyed water play activities with a variety of fish where the children have noticed the details on each of them.

We have also been busy mark making on fish shaped paper, noticing marks that have been left behind, deciding on which hand to hold the pens and how to hold the mark making tools.




This week we have had a variety of activities at our finger gym station.

This is where the children can develop their fine motor skills by using tweezers to pick up pom poms, pushing/pulling Popoids, roll and squeeze playdough etc.

If you would like any ideas on how to help/improve your childs' fine motor skills then feel free to speak to a member of staff. smiley