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Welcome to Reception Class




This week in Reception we have enjoyed getting to know our fellow classmates. We are learning the routines and rules at school and we have loved staying for lunch!


We have made puppets of the characters from the story of Mrs Wishy Washy. We are working hard on our cutting skills.

We have been writing lists of all the animals in the story. We have been practising our letter formation and continue to learn a new sound in phonics everyday.

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We have created our own bubbly images by blowing in to bubbly mixture and making a print. It was lots of fun!

We played a game in the garden and we had to see how many balls we could throw in to the tub. We then had to count the balls.

This week we have learnt the story of, "Mrs Wishy Washy." Ask your child to tell you what happens!


We have been acting out the story.



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We have been busy making friends and getting to know our new teachers.

We have learnt the following sounds in phonics:


m   a   s   d   t   i


Your child should be able to recognise these sounds and also begin to form them correctly. 

We have been investigating what happens to bubbles when we blow them.



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We followed instructions to make chocolate muddy milkshakes! They were delicious!


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Picture 2
We are learning to count using one to one correspondence. We all had to count the chocolate buttons. We worked out that it helped us to line them up and touch them as we count.
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We played skittles with bottles of colourful water. We are learning how to tell when something is full and something is empty.



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