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Term 6 


Fun at the seaside



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Week 6,  10.07.17


This week the children have enjoyed bringing together all their learning and teamwork, demonstrating this through independent exploration. Many have become the 'teacher' in the classroom through their role play. There have been their own stories created and recorded as well as lots of independent maths, where they have been helping each other to solve and record number sentences and number problems. 


The children had a fantastic start to the week, when they all helped to pull up the potato plants and found lots of new potatoes had grown in the soil! It was just like a big treasure hunt while they dug for the treasure. They also pulled out all the red and white onions that had grown from the bulbs that had initially been planted. They really enjoyed the smell as the onions came out - some children commented upon the fact that it made them feel hungry as it smelt like hot dogs and burgers.





After the potatoes and onions had all been pulled up, the children asked to wash them all clean and then they began ordering the vegetables...




Miss Pueblo offered to use our school grown ingredients to make a traditional spanish dish of tortisha - a meal of potato, onion and egg, which took lots of time and preparation. The children were all invited to taste the dish, which was delicious. The children were amazed to see how all their planting and care of the growing plants had resulted in vegetables and and a tasty meal.



Our big event this week was the whole school trip to the North Somerset Countryside Festival. The children were very excited to get on the coach with the rest of the classes and travel to the field site set up with lots of new learning opportunities and experiences.

There were sessions including hedging and trees, making butter and cheese, from an egg to a chick, threshing, baling and ploughing, blacksmiths forging metal into chains, river dipping and we even met a real owl and looked at what was in their pellets.










Then, we all had lunch...

                                     ...and an ice-cream. 


After lunch we went to see the famous dancing sheep and a sheep being shawn.







3rd July, 2017

This week has been a brilliant sports week, where all the children have got involved in a range of sporting activities and every child had a go. They learnt to play dodgeball and a variety of parachute games, relays and team games. The week finished on  a high when everyone took part in the whole school sports day events. They were all fantastic with great team spirit and energy. Well done to everyone in Reception Class.





The children have been busy exploring the concept of floating and sinking having great fun in the water tray, using lots of different materials and exposing their qualities. 




Using their exploration, the children's challenge was to make their own boat that could float and transport see of the pirate treasure across the water on their own boats.





Week 4, 26.06.17

Our week has been full of busy activities including designing and making our own wanted poster for the missing pirates and creating lots of rhyming strings to make rhyming words linked to the book 'Rhyming Pete and his stinking feet'. 


In Maths, the children have been exploring the concept of heavy and light and sorting different items. Some children took their learning further by beginning to use weights to see if they could make the scales balance. Lots of discussion and exploration of weight throughout the week. 



During the week, the children showed great interest in their new story 'Pirates love underpants' and as a result, the children created their own underpants to peg on the line.



Another creative activity that grew out of the children's interests were the paper plate seagulls. They had great fun making their own gulls and seeing them fly high in our beach role play area.




Week 3, 19.06.16

This week has been extremely busy with three different visitors and the children have behaved impeccably, demonstrating good listening, following instructions and having a go to join in with new experiences. They are definitely getting ready to become year ones!

Our first visitor were some lifeguards from the RNLI that spoke to the children about keeping safe at the beach and near the water as well as keeping safe in the sun using 'slip, slap, slop'. 



Our next visitor this week was a session with Michael, a Yoga instructor. He showed the children different positions and taught them some games based upon Yoga positions that helped to have fun whilst also being aware of where our bodies were placed, our breathing and ways to relax too. The children listened intently and Mr Leeson even gave our class a book award for the outstanding behaviour the children displayed - Well done Reception Class. We are looking forward to using this new knowledge together and practising the positions and games together. 



Our last visitor was Mrs Clough and she taught us some dances and songs from folk dancing. The children sang beautifully and they took part together, learning set dances and moves as well as some songs too. Mrs Clough was very pleased with how well the children took part and kept a steady beat really well.



In literacy the children read a message in a bottle that Mrs Newton found on the beach. It was from Pirate Annie and she was stuck on an island with the coconut trees. The children all then imagined that they were all stuck on a treasure island and needed to write a note for help, giving details of what the island looked like, so they could be found. 


Other activities we have been doing through the week was to paint individual pirates with lots of detail, painting planks to make it look like wood so we can make a pirate ship together. We have also been concentrating on number formation and counting in 1's, 2's, 5's and 10's. The children have also started to learn the poems from the class book 'Commotion in the ocean' and recognising all the rhyming words.



Next week we are looking forward to learning and writing about the book 'Pirate love underpants' and lots of pirate activities based on the children's activities.



Week 2, 12.06.17

We had a brilliant start to the week with our visit to the beach. The children enjoyed the experience of having a picnic on the beach before enjoying lots of games.  They made letters and words in the sand, deep holes, big sandcastles, drawing the scenery, listening to seaside stories and enjoying being together and having fun. The children were really well behaved and everyone enjoyed the experience, even though it was rather blowy!







In literacy the children all wrote about their experiences walking in the sand and they all went out to the sand pit and walked around with bare feet to all experience how the sand felt. Then, the children went in and created a and map of describing words about the sandy feeling, before using the words banks they had created, to write a short recount describing walking across the sand with as much descriptive detail as possible in their sentences. 






The children have also been very busy with their creative activities. They have created their own treasure maps on the aged paper from tea and coffee, complete with marked route, details and compass points. They have also been busy creating under the sea creatures to decorate the room. 



The children have also been enjoying exploring numbers in Billy's bucket and fishing for sound and numbers and placing them in order to make number lines and words and number sentences





Week 1,  09.06.17

Our first week back has been a very busy one and the children have all returned excited to learn our new topic all about the beach and under the sea.

We all worked together to make our own underwater scene, complete with fish and and 'tricky word' octopus. 



Our classroom is slowly turning into an under the sea and beach area, The children have really enjoyed counting the shells and sorting sea creatures, while on the 'beach'...



...we also have our very own pirate ship too!



The story of the week has been 'Billy's bucket', all about a little boy who was desperate to have a bucket for his birthday. In his bucket he saw wonderful sea creatures, but his parents didn't believe him, until they used his bucket without asking! The children used their phonics to write a list about all the things they might be able to see in their own buckets.




In numeracy there have been lots of activities using fish to make 'fishy number sentences', both adding and subtracting fish from a total amount in the fishing net and the children have also been looking at different ways to record this. 



The children have enjoyed creating their own individual fish to swim in the ocean, they look fantastic swimming about our classroom. 



The children were really interested by the kipper and squid that came into our class. They were fascinated by the scales, gills, tentacles, and ink that they were able to see; even though it was a little bit smelly! 



We are really looking forward all the exciting activities this term as well as working towards getting ready to become a Year one and look forward to sharing all these adventures over the next few weeks.



Welcome to Term 5


From the 'Earth to the Moon'.





Dates to remember:

Class trip to the farm - 17th May (all day)

Celebration of learning - 25th May (from 2:30 onwards)


Please remember to bring in your book bag (with reading record

and books in it) every day and your water bottle (clearly named).

PE kits should be in school for the term.



Week 5, 22.05.17

This week has been a big investigation into how we could get from the Earth to the Moon, as the giant beanstalk has continued to grow up, past the Giant's castle and on into space. They have come up with some fantastic ideas: ranging from climbing up the beanstalk, making a ladder, hot air balloon, space ship, flying cars and rockets, to name a few. There have been some very creative junk modellers to visualise they own ideas...



Our focus in Literacy this week has been upon Bob, the Man on the Moon, who, every day goes unto the moon and checks it over, cleans it up, performs to the visitors and tourists and then comes back to earth by six o'clock in his rocket to have tea. The children have been really engaged with this and written out parts of the story by sequencing the pictures and writing sentences about what happened, writing letters to Bob asking questions about him and his lifestyle and creating their own space stories.



In Mathematics, the children have continued the Ladybird theme from last week, extending this to doubling and finding the correct amounts. We've learnt a doubling rhyme as well as many different ways to represent this visually. This has brought a lot of discussion about what they can see and ways to clarify how / why they see it in these ways, even down to how the counters were placed on the ladybird - was there a pattern they could describe? They could also challenge themselves to count and record the number of the same items on the sheet.




An activity all the children enjoyed taking art in was the day we tried to make rocket mice get to the moon (using air pressure) The Chilli challenge was to make their own mice to fly up to the moon, experimenting with the type of materials used, size of ears and tails etc. The children cut and stick their own mice before testing them on the launch pad directly under the inflatable moon in our classroom. There was great excitement when the children got to test their own mice, counting backwards for a proper launch and then clapping together the sides of the milk bottle to see how far the mouse flew. As well as materials to experiment with, they also tried different sized milk bottles to see if that made a difference to the flight height. 




The highlight of the week was when the children put all their learning together, to produce a display for those visiting us on Thursday afternoon to see all the learning we have done this term - thank you to those who were able to come in and take a look. During the day, the children asked to make their own rocket to get to the moon and set about gathering their own resources, even drawing their own astronauts and aliens that could travel about in it, just like Bob's rocket. There were also individual aliens made out of play dough that looked really effective, some had one eye, three arms, eight legs etc. 






The Reception Team wish you all a lovely school holiday next week and are really looking forward to combining all their learning next term to become ready for their Year 1 transition.

Week 4, 15.05.17

This week had an extremely exciting event; the whole class went on a trip to a farm. 

The children were a credit to the school and themselves. Even though it was rather wet, everyone enjoyed the day and not one complaint was heard. They sat very sensibly on the coach and once we got there, carefully listened to Farmer Nick and asked some very sensible questions to find out more...



First of all, we all went to see Farmer Nick's cows, there were yearlings and older cows who were all in the cow shed eating silage. The children were fascinated by their long tongues and the way the bulls were steaming with their heat in the wet conditions. 



Next, we went on Farmer Nick's tractor and trailer ride. We went through the fields, over a bridge and round the village before heading back to the farm. We saw lots of animals, signs, different types of houses, the local post office and church and an amazing water fall.




After that, we all went to see Mary the hen (Who visited us during our topic about the Little Red Hen and we then hatched some of her eggs) and some of her eggs. The children remembered the name of the parts of the chicken (comb and wattle) and everyone took turns to stroke Mary's feathers and have a look at where she had laid her eggs that morning.


After lunch, we all went for a run and investigation of the woods. The children had great fun exploring the tree trunks, running through the mud and leaves and enjoying the nature around them. 


The last activity was a walk around the garden, looking at the growing vegetables and planting our own, special, Farmer Nick Runner Beans, which he kindly tae us to bring back to school and look after ourselves and see how long we can make the beans grow!



During the rest of the week, the children have been working really hard to create 'super sentences' (sentences that make sense) and the children have used their phonic skills to write about their trip to the farm and giving directions to get across their own farms, using a map. We have talked about the importance of directions: left, right, forward, backward and the children have enjoyed making their own farm maps just like to story of What the Ladybird heard, which is a rhyming book that we looked carefully at this week. 



​​​​​​​There has also been lots of talk, sorting, observations of and story telling, using the small world tray, cereals and farm animals. Lots of fantastic language and vocabulary, as well as true taking a social skills, have been seen, as the children play together and make up their own farm yard stories. Their next challenge will be to write their own stories down on paper.


Week 3, 08.05.17

We had a visitor this week and they left some footprints in our classroom! There was a very large pair of feet and some tiny ones alongside it!

The children had a think and discussion to share their ideas about the footprints and in the end, decided that it must have been the giant and Jack, coming down the beanstalk again! This discussion turned into talking about how to check they were different sizes, and thus different people who made them and as a class we looked at ways to measure them - using cubes, snakes, pencils and paper clips.


...then the children decided to try and measure other objects around the classroom and find out how their length, items that were the same and items that were different in length.



The children also leant a new story this week - the Enormous Turnip. They enjoyed retelling this traditional tale in a variety of ways, using puppets, masks and role play, before writing up their own story maps of the Enormous Turnip and then the created their own stories, using a similar pattern, but using their own giant vegetable!


As part of their investigations about the vegetables, we had an exploration table of different vegetables. The children produced some amazing watercolour paintings of the vegetables and got to learn how to recognise the different types. Then they also started ordering them in size and measuring them - using their new skills.


The children also got a chance to taste the cress and mustard seeds that they had all helped to sow and look after. We have cheese, mustard and cress sandwiches and everyone tried them and some children really liked it.



​​​​​​​The children also had an opportunity to work with a music teacher to put a song that we had  been learning (Jack climbed up the Beanstalk) together with some instruments. The children listened really attentively and the song they produced was fantastic, with everybody taking part.






Week 2, 02.05.17


This week we have continued to explore the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, however, this week, we have been innovating our story by changing the characters and some of the events in the traditional story. The children thought very carefully about who found the beans and where the beanstalk grew up to, before chunking up their story into a beginning, middle and end and then labelling the different characters and places in their own stories. After that, they used the story chunks to help write their own stories of their beanstalk adventures. 



In mathematics, we explored money, recognising and sorting it into amounts, adding coins together and finding the correct coins to pay for items in our role pay Garden centre.



The childrenhave also been very busily counting beans, pots and anything else they can find, to make number sentences to record and experiment with amounts, size and totals.



We continued our growing theme by experimenting with cress and mustard seeds. The children predicted which base would be the best for the seeds to grow in from the choice of sand, soil and wet paper towels. We look forward to seeing which one is best by watching the seeds grow, until eventually they are big enough to taste in a sandwich. Everyone took a turn to sprinkle the seeds in each tray. 



We also planted some cucumber, lettuce and tomato seeds and sunflower seeds. The children have been really good at looking after the seeds and taking turns to water them and our outdoor plants. We hope to be able to show you some of our plants soon.


Our wormery has started to change as the worms wriggle through the layers, slowly churning up the soil and sand. We will be letting out worms loose again soon, back into the garden to help our plants grow strong and healthy.



Week 1, 24.04.17 

Our first week back has been packed with lots of exploration and experiences. Our new topic this term is all about 'from the Earth to the Moon' and we have started by looking at soil and planting. While we were learning the story about Jack and the Beanstalk, we heard that an alien spaceship had crashed landed in the school grounds! We all rushed out to see what had happened and found parts of the space ship, a sparkly blue goo and a letter from the aliens apologising for the mess! There was lots of excitement and discussion about what we could do next and who the aliens could be...


As part of our learning is all about the story Jack and the Beanstalk, we have been busy using fine motor skills to pick and sort a range of seeds, bulbs and beans. There has been lots of discussion about the different sorting criteria that has been used, the size of beans and ordering them and the amounts of beans collected. From this, the children have been creating their own number sentences and solving them, using different amounts of the beans and combining the two groups in to one and recording this. 


Having read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, the children decided that it would be a good idea to plant their own beans and see if they could grow a beanstalk that could reach the moon (to help the aliens that had crash landed). Luckily, we had some post and in a special box we found five magic, red, sparkly beans which we planted in a pot and waited to see what might happen. 


The next day, when we all came in, a whole beanstalk had grown from the floor to the ceiling of the classroom! We are not sure if the Giant has already come down the beanstalk yet or not, so the children set to work to make their own 'wanted posters' with descriptions of the Giant and Jack, just incase they are seen in town - please keep a look out! The children have also produced some fantastic story mountains to help them retell their stories independently and by using puppets and props. 



Whilst exploring the beans we  planted together, the children started to ask and try to answer their own questions about what would make the beans grow the best. So it was decided, that we would make our own experiments. The class helped to plant beans in a range of ways: 

  • Soil, water and light
  • Soil, water and darkness
  • Soil, light 
  • Water
  • Sand, water and light


We are looking forward to making our own observations about the changes we see over the next few weeks. 



favourite part for many of the children this week was working together to get our growing patch ready to plant our crop of potatoes, onions, garlic and some flowers. They worked fantastically well together digging and weeding the area as well as filling the containers to plant our items into.




As we dug, they children were fascinated by the worms and other creatures found in the earth. As a result, the next day we built our own wormery and gathered the items needed to give some worms a good home and then we went outside to do some 'worm charming' just like the way the children had noticed the seagulls doing a few weeks earlier - padding the ground with their feet and all of a sudden there was great excitement as the worms came wiggling up to us! We put some carefully into a bowl and took them over to their 'wormy hotel' for the next couple of weeks, to see what they would do in the soil, sand and leaves in there. We did explain that the worms would have just a short holiday in their hotel and that they would be returned to the same spot in the garden to carry on all the good work they do to help our plants grow properly. 


Next week we are looking forward to planting some more seeds and seeing if the beans start to grow towards the castles on the sticks that we have made.