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Term 1

Week 7

We hope you all have a restful and enjoyable half term!
From all the year 3 team.



In maths this week, we have been focused on subtraction and extending our skills to using column subtraction, and applying that knowledge to answering word problems.



In english this week, we really enjoyed a drama session. Each group was given a scene from the story 'Pirates Love Underpants' and had to act it out and perform it in front of the class. We then wrote up our scenes the next day.


Week 6


We have spent this week planning a letter talking about our adventures across the seas. We started with a plan and then did two
re-drafts before we wrote it up on posh paper.



This week we have been investigating different ways to subtract. We started using a number line before moving on to using the expanded form. By the end of the week we became subtraction experts and will extend our knowledge of subtraction by using column subtraction next week.



In science, we completed our first experiment in year 3, investigating how long it took a car to travel on different surfaces and finding out which one the car travelled fastest on. We really enjoyed making predictions and discussing how to make it a fair test. Surprisingly, our results revealed that the decking was the surface that allowed the car to travel the fastest.



Week 5



This week in english, year 3 continued showing off their acting skills when we worked in groups to act out what we thought happened next after watching a portion of 'Treasure Island'. We had great fun performing in front of the class and then writing up our new part of the story the next day.

This week we also got stuck in to our writing when we worked in pairs to create descriptions of Captain Bill's parrots who had escaped! The next day we imagined that we were the parrot and created a diary entry, describing the adventures we had been on and the things we had seen.
We really enjoyed our session of Book Talk this week, where we heard the story of the 'The Hungry Caterpillar'. Afterwards we discussed the story in partners and then were able to make bookmarks that told the story! Have a look at some of our designs.


In maths, year 3 have been working extremely hard on our column addition, and also working out addition questions where we have had to carry our tens and hundreds! We have posters in our classroom to help us with our calculations, and remind us of what we can use when working with addition.



We had an amazing time at the beach with all the other MAT schools for the big day out. We had such a brilliant time doing all the sports activities, watching a show and creating sand sculptures!


Week 4


This week we have been working extremely hard on our expanded column addition. We found this a bit tricky at first, but we kept going and are now column addition masters!



In English we explored homophones and learned that homophones are words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings. Some examples that year 3 came up with in their groups are:


sea see
knight night


pair pear
buy by


and here are some more!


there their they're
to too two


Using these homophones we created our own sentences.


Also this week we explored instruction writing and had to create a list of ingredients and instructions for 'How to Make the Perfect Pirate'.


Finally, year 3 did some performance poetry in the hall. We split up into four groups and we each had a paragraph to perform. Have a look!



In P.E we extended our work from our performance poetry by creating a dance each in our groups. We were really excited to add some dance to our English work and enjoyed performing to the rest of the class.


Week 3


This week in Maths we have been exploring place value further, and concentrating on writing our numbers as words correctly. We have also been working on counting backwards and forwards in ten.



In english we have been watching 'The Pirates! Band of Misfits!' and using it to help us write our own stories for what happens next? We really concentrated on using speech and the correct punctuation. We focused on using lots of adjectives, as well as making sure we picked brilliant words to replace 'said'.


We also had a fantastic P.E lesson where we used yoga to create different pirate themed poses.


Here is Year 3's work of the week!


Week 2


We have had a really exciting and busy week in year 3 this week, particularly with a visit from Warburtons who came in to bake delicious bread with us.



In maths this week we have been working really hard to learn our numbers bonds to 10, 100 and 20. We have also been investigating place value.




In english we have been working hard on our descriptive writing by creating our own descriptions of characters and scenes. We started by working in groups to generate ideas together and share them with the class, before challenging ourselves to create our own.


Week 1


Welcome back after the summer holidays and to year 3!


This week we settled into our new class and met our teachers for this year: Miss Pring, Miss Smith and Mrs Parker. We spent time creating our 'Golden Rules' together as a class which are now displayed in our new classroom.


We spent time getting to know each other by writing our own autobiographies in english. We focused on answering questions in a plan, transforming it into a draft before finally putting it on some posh paper!



In maths we also created and completed tally charts to discover year 3's favourite thing. We investigated: favourite teacher, favourite crisps, favourite fruit and favourite sport. We then presented our data in a bar graph, being very careful to use a ruler so it was accurate and neat.

As a class we read the book 'Only One You' by Linda Kranz and used the story as inspiration to create our own fish design which we would later paint on a pebble.