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Term 2

Week 5


In science this week we have been testing materials to see which ones dissolve. We tried flour, sand, oil, sugar and coffee.  Most of the materials were successfully dissolved, however, the oil floated on the top of the water.  The flour didn't dissolve but the water turned a milky colour.  The sand sank and lay on the bottom of the cup.  Freddie said he was surprised that the oil did not dissolve.



Week 4

This week we had an exciting trip to Pizza Express and the M Shed.  


At Pizza Express we had lots of fun making our own pizzas.  First we got some dough and worked it into a round.  Next we added some tomato sauce and our favourite toppings.  When they were cooked we were allowed to eat them. Delicious!




After lunch we went to the M Shed for our World War 2 workshops.  There were four different groups. Kacey and Kaycee were in a group trying out gas masks.  Another group looked at a suitcase for an evacuee.  In the pictures you can see Samuel, AJ and Elise trying on some balaclavas and a flat cap.  Leo dressed up in typical clothes from the World War era.  He looks amazing!  Amy and Oliver tried on helmets worn by policeman during air raids.    It was an amazing experience and we all learnt some interesting facts about life during World War 2.





Week 2


This week in Forest School we made bark and leaf rubbings using crayons.  We collected various different types of leaves to make a bookmark.  Also we made our own forest in a tub - see pictures.






In topic we used computers to research the key dates of World War 2 and created a timeline.  We also used atlases to identify which countries were allies, enemies and which were neutral.  Here is a picture of our human timeline.


In Maths we have been using rounding to estimate answers to solve problems.  We started Read Write Inc this week and have been learning new skills through this.  



Week 1

Miss Carwardine introduced our topic for this term - World War 2 - we discussed what we already knew and what we would like to discover over the next few weeks.  


Elise and Kacey made some posters at home about some of the facts they found out.


In art we created portraits of WW2 soldiers.  We used paper, chalk and pencil to create a camouflage effect.




This term Year 5 will be experiencing Forest School with Mrs Parker. On Monday afternoon we walked to the woods near the hospital where Mrs Parker had set up some activities for us to do.  


AJ said "We had to make some flags to mark the boundaries and we made some paper hats.  I enjoyed exploring around our boundaries because we went on a hunt for different sizes, colours and shapes of leaves. I wonder what we are going to do next week."