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Term 2

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone in Year 3! We look forward to seeing you back at school on the 5th of January for a passion day!


Week 7



This week in maths we started the week by looking at how we can put data into bar charts with a different scale. We also used a bar chart to show year 3's favourite part of a Christmas dinner! Pigs in Blankets!!



This week in English the children created some outstanding Christmas poetry! 

Here is a acrostic poem written about Rudolph!


Rudolf lights up the way,

Under the starry sky,

Delivers thousands of presents like Santa's helper,

Out of sight every Christmas night,

Leads the golden sleigh,

From a shed in the North Pole. 


Christmas is here! 


We had a great time singing in the Christmas play, we sang beautifully in front of our families. We were also really proud of KS1 for their superb performance.

We also took part in Christmas Jumper Day and all looked wonderful in our Christmas jumpers! 

This week we made some Christmas trees using only our hands and paint! Here are a few of the ones we created! 


Only 10 days until Christmas!!



Week 6



In maths this week we have been focusing on how to multiply a two digit and a one digit number using our partitioning skills. We have all used grid method to help us solve these calculations and have been able to apply this to word problems too! A successful week of maths in Year 3!



In English this week Year 3 have been looking at influential women! We have written to the government about why women should also have the vote and diary entries as if we were Rosa Parks! We have also had some brilliant poetry about Marie Curie! 



This week we will be inventing our own desk tidies using recycling! We have designed them previously and will be using our designs to help our building. 

Thank you for your amazing amounts of recycling from home!






Week 5


This week during our English lessons we have been learning about the inventors of the first television! We first of all wrote about the story of the invention of the first television as it had many different inventors! We then had the chance to sell the first TV and had to create some persuasive adverts so people would be interested. This helped us practice our persuasive language!

This week in English we have also been learning how to use the text to help us understand how a character is feeling, some great discussions were had over the book Wonder by R.J Palacio. 



In maths this week we have been learning different methods to multiply two digits by 1 digits. We have learnt that it is easier to partition the number into tens and ones first, and then to multiply it! 

We have also been working hard to master our 3 times tables. 


Communication Day

On Wednesday, we had another mindfulness day, however this time it was all about building our communication skills! We took part in yoga, board games, drama and some team building skills and had a fantastic morning! Mrs Hynes was especially impressed with our yoga skills!


Christmas is here!

We have also created our Christmas hoop this week which is up in the conservatory! We all designed our own Christmas stockings and then added glitter!


Week 4


This week, we have moved on to learning all about Amelia Earhart who was the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. We started by creating a factfile all about Amelia. We also wrote a diary entry as her, detailing our adventure. Finally, at the end of the week, we wrote our own letters to her discussing the similarities and differences that we found between Amelia's plane and planes we have today.



In maths this week we explored the inverse through creating multiplication and division number sentences using information in a bar model. Then we moved onto doubling and learned that to double a number we had to multiply by 2 and to halve a number we have to divide by 2.  


It was also road safety this week so we made posters and had discussions about how to stay safe on the roads! We then presented our posters to our class!



Week 3


This week we have been investigating multiplication. We answered repeated addition problems using resources to help us such as unifix cubes, as well as further exploring multiplication using arrays.


Lastly, we finished the week by starting work on division using repeated addition first before moving on to creating division statements shown in a bar model.



We have been spending our week researching Thomas Edison. We have been creating biographies and being creative with acrostic poems! We have also had a very exciting visit from Thomas Edison himself! We took the opportunity to interview him by writing down questions we wanted to find the answers to and asking him during his visit.

This week has been anti-bullying week and year 3 spent time talking about how to resolve bullying through a drama activity.

Week 2



This week in English, we spent time investigating adverts and analysed some in our groups. After discussing what makes a successful advert we created our own, advertising Mrs Armitage's bike for sale. 

Also in english, we wrote a letter to Mrs Armitage telling her how we think she could improve her bike. Finally, we wrote a review of Quentin Blake's book and it is very popular with year 3!



In maths this week, year 3 have been working really hard investigating the inverse and using bar models to help us see how two numbers are parts of a whole number. We have also been extending our learning by showing our answers to addition and subtraction calculations in bar models. 

Welcome back after half term!


Week 1


This week in maths we have been working very hard on column subtraction and challenging ourselves to answer calculations that involve exchanging our tens and hundreds!



In english we started by working in groups to create descriptions of the SS Great Britain and The Clifton Suspension Bridge before writing our own paragraphs. We have also enjoyed reading the story 'Mrs Armitage on Wheels' by Quentin Blake. We created descriptions of Mrs Armitage as a class before working on our own.



This week in our history lesson we worked in partners to make our own timeline of inventions. We researched our favourite inventions and put them in chronological order on our timeline.