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Term 3

Week 5



In English this week we have be finishing the Queen's Nose by Dick King Smith. The children have really enjoyed getting to know the characters and have been really creative in thinking about what wishes they would have chosen if they had been given the magical 50p!

"I would wish for all the people in the world to have food and water and money for a home" - Gia 

"I would wish for a holiday with every single member of my family!" - Emily 



In maths we have been looking at 2D shapes and angles! We have learnt what a right angle is, an obtuse angle is and what an acute angle is! Get your children to show with their arms the different angles! We have been also learning about which shapes have right angles and how we can use our protractors to help us find right angles.


Forest School

We had our last Forest School session this week, which meant hot chocolate and biscuits! We have had a wonderful time joining Mrs Parker in the woods this term and have learnt some great activities to do outside! 


Internet Safety day

On Tuesday it was internet safety day! We learnt all about how to stay safe online and how we can protect ourselves when we are using the internet. In Year 3 we created some poetry on how to stay safe online! 


Enquiry Challenge!

For our challenge this term we created our very own Great British flag. We used our knowledge about Great Britain and looked at the four flags of Great Britain too! We used lots of different materials including tissue paper, paint and pastels for a range of effects! Our parents joined us too to help us make the flags!


Week 4


Time to Change


This week was mental health awareness day in which people are encouraged to talk about their feelings and be open about how they are. The children took part in a discussion about times when they had a particular feeling. Then as a class we made a compliments jar, so when the children are feeling down or upset they can pick a compliment and it can help them to feel better. 





We have been continuing to read The Queen's Nose and the story is taking lots of exciting turns. This week the children described their own dream bike and then described all the different features, we wrote an advert to sell the Queen's nose, we wrote to Uncle Ginger and we also described the rabbit's hutch as if we were in it! 



Forest School


We had another exciting adventure to the forest this week! We built dens for small animals and it had to meet a very certain criteria! 

It must: 

- be waterproof

-have a door

-have a bed

Here are some of the ones that the children collected!

Week 3



This week in maths we have been learning more about measuring in metres, centimeteres and millimetres! We measured all different parts of the classroom to see which ones were bigger and which were smaller. We also went on a puzzle hunt and had to solve the problems in order to find out the code!


"The code was Britain and it was really fun to have to find all the puzzles" - Tayah



We have been continuing to read The Queen's Nose by Dick King Smith and the children have been getting really excited about the story! We wrote a diary entry as Harmony after she had received her gift and also had a brilliant class discussion on what animal Harmony would see us as. 


"I think I would be a sloth because I can be quite lazy." - Kieron


"I think I would be a puppy because I think I'm cute and adorable." - Shannon


Brazilian Music Workshop

This week we were lucky enough to have a visit from Anne Clough who works for the North Somerset Music Service.  We got to experience lots of different Brazilian instruments and learnt some tunes to play on these instruments. We had an amazing time, this then inspired our English and we wrote a report to tell Miss Smith what we had been doing!

Week 2



This week in maths we had been learning our measurements and how to convert them into other measures! We have been focusing on metres, centimetres and millimetres. Next week we will be moving onto how to compare measures and how we add and subtract different measures. 



English this week has been focusing on another famous monarch; Henry the 8th! The children have written autobiographies, letters, fact files and also poetry about Henry the 8th! We learnt a lot of interesting facts about Henry, especially that if anyone got in his way, it was off with your head!


Forest School

We had our first trip to the forest this week with Mrs Parker! We had a brilliant time learning about how to stay safe when we are in the woods and also the boundaries that we cannot cross, we made flags to help us remember! We also made our own forest school hats and we also got the chance to make a bookmark to take home! We had a fantastic time and the children are already looking forward to next week!


Welcome back! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! 


Week 1

This week we have got straight back to our learning and we have had a brilliant first week back!



In maths we have been looking at different ways of presenting our data in bar graphs, tallies and even line graphs! We have also been learning of different ways to interpret this data. We will be exploring this even more throughout our topic this term.



Our English this week has been based around King John! We have written autobiographies, had debates and written letters! We have been using a text to help us and have been developing our skills of extracting information from a text. 




On Wednesday we had our WOW day for our enquiry learning and it was a fantastic day! We had a brilliant time learning the national anthem and performing it to any visitors who came into our classroom. We watched the Queen's coronation and then we acted it out ourselves and we also had a lovely afternoon tea with cakes and squash! It was a brilliant day and we are all now ready to start our enquiry! 



For term 3, P.E is on a Tuesday and Forest School is on a Monday. For forest school children a change of trouser (either waterproof or tracksuit bottoms that is easy to move in and is not worried about getting muddy), either wellies, walking boots or old trainers and a warm coat!