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Term 4

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3! Here you will find all our important information and also where you will be able to see all the fun events happening in Year 3!

In Year 3, homework and reading homework are given out on a Thursday!

P.E is on Tuesday and Sums and Scrums is on a Wednesday. 



Week 1

Welcome back! This term we are starting the first of our two enquiries! 'Is the force with you?' We will be studying all the different types of forces and how magnets work. 

We started with our WOW where we put lots of different items into paint and experimented if they would move with a magnet or not! 

Riley - The things that moved were all made of metal. 

Kacey - The cotton but didn't move with the magnet. 



In English, we have started to read The Iron Man. This has allowed us to discover a whole new range of vocabulary and language! Here is our shared write:

On the dangerous cliff, is an unknown figure standing firm like a soldier. His name is Iron Man. Iron Man's eyes are glowing vibrantly as he stares into the distant horizon. Silently, Iron Man towers over everyone and everything surrounding him. Although his head, which is made of metal, is shaped like a dustbin, it is collosal in size. 


Week 2

This week we have been looking into what items are magnetic and what magnetic actually means. So, we went on a magnetic material hunt. 



In Maths, we have started to look at statistics! We have looked at bar charts, pictograms and tables. We have also put our own data into our own bar charts! 


Week 3

This week in maths we have started a new topic; measurement! We started our topic by measuring different items in the classroom using tape measures and rulers. We had to make sure we were accurate with our millimetres. 



This week we have also been using a programming software called Scratch. The children really enjoyed making their Sprite character move in different directions and also making it say silly sounds or phrases!



We have also been enjoying our Sums and Scrums sessions with Bristol Sport. We spend 45 minutes practicing and learning new rugby skills and then spend 45 minutes learning about the game and how maths is used within rugby.