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Year 1

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Term 2 Week 1



This week in English we have started to look at our new story of Pinocchio. We listened to the story and then made a word bank of words we think will help us with our writing. We have also labelled a picture of Pinocchio and wrote description about what he looks like.





This week for our Maths work we have been working on a Bar Model looking at different pairs of numbers to make 10 and then we have moved onto making 20.





We had a visitor this week Mrs Hewitt came into our class to tell us all about the toys she use to play with when she was younger and she bought some in to show us. She told us that there was no plastic when she was our age and most toys were made out of metal, wood or rubber. Her dolls were made out of plastic and she had a metal doll's pram. We also looked at some different construction toys called Minibrix and Bayko. There were no small bikes like we have you had a tricycle until you were big enough to ride a big bike. Mrs Hewitt showed us the train and track she had that was made out of metal you had to wind the train up for it to work.







We have started to look at the human body. This week we drew around one of our class and worked together to labelled different parts of the body, we then labelled our own.