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Term 1 Week 3


This week in maths we have been looking at a whole number and then seeing how many different ways we can split it into two parts by reciting and doing the sentence “Five is a whole, Three is a part, two is a part and five is a whole”.




We have also worked adding numbers on dominoes and recording them in our books as number sentences.



Then we worked on more than and less than. We have learnt a song with a hungry Alligator to help us remember that he always eats the bigger number.



For our English work this week we have looked at different story ‘The Great Kapok Tree.’ As a class we talked about the tree in the story. What does the Great Kapok Tree look like?

The Kapok tree is massive.” Hollie

“The Kapok tree is brown with leaves and the tree is big and huge.”

“The Kapok tree is big. The Snake lives in the Kapok.” Oliver

We have written descriptions about the tree and the animals that live in the tree. The following day we looked at different types of leaves that grow on trees and talked about what they look like and then wrote a description about the leaves.






We have also written letters to Senhor the man in the story who tries to cut down the Kapok tree to ask him not to cut the tree down as the animals live there and we need trees for their homes and to live.



For art this week we have drawn our own Kapok trees by making rubbings of the leaves that we have gathered on our walks around the environment. Then we cut out the leaves before finally putting them all together as a Kapok Tree for our enquiry display in the classroom.







Term 1 Week 2


This week in maths we have continued to work with the numbers 0-10. We have written our numbers in order from 0-10 and then wrote them from 10-0. We have also worked on adding on one more and one less or two more or two less and have recorded it in our books as number sentences.



For our English work this week we have started to look at our new book ‘Rumble in the Jungle’. We read the story and talked about the animals. After that we started to learn part of the story. The next day we went into the sports hall and listened to jungle music and thought about the different jungle animals. Then we described them to each other and moved around the room as that animal.







For our first P.E session this week we all practiced our yoga moves. We remembered how to be sticks and our yoga moves to help us focus and coordinate our movements.

We have also been outside for P.E and took part in team games.





For our art activity this week we have designed our own Snakes and Parrots to go into the Jungle in the classroom. We then used our cutting skills to cut the animals out.





We have started this terms enquiry work linked to Rumble in the Jungle and have looked at different countries on a globe and talked about the different animals that live there.

Welcome back to a New Year at school


Term 1 Week 1

On our first day back at school we shared all our exciting news from our very busy summer holidays.



This week in maths week have been looking at numbers and how we form them correctly. Then we all practiced writing them in our new maths books. We have also counted different objects.





For our English work this week we have been looking at the book ‘Only one you’. We have also written about what we are good at and what we want to improve.


Here are some of the other things we have done this week.