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2 year olds' room.


We would like to welcome you back to Term Two.

Here is our focus plan for our themes that we will cover this term. This plan may change slightly depending on your children's interests and fascinations.


W/C- 11.11.19

This week we are going on a bear hunt! 🐻 With the children we created props and trays for each scene of the story using items from inside and outside. We then used some small world characters to retell the story with the children. They were completely involved with high levels of energy and excitement. 
After a little while the adults took a step back to see if the children would continue this story telling independently? We were so proud of how well they did. They were repeating words and phrases from the story. The interaction was friendly between them and worked together to get through the whole bear hunt trail. The children went back to this activity many times throughout their session.😀





We took our theme outside and with the magnifying glasses the children went off around the school to find the bear. They noticed paw prints on the floor and followed them. Some children used positional language and language of size as they found the bear.

They were really excited to tell members of staff when we saw them about what they were doing. The children were able to answer lots of what, where and who questions showing good understanding.


W/C- 04.11.19

Thank you to all our families that attended our Halloween stay and play and made it a huge success. It was lovely to see everyone engaged and having fun. The children had a story read to them from our special visitor Winnie the Witch.

We can't wait till we have our Christmas Stay and play! We will inform you of the dates nearer the time.smiley







This week our focus has been a story by Eric Carle, 'From head to toe'

We have done lots of activities and read the story with the children many times and they are now confident at joining in with some of the words, phrases and actions. This is lovely to see as they are now brimming with pride as they do this. 

We have incorporated animal yoga sessions both inside and outside each day and the children are really holding the poses well. Ask your child to show you some of the poses. The frog pose and the crocodile pose is their favourite.

We have been counting to five each time we hold a pose and the children are really improving with remembering the sequence of these numbers. So if you could encourage this at home when they show you the poses this would be really helpful.yes






One of the activities was to develop the children's understanding of prepositions so we set up and modelled a game where we hid a character from the story and the children had to use their torches to explore the environment and find it. We asked simple questions along the way and gave clues using positional language to extend the children's knowledge and thinking. 

Their ICT skills of operating the torches were independent and they were confident in using them correctly.

This hide and seek game with toys is an easy game to play at home with your child. if you would like to ask any questions regarding this then please pop in and speak to a member of the nursery team who are always happy to help.