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2 Year olds Term 2

Welcome to term 2!! We hope you enjoy taking a look at all the exciting learning and exploring we do.

Don't forget to come and get a star from a member of staff to write your childs  home learning and achievements on to celebrate with our other friends at Nursery.
We have been all suited and booted this week out on the field with different sized balls, practising our throwing, catching and kicking skills!!




We have also enjoyed as a whole class games with the parachute. Using the parachute the children find the games fun, exciting and interesting. The games we play help the children  with their listening and attention also their skills for following instructions.
Outside on the decking this week the children have been developing and mastering their pouring skills........... its a good job we all wear waterproofs....... I think the adults may need some too!!frown



In the home corner this week the children have been fascinated with the real food that has been in there. Here are a few photos of the children with some of the food.
The cabbages helped with the children's fine motor skills as they picked off the leaves with their pincer grip.



We would like to say a big thank you to everyone at Nursery for their contribution for Children in Need. The children had lots of fun dressed up. Here are a few photos for you to enjoy.





North Somerset have a project called 'The world of stuff' They have different pods that have a variety of 'real objects' inside that the children can make connections with to the real world in which they live in. We are lucky as setting to be able to loan the pods so that the children can explore them. The staff get to observe the children with the pods and see what they do with it all. We will have the pod out numerous times in the next 5 weeks to see how the children take their learning on.
Here are a few photos with the children and the pod, inside this pod we had a variety of objects including a china teapot, glass jars, mini brass goblets. The children loved the teapot and were intrigued by the sounds they could make using the brass goblets.





Thw rain has not stopped us this week. We have all been out with our wetsuits and wellies on puddle jumping and exploring the rain.

We even enjoyed having the umbrellas out...................... singing and dancing in the rain!!




The children this week have been building/constructing and then telling us what they have made!!! The children build their 'homes', 'Granny's house' and their 'families' Amazing work everyone!




The children have had the large rolls of paper out this week. They decided they wanted to draw around themselves.

Once we had done this with everyone the children took their piece of paper and did lots of amazing mark making on it. 

This activity helped the children name body parts, listen and follow instructions and develop their fine manipulative skills, holding the pens in either a whole hand palm grasp or with a tripod finger grip.



This week the children have really been leading the play by making role-play buses. We made tickets and travelled  all over the world.




Outside we have been letting off steam............. sometimes all you need to do in life is run!!!frown




We went on a learning walk around the school this week. The children were able to take a detailed look at the school in as much time as they liked. They talked to each other about their findings and used their senses to explore the environment and world around them.







We like to use masking tape on the floor so the children can drive their cars along it. We also like to travel ourselves in many different ways along the tape. Try it at home its so much fun.



We held a stay and decorate a hat morning for NSPCC this week, what glittery fun we had.






The children enjoyed wrapping up our bricks today with Christmas paper, we managed to stick everything together including ourselves.