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2 Year olds Term 4

We have been busy making lots of music this week!! joining in with friends, singing and dancing on the stage area!!




Take a look at us making lots of marks on this circular black paper using oil pastels. The children liked making lots of circular motions and lines, changing colours when wanting to.






The children explored natural objects today. They created towers by stacking objects on top of each other, used their senses to touch and smell the objects and sort them into categories.






Oh what fun we can have with the tyres outside!! We use these to help the children develop their climbing skills.


  ​​​​   ​

Here we are busy mark making outside using water pots and paintbrushes. The children enjoy watching the marks appear on the floor, shed and walls. This activity will help the children develop their control when holding mark making tools.




Mmmmmm the smell of fresh bread was enjoyed by all today in Nursery!! The children enjoyed ripping apart the fresh loaf, squashing it all up in their hands, smelling it and best of all eating it!!!!frown


  ​ ​


Look at the concentration as we practice our cutting skills!!

​    ​



  ​  ​













​   ​