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2 Year olds Term1

We would like to welcome you back and hope you have all had a great summer break. The children have settled  back in really well.

We have been very lucky to have lots of new friends start this term already. We would like to welcome them into our Nursery and look forward to working with you and your family in the future.

The children have been busy straight off this week, getting stuck in with exploring the environment inside and outside, using all our new equipment and resources!!frown



Don't forget we have our WOW display in our room which shows everybody all the amazing things that your children do at home. All you need to do is ask a member of staff for a star, write your child's achievement on it and we will place it with pride on the display.


The children have enjoyed exploring mark making with chalks on black paper this week. They loved smudging the lines after with their hands.smiley




We have been busy using scoops, spoons and tweezers to fill up different sized pots.




We have had lots of water outside, some in the home corner and in pots scattered around for mark making experiences.




We are beginning to form special friendships.


We have enjoyed the sunshine this week by being out on the field, practicing our ball skills (rolling, throwing, kicking and catching)



The children have enjoyed getting messy with the paints using paintbrushes, sponges and our hands.



The children enjoyed making marks on the paper with their feet!! They loved getting messy and were interested about the footprints they left behind!!



The children have really been busy in our new construction area this week, stacking bricks to make towers and even building homes for animals. Well done frown

If you have any photos of the children building anything at home, feel free to bring in a photo and we can add it to our construction gallery.




We have been developing our fine manipulative skills by picking up and threading large cheerios onto a strand of spaghetti!!...........the children were really focused in this activity.

Have a go at home. frownno



The rice in the home corner has been interesting for the children this week. They have loved pretending to cook with it and scoop amounts up into bowls and cups....................and when it has gone everywhere we have also had some children go and get the dustpan and brush to clean it all up!! good job guys!!smiley





Wow we have been so busy out moving all the tyres today!!! Rolling them and when it gets all too much getting inside them and having a little rest!!




Wow what a busy week we have had first week back!!
The children have been busy getting messy and mark making!! Take a look at some of the photos of the fun they had!


We have had a learning/exploring pod from North Somersets 'World of Stuff'
The children were observed over a period of time to see what they would do with the various items. We will have the pod out numerous times over the next 5 weeks and see how the children develop their learning and ideas.




The children have been all suited and booted out on the field this week busy practising their ball skills!!



We have played parachute games, which helps the childrens listening skills.



Out on the decking the children have been developing and mastering their pouring skills.



In the home corner the children have enjoyed having real food in there. we have has a wide range of food.


Here are a few pictures of the children with the food. The cabbages helped the childrens fine motor skills as they picked off each layer using their pincer grip.





We would like to say a big thank you to all the children and parents who contributed to the children in need day at Nursery.
Here are a few photos of the children.frown