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3-4 year olds, Little Mixers' Nursey 2014-2015 -Term 1 and Term 2.

We have really enjoyed our first week in our new Nursery building!! There has been lots of exciting things going on!
We have enjoyed getting to know all your children and look forward to working with you in the future.

Here are a few photos from this week.


   Jungle Antics! 

This week the children have been enjoying lots of activities with a jungle theme.
They have made a super jungle for the toy animals, joined in with some jungle rhymes and used paint and other materials to create their own animals. Come in and have a look at their colourful display!



This week we have had lots of fun outside. Exploring in the sand, water and crazy soap!!

We have been busy working together building tall towers.

We had a visitor in the night!!! Our friend Lion came and left us a letter, explaining that some of his animal friends had got stuck in a swamp of some kind and wondered if we could help him free them!!


We have been very busy this week mark-making, using a variety of materials and objects.

Our friend lion came to visit us again this week and he had another problem with his animal friends!! they were stuck in ice!!
The children had to figure out how to free the animals.


Its such hard work at Nursery the children made a bed to have a little rest!!

Here are some photos of us enjoying Gloop!! We loved how messy it was!!
To make Gloop at home all you need is cornflour and water............. and a space you dont mind getting messy!! Have fun!

The rain has not stopped us this week!! We have all enjoyed being outside in our waterproofs and wellies playing and exploring in the rain.

Take a look at our pictures from the story 'Rumble in the jungle' in our display.


The children have shown an interest by talking about fireworks, so we have been learning songs, doing creative activities and making things outside to link in with this.
We will be putting up the childrens work on our display board in class, feel free to come in and take a look.


Here is a firework poem we have been learning, we hope you enjoy it too.

Fizz fizz fizzety fizz
The firework goes round going fizzety fizz!
Bang bang bangety bang
The rocket flies high with a bangety bang!
Whoosh whoosh whooshety whoosh
The candle shoots sparks that go whooshety whoosh!
Crack crack crackety crack
The flames on the fire go crackety crack! 


We have been enjoying lots of stories, learning how to look after our wonderful books.

This week we have been busy planting flowers for our outside environment. We took great care when making the holes and placing the flowers inside!!
The children decided that the flowers needed water and a little bit of sunshine for them to grow bigger.  


We have enjoyed learning new fireworks songs which we can dance and play instruments to.

We have had lots of fun dressing up this week. Here are a few photos.

We have been busy doing lots of fun creative firework activities, feel free to pop in and take a look at our amazing pictures in class.


Look at us outside moving around in different ways and having fun with the windy day box!


We used gloop to make firework marks and sounds.


As we have been doing lots of Halloween activities this week, we thought it would be fun to play with some slime! We had lots of fun.................including the adults!!!!

Following on from one of our friends interests our new topic this term is transport.

We have been busy outside building our bus this week, using a variety of materials and equipment. The children decided they needed tickets to get on the bus before we went off on an adventure!



This week the children have enjoyed learning songs and rhymes about steam trains. They made their own steam train too.
All aboard!     


The children have had fun making vehicle tracks in paint, rice and sand. It was also great fun filling trucks and diggers with these materials.

Other fun we have had this week ...


20th November

The children were curious to know more about hot air balloons after listening to a story with one in it. We watched some film clips of balloons and then the children had a go at making some of their own. It took concentration and a long time to cover a balloon in papier mache.

 At last they were finished and the children sent the Octonaughts floating up towards the ceiling on our transport display.

The children used their imagination to make their own vehicles too. Some that travel on the ground...
 and some that travel on water.

Other photographs of us learning this week.


24th November

Do you know who has knobbly knees, turned out toes and a poisonous wart at the end of his nose? The Nursery children do as they have been having some Gruffalo fun this week    
The children helped to turn the book corner into a snowy forest with lots of places for the animals to hide.      


They made homes to keep the forest animals warm in the frosty weather,

created forests of their own using natural materials

 and made their own Gruffalos in different ways.

We also had fun learning other things...