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Week Three

This week we started our theme "All about me" We have been practicing recognising our names and tracing over the letters. We all looked in the mirror and described our features. How many eyes do we have? What colour are they? What colour is our hair? We created fabulous self portraits. 

We have talked about our likes and dislikes and the things that make us happy and sad. We ended the week by looking at photographs of our family's and creating lovely drawings. The children are really enjoying talking about themselves and are using wonderful language. 
















Week two


We are still settling back at Pre-school, making new friends and getting used to the routines.

This week we have been building tall towers. The children were set a challenge to see which building materials would make the tallest, strongest tower. The children certainly rose to the challenge using as many building resources as they could find. As a group they decided that the large blocks and poles built the best tower. 

We have been mark making using paintbrushes, cotton reels, pens, pencils and chalk. The children have really enjoyed colouring Toy Story characters inside a large box. 

We explored the different sounds that musical instruments make. The children played and sang beautifully to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.













Autumn Term 



A very warm welcome back, we hope you all had a lovely Summer break. This week we have been getting to know our new children, settling in and exploring lots of fun activities and new toys.