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3-4 year olds' room.

We would like to welcome you back to Term Two.

Please have a look at our themes for this term.


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Week one

We have continued our theme of autumn this week and focused particularly on hedgehogs. We have enjoyed the story ' Don't hog the hedge' ask your children about Hattie the hedgehog.

The children created wonderful hedgehogs out of play dough and pasta and extended the activity to create other characters from the story. 

We used some more of our conker collection to paint pictures by rolling and shaking a tray containing paper, paint and conkers, the children had lots of fun ( especially when the conkers popped out of the tray and painted the floor). 

Thank you to everyone who came to the stay and play session, it was lovely to see you all. 










Week Two


Our focus story this week is Owl Babies. The children have enjoyed retelling the story and learning about Owls. We have moved like an owl, swooping, gliding and balancing on our 'branch'

We have collected 'worms' from mud to feed to our babies, the tweezers acted as the mummy owls beak and helped to develop the strength in our hands and fingers.

Feathers have been lots of fun this week and we have been undertaking lots of feather investigations. Are they heavy or light?, do they float or sink? and what do they look and feel like? Can we catch them when they are thrown into the air?

We have used our painting and sticking skills to create lovely owls that we will be bringing home next week.

We have turned our home corner into a cafe this week and the children have been very imaginative in their play. They are learning how to take care of china cups and saucers and a very delicate tea pot. I have been very impressed with how careful they have been.