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3/4 Year olds Term 2

  • A huge thank you to all the parents and carers that supported our 'Hat Day' and our Christmas song session. The children love having you to play with in the nursery and they have especially loved the letters that you wrote to them about their learning diaries. 

    We would like to wish you all a lovely holiday and look forward to seeing you all again in 2016!

  • The children have really enjoyed making and exploring our instant snow. They were fascinated to see it expand in water and have tried out lots of ideas with it - adding ice, adding lots of water to turn it to jelly, changing its colour, burying gems in it and acting out stories with small world toys. They have enjoyed stories and video clips about snow and after watching some huskies pulling a sledge they tried out lots of ways of making their own sledges.

  • Christmas has started in the nursery. The children have been talking about their Christmas trees and decorations at home and have been keen to make some decorations to brighten up the nursery. They enjoyed making some paper chains from a shop bought packet and then went on to make their own chains by making marks on paper links and gluing them together.

    Someone found a paper crown in a cracker and that inspired the children to make crowns of their own. They practised their scissors skills as they cut out their crowns and then made up their own designs. They have also practised using scissors while creating snowflakes in our Winter Wonderland.

    We provided the children with wrapping paper, tape, ribbons, string and card rolls to see what they would do and some of them made crackers for our tree. They had their own ideas about how to do this, tried different ways when they met problems and were proud of their finished crackers. The children will be bringing home all of their Christmas crafts at the end term but look out for them when you come to nursery as the children would love you to notice their brilliant work.

  • Mark making has been popular this week. The children have made been exploring lots of ways of making marks to represent and communicate their thoughts, ideas and experiences. The children were inspired by a story about Kipper and his sandcastle to make flags for their own sand creations. They made colourful marks on these too. They also enjoyed learning about the role of a police officer and then went on to make lots of marks as they entered information in their log books. 

    We would love to see any marks that your child has been making at home.

  • The children have been making their own decisions about how to set up and use the sports equipment. They have designed an obstacle course, made up their own games, practised their balancing skills and helped each other. 

    When it rained the children enjoyed exploring the puddles on the playground and had their own ideas about what to do such as hanging umbrellas on a tree when the rain stopped and sitting down to see if they could fit inside a puddle.


    The children have been exploring a 'pod' that we have borrowed from World of stuff.

    Pods are collections of real-life objects for the children to use in any way that they choose, making their own choices, having their own ideas and making links with what they know about the world. We observe the children to see what they do and analyse what they might be thinking. Look out for the information about the World of Stuff that we are handing out to learn more about this project.

    The children have loved the china teapot in our pod. Making cups of tea in the brass goblets and filling it with a variety of things.

    We have added a toy china tea set and a plastic one too but the children are still drawn to the real one.

    They also enjoy carrying the brass goblets around on their little tray. They have filled the goblets with playdough and tea leaves, then used them in the role play theatre as microphones...... what an amazing idea!!!




    The children have shown an interest in putting on a performance this week. Their interest was sparked by a Peppa pig story that we read together. The children have made tickets, painted scenery and added their own pictures, bought and sold tickets in the box office and danced and sang together on the stage.