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Admission Arrangements

School Admission Arrangements – 2019-2020 School Year

Oldmixon Primary School School Admission Arrangements ~ 2018-19 School Year 1 The following information should be read in conjunction with the 2018-19 Coordinated Admission Scheme published by the Local Council in which area the child subject to the application lives (the home Council). For those living within North Somerset, the schools admission arrangements for Reception Intake are in conjunction with the North Somerset Co-ordinated Admission Scheme for new intake primary admissions for 2018-19. To see a copy of the scheme contact North Somerset Council (see para.5 below for contact details). 2 Oldmixon Primary School’s governing body, in accordance with the School's Cooperative Trust status, is responsible for admissions to the School. The Admission Number for Oldmixon Primary School is 30 and this is the number of places available in each year group. 3 If the school is not oversubscribed all applicants will be offered a place. 4 If the school receives more applications than the Admission Number the following criteria will be used to determine who will be allocated the places. All applications will be ranked in accordance with the criteria below given in order of priority. a. Children in Care at the time of application and children who were previously in Care but immediately after being in Care became subject to an adoption, child arrangements, or special guardianship order. b. Children whose brother or sister will be attending the school at the time of admission. When applying criterion (b), priority will be given to those living closest to the school measured in a direct line between the address point of the child’s home and the main entrance marker for the school, indicated on North Somerset Council’s computerised system(s). c. Children living closest to the school. The distances will be measured in a direct line between the address point of the child’s home and the main entrance marker for the school indicated on North Somerset Council’s computerised system(s). Where the direct line distances are equal, the ranking of applications will be made by drawing lots. Where a school is named in a child’s Statement of Special Educational Needs or Education, Health and Care Plan the Admission Authority is legally required to admit the child to the school. Such children will therefore be allocated places before the oversubscription criteria are applied. Applications of this type will take priority over all other requests for places. The school will hold a list of those Reception applicants still seeking a place at the school, until the 31 December 2018. All applications will be ranked in line with the school’s oversubscription criteria and allocations will be made in accordance with it. Each added child to the list will require the list to be ranked again in line with the above published oversubscription criteria. Priority will not be given on the basis simply of the date an application was added to the list. Children who are the subject of a direction by a Council to admit, Children in Care, Children previously in Care or those who are allocated a school in accordance with a Fair Access Protocol for school places, will take precedence over those on the waiting list. 5 Reception Intake only: Applications can be made online or on paper and should be submitted to your home council. If you live in North Somerset you should apply to: Email: Website: Tel No: 01275 884078 Fax No: 01275 884753 Address: North Somerset Council People and Communities School Admissions and Transport Team Town Hall Walliscote Grove Road Weston-super-Mare BS23 1UJ Applications must be submitted by the closing time and date of 23:59 on 15 January 2018 in order to be considered in the first round of school place allocations Applications submitted after the closing time and date will be treated as a late application and so will not be considered in the first round of allocations except where both of the following are the case:  Such late applications are received before North Somerset Council has sent details of applications to other Councils;  The applicant’s home council has accepted them as if they had been submitted by the closing time and date. All other late applications will not be considered until after the first round of allocations; this may mean that all of the places have been allocated. On time applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application on 16 April 2018.