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Archive 2012-2013

Welcome to Year 2!

Term 6


 Sports Day is coming . . .  

Wednesday 3rd July
KS1 events    10:30- 12

Then join us for our summer fayre after school
3:30- 4:30

Games, raffle, stalls and much more

1   2     4   5   6 Singing Festival 1   2   3   4   5   6

We took part in a singing festival called 
'Numbers Everywhere'

We were joined by other schools from the loacl area and sang a range of different songs these included...
Mr Double trouble
Number cruncher
Twenty tomatoes

Here are some pictures from the festival



Weston In Bloom Competition  

Year 2 entered the Weston In Bloom competition.
We had to design and create a miniture bug garden.

Once we had planned what we wanted to do, we made our garden and sent it to the 
Mayors Parlour in Grove park.

A few days later we heard back and .  .  .  

WE WON!!!!!! 

Here is our garden.

Two children have been choosen to have afternoon tea at the Mayors Parlour.

Here are some of the comments the children made when planning and making the garden . . .

Year 2’s Bug Garden
 Beautiful flowers for the butterflies. Ann

A shelter for the bugs. Charlie
The tunnel is for insects to hide in. Olivia
Home Sweet Home. Grace
A pile of stones for beetles to live under. Ellie
The shell collects water so they can have a drink. Santino
There are lots of sticking out things so that spiders can make their webs. Elliot
The bees need nectar from the flowers. Sonny
We can put some rotting banana on the wood table because ants love it. Elliot.
A hill for creatures to hide in. Kayleigh
They can live in the pine cones, they look nice, like little trees. Olivia
Worms need rotting leaves and compost. Archie

Welcome back to term 6, the final term of the year and what a busy year it has been!

Our topic this term is ‘Seaside Now and Then’ 

We will still continue to look at the Victorian era and see how the
seaside has changed and also compare and look at how Weston has changed over the years. 

We will be finding out about the entertainment that they would have had at the seaside and we are planning on seeing a Punch and Judy show.

Horrid Henry 

Our reading focus this term is on the author Francesca Simon.
We are reading the Horrid Henry books that she has written.

We have read many books over the last term including . . .
Horrid Henry meets the Queen
Horrid Henry and the time machine

and we will continue to read more this term.

We will now be trying to write ur own Horrid Henry book as we are familiar with the characters and the storylines.

How many Horrid Henry books can you read?



Oldmixon In Bloom 
This is the final term of the competition in school to
design and create a garden in a designated area.
If you have any seeds, plant, soil or pots that you wouldn't mind donating we would be very grateful.
If you can help in any way then please speak to
Mrs Stead or Mrs Whybrow

Don't forget to look at the 'things to remember' document for important reminders.

Term 5

Victorian School Day

Monday 13th May 2013
y2 Victorian Day


Trip to Blaise Castle House Museum

We went on our trip to Blaise House Museum on Wednesday 24th April.
The children were all very excited to be visiting the museum and we all had a great day out.

Here are some of the pictures from the trip- come and ask the children in year 2 and they will be able to tell you all about it.


We all had the opportunity to dress up in Victorian clothes. The girls had to wear a pinafore and a mop hat and the boys wore Eton Collars.


We played with some Victorian toys.


We also went into the Victorian classroom and wrote on the slate boards.

We even found the cane so we had to be on our best behaviour!!!

Welcome back to term 5

I hope you had a good Easter.
Our topic this term is ‘Victorians’ We will be finding out about the Royal family, homes, jobs, schools, clothing and the transport in Victorian times. 

There will be a few changes in the classroom as we become a Victorian school and will even have a day where we will dress as Victorian children.

We will still be working hard on our Literacy and Numeracy (see topic web below) and we will be doing some tests this term to see how we are getting on.


Oldmixon In Bloom 
Over the next 2 terms we are having a competition in school to
design and create a garden in a designated area.
If you have any seeds, plant, soil or pots that you wouldn't mind donating we would be very grateful.
If you can help in any way then please speak to
Mrs Stead or Mrs Whybrow

Don't forget to look at the 'things to remember' document for important reminders.


Term 4

This term is very short but busy.

Our topic this term is 'Hot'. 

We will be exploring exotic lands and the creatures that roam them.

Chocolate Experiment

We have carried out an experiment to see what happens to chocolate when it is heated and then what happens to it when it cools.

When the chocolate is heated it melts.


We then put the melted chocolate in different places in the classroom to see where it cools the quickest.

"It cooled the quickest in the conservatory because it was cold and the chocolate went hard"

We then put the chocolate into our mouths to see how quickly it melts.

The chocolate was yummy and we would want to do this experiment again!


We were very intrigued to find out about Volcanoes. As a class we researched volcanoes and then made one of our own. Inside our volcano we put water, vinegar, washing up liquid and baking soda then we mixed it all together to make our own volcano eruption.

Adding the water to our volcano The volcano erupting

Noah's Ark Zoo Farm

On Wednesday 6th March we visited Noah's Ark. We all had a brilliant day which was action packed. We got to come face to face with a range of different animals that come from hot places around the world.


‘It was a really fun trip because I got to see my favourite animal, a giraffe’
‘My best part was seeing the Meerkat because they had 3 little babies’ 
‘We got to feed lambs and I really enjoyed it because one of the lambs was really cheeky and ran away’
‘It was amazing because I got to touch a Bearded Dragon and he felt really spiky and hard’

World Book Day


Thursday 7th March was world book day. We all came into school dressed as our favourite book characters and then we completed a range of reading activities throughout the day.

World Book Day

‘I dressed up a Jessie the cowgirl from Toy Story 2 and I made my costume myself. I won a book voucher as I was voted one of the best dressed in the class’
My favourite book is ‘Shrinking Violet’ by Lou Kuenzler because it is interesting and I like the character violet.
‘I enjoy reading Flat Stanley because he is as flat as a piece of a paper’

Term 2

We will celebrate this topic through a range of events that are happening this term e.g. Bonfire Night, Carnival, Divali, Remembrance Day and especially Christmas!

See the Topic web below to find out more.


Wookey Hole Caves
On Thursday 29th November year 1 and 2 visited Wookey Hole Caves and had a great day.

We were very brave and went into the caves and found out about the witch that once lived there and we even saw her pet dog in the cave. We also got to watch cave divers inside the cave.


Wookey Hole Caves were the first caves ever to be searched by cave divers??????
We then visited a dinosaur land and saw a huge gorilla!

We all had a brilliant time and have many stories to tell!!

Look at the pictures below to see some of the things we did!


Christmas Play
The Christmas play this year is called Baa Baa Bethlehem- Come and see the children perform on Thursday 13th December
If you have not brought your child's costume in the please could you do so as soon as possible  

Selection box bingo- Thursday 6th December
Christmas Fair- Tuesday 11th December

Week Beginning 12th November is anti bullying week. 

Click on the link below to find out about Cyber Safety