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This week in Year 3...

Term 6

Indian Dancers
Inspiring  Spectacular   Beautiful   Incredible   Colourful
These are some of the adjectives that the children used to describe their day with the dancers from India. 
The children spent the day with the dancers learning a dance from the Punjab region and also lots about India.
The children worked so hard learning the dance which they performed for the whole school at the end of the day. 
The children's comments included...
"It was really fun and exciting. The ladies were pretty and kind."
"I would like to do it again. It was tremendous."



Sports Day
Cailum was unable to compete in Sports Day due to his broken arm so we kept him busy as the class photographer.
Have a look at his fantastic action shots...



20th June
Swimming Successes
Every week the children return from their swimming lessons enthusiastic about what they have achieved and the progress that they are making. This week Mollie made the whole class proud when she overcame her fear of the diving board and managed to jump off. She said it was scary but now she is looking forward to having another go next week. All of the children have impressed us with their determination to progress in this important life skill. Have you noticed an improvement in your child's swimming?

Clay Creations
The children have been busy getting creative with clay. They are making decorative tiles to sell on our stall at the summer fair. Make sure you come along and snap up one of these unique tiles. 

Amazing Magnets
What has kept the children puzzling, discussing and experimenting  all week? 
Iron filings and a magnet!
The iron fillings are encased in a plastic tube with a hollow centre. The children are enjoying exploring the effects that they can create by putting the magnet in different positions. 

13th June
Magical Magnets
The children are enjoying learning about the properties of magnets. They are making lots of discoveries and each week are asking more and more questions that we can investigate.
 "Why are they pushing away from each other?"

  "I can make the magnet move by putting the other one under the table!"

Round Houses
The round houses are finished! 


The children are making a huge effort to learn their numbers facts. Do you know which facts your child is working on? Ask them and see if you can help them to reach their targets.

6th June

Reading Incentive    
The last few squares on our 100 board were filled in today and the first draw took place amid much excitement. The winner this time was Chloe. We have already started filling in squares on the new board. Will the next winner be you?    
Floating Paperclips
Have you ever used a magnet to make a paper clip float in the air? This was the challenge that the children had.
"I found out that if you put a magnet next to a paperclip and then pick the magnet up, the paper clip will float." Breeze
"The black magnets were harder to get the paper clip to float." Parris


"Oscar showed me a trick - I can make the paper clip float sideways." Kieran
"I made my paper clip spin." Shane
"It was fun. I got mine to go up and down." Maison

Well done to all the children who managed to keep their plants alive during the holidays. We have had some very healthy plants back. Perhaps we will even get some tomatoes before the end of term.

Homework Presentation
Last week's winner was Natalia. 
Thank you to all the children who are making a huge effort to present their homework neatly. It is getting more difficult to choose between you every week.


Our Topic Web

23rd May

Presentation Certificate
We had our first girl winner this week. Congratulations to Charleigh for her super presentation.     

The children have been improving their understanding of fractions this week. Ask them what fractions they know.
They have had fun estimating fractions of quantities and then checking to see how accurate they were.



Iron Age Torcs   
The children learnt about torcs that were worn around the neck by people living in the Iron Age. They had a go at making some of their own using salt dough. They look beautiful now they are covered in glittery gold paint.

Some parents have asked about the homework routine. Homework is given to the children on a Friday and due in by the following Friday morning. If your child loses their homework they can ask for new copies. There is of course homework club to support your child with their homework.
Remember that completion of homework is a criterion for Friday Banquet and children who get onto Friday Banquet every week have a special treat at the end of term!

There is some special topic based homework for the holiday. Look out for the sheet tomorrow with the details.

16th May
Iron Age Heads                          
This week we looked at some decorative heads made during the Iron Age. The children then had a go at recreating them out of playdough and had some interesting results.
Afterwards the children wrote some super instructions for making their heads and gave them to their friends to follow. It was not always easy to follow them. Sometimes the heads turned out the way they were meant to and sometimes they were very different.


Well done to the children who have made an extra effort to read this week. The squares on our hundred board are filling up fast!

Another boy won our certificate this week. Congratulations Ethan on your super presentation!

The children have been learning how to use measuring equipment to make accurate measurements. They carried out an investigation to see if the person with the longest legs could jump the furthest. What do you think they found out?

9th May

The mystery of the colour changing flowers   
The children have been intrigued by the white carnations that keep appearing in our classroom in lots of different colours. They have examined them closely with magnifying glasses and put forward lots of ideas.
Today the mystery was solved in our Science lesson. Ask your child to reveal the secret to you!

Homework Presentation          
This week's certificate was awarded to Kieran who typed up his Literacy letter and presented it in an addressed envelope too. Thank you for all that effort Kieran!
So far all the certificates for presentation have been given to boys. Come on girls, can you win one this week?

Improving Instructions
The children are continuing to make progress with writing instructions. This week they tried to follow instructions for making hats - without any pictures. It was confusing and frustrating until the pictures were revealed and success was had by all.
They now know how important pictures can be to instructions and have been including them in their own writing.
Reading Incentive    
It is lovely to see so many of the children practising their reading at home. It really does make a huge difference to their success with reading if they are able to practice with you and show you how they are progressing.
We are starting a new incentive to reward the children who are reading regularly and to encourage the children who are not so keen. Each week the children who have read will be able to fill in a number on a 100 square. When all of the squares are completed we will put all of them into a 'hat' and draw a winner for a prize. As they say 'you have to be in it to win it' so get busy reading!

29th April
Building houses
The children have made a start on their replica roundhouses. Lots of straws and sellotape were consumed in this task which demanded team co-operation and plenty of patience! The houses are now ready for their next stage of construction - the walls.

Green Fingers
We have made a start on our planting for Oldmixon in Bloom this week. The children, enthusiastically, planted their first tub. What a lot of plants they managed to get into one tub too!
We have lots more to do in the courtyard area and would welcome any help that you can offer to dig or donate.

Fantastic Presentation
This week's homework certificate for presentation was awarded to Maison. 
Well done !

Instruction Writing
In Literacy we are improving our instruction writing skills.
We have combined our interest in plants with our writing by planting seeds and writing instructions for someone else to follow what we did. We have planted tomatoes, peppers and some flowers. Now the children need to rise to the challenge of looking after them well so that we get some good results.

25th April

    Congratulations to Oscar!
 Oscar won our first certificate for the best presented homework last week. Watch this page to see this weeks winner. Could it be you?

 Praise for behaviour
The swimming coach at Sidcot School praised the class for their excellent behaviour. Keep it up Year 3!

The children enjoy their library sessions and are keen to talk about what they are reading. Our library day is Thursday but if the children forget to bring in their books Miss Wade is in the library at lunchtimes so they can change them on other days too.

We have been continuing to make progress reading and writing times on analogue clocks. Kieran thought that the human clock we made was really good at helping him to understand to and past times.

The Wolf's Footprint
The children have been shocked at recent developments in our story. The family are starving and the children will be sent into the forest at the mercy of the wolves if their mother has her way. What will happen..... Will their father be able to save them?

The Iron Age
Did you know that the Celts kept the heads of their enemies in wooden boxes preserved in cedar oil? This is one of the facts that the children discovered this week. They have also started work on their round houses. Several children thought that it would be exciting to live in the Iron Age and build their own house.

Term 5
Our topic title this term is ‘Tribal Survival’
The children are learning about life in the Iron Age. They are finding it difficult to imagine life without computers, DVDs and electronic games!
Our class book is ‘The Wolf’s Footprint’ by Susan Price. It tells the story of two children who find a rather different way to survive when their parents leave them in the forest to starve.
In Literacy the children are working very hard on their punctuation, handwriting and overall presentation. There will be a certificate each week for the child whose homework shows the best improvement in presentation.
Have a look at our topic web to see what we are learning this term in more detail.     

Oldmixon in Bloom


The Oldmixon in Bloom competition is underway and like the other classes we would love some help with ideas, planting, caring for the plants and donations of pots, plants or seeds. Please let us know if you would like to help.

The children have started to think about the competition in a scientific way be investigating the variables that they think help a plant to grow well. They enjoyed transplanting their small viola plants and have chosen a variable to test. We have lots of willing volunteers to keep the plants watered each day.

Counting in French
We have been practising counting in French this week. Counting up to 10 is fine but coming back down or saying the names in response to the numerals is a little tricky at the moment. Ask your child to show you what they can do.

In Numeracy we have been making clocks to help us understand how to read the time on analogue clocks. Please ask your child to tell you the time to help them to practise and improve their skills.
The children had their first swimming lesson at Sidcot School this week. They loved the pool there and the fact that they had it all to themselves for a whole hour. They also enjoyed the trip through the countryside to get there. The children behaved well and were a credit to you and to the school.  

Term 4
What a busy term we have had in Year 3!

It was lovely to meet so many parents at the two recent parents’ evenings.

If you missed your slot or did not sign up for one you can still pop in and I will make you an appointment. Your children really do love you to come along and see their work.


Some parents have asked about the system for homework. 
Literacy and Numeracy homework is given out on a Friday and is expected in by the following Friday morning. As well as this, children are encouraged to read at home at least three times a week.



Swimming seems to be going well with lots of enthusiastic children on Tuesday mornings, ready for their swim. They have been the best class ever at remembering to bring in their swimming kits – well done Year 3!

Next term the venue for swimming is changing. Our swimming lessons will take place at Sidcot School and they will an hour long. Look out for the new permission letter for you to sign.

Puzzle Day 

The children demonstrated some super team work at the puzzle day on Thursday. It was fun but also quite difficult at times but none of the children gave up.

“There were lots of interesting and challenging things” Oscar


“It was challenging!” Breeze


"It was tricky and easy at the same time.” Mollie

Hindu Workshop



This term our author is Jeremy Strong. We have read extracts from some of his humorous books and the children have borrowed more of them from the school library.

The children are enjoying talking about their own favourite books and reading extracts to the class.

Jamie showed us his Star Wars Dictionary, Hollie read beautifully from her Little Miss book and Millie recounted her animal story. Maison enjoyed the humour in the extract from the monster book that he read to us.

If your child has a favourite book please encourage them to bring it in and share it with the class.

Welcome to Year 3!
Tag Rugby training turns into a full game..........  and Kieran celebrating his hat trick!
Class 3 have been working extra hard on their times tables this week and will be continuing to do so! 

They have also been using their vocabulary books to learn how to spell some new words.


 Some very good scientific investigations going on here! Year 3 are testing whether classroom objects are transparent, translucent or opaque. They predicted what they thought would happen and then used torches to check.    


..........class 3 have been exploring weights and measures! They first had to weigh and then to work out the difference between objects. Excellent work.


Above: This is a class run by Miss Simmonds through 'Superstars'. In the scenes above the students are acting out parts of the Theseus and the Minotaur story. All look deep in concentration!

In PE, Miss Wilson has been teaching class 3 about rugby. This week they were playing 'tag' rugby. They all had to capture each others' tags to see who could win the most. Archie Allen won the most tags! Well done Archie.

Below is a photo of class 3 learning about how connected they all are. They passed a piece of string to someone they had a shared interest with until all children were tied together. It showed the bonds that different people have.

The topic theme at the moment is MYTHS and LEGENDS! The same connections are being made in drama, where students have been acting out scenes from tales such as Theseus and the Minotaur. They have also been miming King Midas and his golden touch, and exploring the tableau (which apparently means ‘living picture’).
The students have recently been creating their own characters in their literacy work, looking at how heroes and monsters/villains behave. This has led to some fantastic examples of creative writing.

If you click on the images below you can see some examples of the drama work on Myths and Legends. 

Shortly we will be posting examples of students writing to show how hard the have worked. 

On 14th of Novermber Key Stage 2 students took part in raise the roof!

Breeze and Mayson were selected to play instruments at the front where lots of other schools were watching. Very brave, and they did an excellent job!

Above right - Archie Allen showing his dancing skills with Miss Maden.