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Daily Challenge

smileyDaily Challenge (30/03/2020):  to make the best bubble mixture.

Bubble mixture recipe: washing up liquid, water, a spoonful of sugar and a few drops of glycerine if you have it. 

Bubble wands: any object with a hole in it such as the loop of a key ring, a pipe cleaner bent into a circle, a hula hoop or a curtain ring.

Can you try different soaps and different ratios of soap to water? Which mixture is the best? What was your criteria for the best mixture?

Can you think of other ways to make bubbles?



smileyDaily Challenge (31/03/2020): Create your own game that involves throwing and catching. 

Your game must have a ‘goal’ to score.

This could be a hoop, a person in a certain area has to catch it or a certain amount of passes...

You can create your own rules eg. Can you move with the ball? have a certain amount of time to pass the ball or only underarm throws allowed. It can be individual or team.


smileyDaily Challenge (01/04/2020): Complete a small act of kindness

Is there something you can do to help out a member of your household? What could you do to show you care and to help out at home? What is your act of kindness?

You could offer to help with a chore eg. washing the dishes, tidying up your bedroom.

Maybe you can make a card for someone special in your household to say thank you!


smileyDaily Challenge (02/04/2020): Remembering your 2D and 3D shapes
How many 2D shapes can you spot in the house or garden? How many 3D shapes can you find outside?

Can you create your own 2D or 3D shape? How about a square using pencils/felt tips or sticks from the garden? Can you make a tetrahedron from spaghetti? 


smileyDaily Challenge (03/04/2020): Can you create your own drum and play along?

Play homemade drums - use items like tin cans, empty yoghurt containers, boxes, and coffee containers.  Clean the containers, then tape or glue paper to the top to act as a drum head.  Your homemade drums can also be decorated with stickers, illustrations, or glitter to make them more attractive. You can even use your pots and pans - although ask your mum/dad first!

Choose your favourite piece of music and play along to the beat of the drum!