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Family Club 18/19



We were fantastic artists today.  We drew our pictures using a step-by-step method and created the most amazing horses, robots, knights, cars and rabbits.  Our parents drawing were awesome too!


We all love decorating biscuits and this weeks creations were the best we've ever done!  They tasted delicious too!


We designed and made beautiful cards this afternoon.  Rosie made two... one for her Daddy and one for Grandma.  Rosie and her Mum are going to post them!  They're off to the Post Office to buy stamps.


Mrs Parker is a little nervous about her draughts re-match with Anthony's Dad, Ken. 

It'll probably go ahead next week... watch this space for an update of the ultimate

Oldmixon Draughts Championship!



It was lovely to welcome our families back and to hear about their half term holidays.  We can't believe that we are now in Term 6!  We played board games and Mrs Parker is VERY concerned and shocked that Anthony's Dad, Ken, beat her at a game of draughts... yes, the Welsh Champion has been defeated!  Mrs Parker did win the next game, so at one game each, it's all to play for next Monday!



Term 5 was a very short term of just five weeks... and there were two Bank Holiday Mondays too!


During the remaining three Family Club sessions we had great fun playing board games, decorating biscuits and creating beautiful blossom tree paintings, where we used the bottom of a large plastic bottle to print blossom onto our trees.



We had a fabulous afternoon enjoying our Forest School activities.  We created the most amazing pictures using natural resources.  We had no idea that there were so many different leaves, twigs, grasses and petals within our school. 


Rosie's mummy created a stunning picture which included a house, garden and birds.  Anthony and his Daddy also made beautiful pictures and thoroughly enjoyed playing on the Adventure Playground equipment!  It was warm and sunny and we loved having our drinks and snacks outside.  Thank you to Anthony's mummy for buying us an Easter treat!


This afternoon we enjoyed playing board games with our families.  Anthony's family played Monopoly and there was a LOT of money on the table!  Rosie and her Mum discovered that Rosie is an excellent Guess Who player!  You won three games Rosie, well done!


We designed and made fantastic fridge magnets this week.  We coloured them beautifully and were really pleased with how they turned out. SSShhh... some were surprises for 

Mother's Day!


Our amazing artists completed their canvas block paintings this week.  We are so proud of our children who settle to read to their grown ups and complete their homework at Family Club.  Rosie... your addition and subtraction when considering your number bonds to 10 is fantastic!  Anthony... you completed your maths homework in record time this evening!

Leah... you shared a book with Nanny and did very well!


Get well soon Molly, we missed you.


We have some amazing artists in family club! This afternoon, we planned our picture on squared paper and then drew them onto our canvases.  Next, we chose the colours of paint that we wanted to use and painted our canvases.  We think you'll agree that they are fantastic!  Some of our children will be finishing them off next week.


We all had a fabulous half term holiday and have just enjoyed our first Family Club of Term 4.  A very warm welcome to Rosie and her Mum this term.


We worked with our families to complete some of our homework and we read to either our Mums or to Mrs Parker and Mrs Torrington.  Then, we created beautiful 3D elephant cards.  Rosie wrote a lovely message to her Mummy and Daddy.  Today was a special day for Leah's family as it's Nanny's birthday today!  Nanny loved the elephant card that Leah made her.


Week 6

We created some stunning pictures that were inspired by Aboriginal paintings. We used cotton tipped buds instead of paintbrushes and our finished paintings were absolutely beautiful!

Week 5

We have fantastic weavers in Family Club!  Our amazing children carefully weaved colourful wool to make amazing pictures.  Some of us made beautiful character pictures and others continued making fabulous bunting.  We have some very creative families in our school!

Week 4

We created some beautiful, colourful bunting this afternoon!  Leah has decided to hang hers in her bedroom.  We agree that it's going to look fabulous. 


Get well soon Molly - we missed you and Louie and Rosie this afternoon.


Week 2

Our families helped their children to complete some of their homework and heard their children read.  Then we began decorating some biscuits.  We used different coloured icing, mini marshmallows, mini stars and mini jazzie drops.  Our biscuits looked and tasted absolutely delicious.  We took it in turns to use the ingredients and shared them beautifully.



Week 1

 We had a great time at Family Club this afternoon.  Our lovely families told us why they enjoy coming...


"It's great having the time to do craft activities with my children."


"It's always so busy at home and we don't often have the chance to something together."


"I like seeing members of our family doing things together."


"I like that my daughter, who doesn't come to Oldmixon, can join us in Family Club."


"We get to meet other families from school that we probably wouldn't have met

if it wasn't for Family Club."


"I get to spend time with the kids and they listen!"


Our families supported their children with reading and homework and then we made some beautiful abstract pictures using a variety of coloured pipe cleaners, beads,

buttons, pom poms, lolly sticks and lettered foam.  Anthony's picture was an underwater scene.  We were all very pleased with our masterpieces!




Family Club



Week 1

We all enjoyed playing a variety of board games this afternoon.  Our children loved the different games that we had and were so good at taking it in turns to have their go.  Some of our children even challenged Mrs Parker, the Welsh Draughts Champion, to a game!


Week 2

Our parents and carers enjoyed hearing their children read this afternoon.  Mrs Parker and Mrs Torrington were able to give top tips to ensure that reading at home is a fun and enjoyable experience.  Later in the week, Rosie was awarded a book award in Golden Assembly because of her commitment to reading at home.  A HUGE well done to Rosie and her Mum!  We then played some fun games with our families.


Week 3

This afternoon our families made their own beautiful Family Booklets.  They thought about who the members of their families are, what they look like, what they enjoy doing together and their favourite meals that they like to share together.  Some of our children carefully coloured and cut out little pictures to describe their family life, whilst others drew some amazing pictures themselves.  Our Family Booklets looked fantastic!



Week 4

We had a lovely afternoon decorating biscuits.  We made our own icing and coloured it.  Leah chose brown, Rosie chose red and Louie chose orange.  We used lots of different decorations and thoroughly enjoyed eating our delicious biscuits!  Our lovely families are going to decorate their own biscuits at home.

Week 5

We had a fantastic craft afternoon.  Leah decorated and coloured a beautiful canvas bag.  She chose pink for the petals, green for the leaves and a stunning yellow colour for her sunshine!  Leah filled her bag with felt tip pens and paper.  Leah is going to produce another masterpiece when she gets home!  We are all looking forward to creating some amazing Christmas decorations and cards over the next two weeks.

Week 6

This afternoon we created some beautiful stained glass window Christmas decorations.  Molly made a gorgeous star, Louie and Leah made colourful Christmas stockings, Rosie decorated a King's crown.  All our families were really pleased with their masterpieces and decided where they were going to put them at home.  Some will be hung from Christmas trees and some will be placed in windows.  They are going to look fantastic!

Week 7

Wow! We made some fantastic Christmas pudding cards this afternoon!  They were shiny and sparkly and looked brilliant.  Our children carefully glued the icing onto their pudding, added some glittery holly leaves and berries and then stuck on some super decorations.  We then decided who we would send them to.  Most of our children chose to send them to family members but Rosie wanted to send hers to Mrs Palfrey.  Mrs Palfrey LOVED her card!


We wish our Family Club members

and all our fantastic Oldmixon children and their families,

a very Happy Christmas and a safe and 

Happy New Year



We are so looking forward to our Family Club which will be running on Monday afternoons this term.  

Our parents/carers will enjoy a range of activities

with their children.





Week 1

We all really enjoyed playing a range of board games.  Some of our children had previously attended our Chess & Draughts Club and they were very happy to challenge their parents to a game!  Mrs Parker, the Welsh Draughts Champion, was looking rather nervous as she was invited to join a game with one of our parents!  Snakes & Ladders, Ludo, Dominoes, Don't Say It and What's the Time? were also very popular!



Week 2

We all thoroughly enjoyed our craft activities this afternoon. Our families designed and made some very interesting characters.  Some were superheros!  We then made fantastic animal masks and decorated them with coloured feathers.  We had a mini zoo in the school hall!






Week 3


We had an amazing afternoon enjoying Forest School activities.  Our families used nature's resources to make beautiful bookmarks, hats and scenic pictures.  We carefully chose our leaves, flowers, sticks and berries to create our masterpieces!

Week 4

We had a lovely afternoon creating silhouette sunset pictures of either a London skyline or an African scene with wild animals.  They really were amazing!


Take a look at our photographs ...

Week 5

We introduced our parents and carers to Mindfulness this afternoon.  Our amazing children explained to their families how each class has a Brain Break three times each day.  Brain Breaks usually take place in the morning before we begin English, when we come into our classrooms after breaktime and when we return after lunchtime.


Our parents were very good sports and joined in with a Brain Break with their children.


"Brain Break really calms us down and makes it easier to concentrate."


"I like that we have a Brain Break after break and lunch because I always run around a lot with my friends and it helps me to settle down and get on with my work."


We then did some Mindfulness colouring, which was represented by attractive capital letter colouring sheets.  We chose the initial letters of our names and carefully coloured them in.  Our masterpieces were then laminated.  All of our families took them home and some of our children decided where they were going to put them.


"I'm going to put mine up in my bedroom and when I look at it I will feel quiet and calm.  It might even help me go to sleep."


It was lovely for our children to talk about Mindfulness with their families.  I think that most of our parents and carers were surprised at their children's expertise!



Week 6

What a fantastic 'Cuppa & Catch-Up' session we had this afternoon.

Whilst our children enjoyed their craft activity and had the opportunity to play with our Breakfast Club toys and games, our parents were able to have a cup of tea or coffee and have a natter with Mrs Parker and Mrs Torrington.


It was the perfect opportunity to talk about home and school.  Then, we all thoroughly enjoyed some delicious cupcakes and chocolate biscuits!


A HUGE thank you to our fantastic families who have come along to Family Club this term.

"Family Club has given us the chance to spend quality time with our children and it's given us ideas of what to do with them."


"I didn't realise that there were so many things you could do with children that are free."


"I like being able to spend time with my eldest child when his brother is in bed."


"Even though I've only got a bit of time to spend with my children to play, I now know that you don't really need much time to make it special."


"I understand better how to read with my children at home."