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Little mixers Nursery 2013-2014.

Welcome back to our last term of the school year!

The theme for this term will be 'Princesses, Knights and Castles'. The children will be able to enjoy their last term in Nursery by dressing up, building castles and riding on horseback! They will be learning all about the story of George and the Dragon and many other traditional tales, including The Princess and the Pea and Rapunzel. Many fun games will be played including 'Knights Mazes' and '1,2,3 Princess!'.

We will be creating and tasting our own Dragon Fire Salad and building a tower made from marshmallows! Every day a child from Nursery will be crowned as King or Queen for the day and will be privaleged in many ways.

The children will also be taking part in transition to Reception class. They will be meeting their new teacher and classroom adults ready for September.

I'd like to thank all Parents and Carers for their continued support this year. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you and your children and preparing them for full time school. Im sure every one of them will love each step of their way through their school life.

We have loved playing in our castle corner this week! We have dressed up as Princesses, Knights and Dragons!

We made crowns from paper plates to wear in our castle

Some of us have been crowned King or Queen for the day. It's been great as we didn't need to take part in helping to tidy up!

It's been so much fun creating shields this week!

We were very excited to build castles and moats.

Mind you don't fall in the water!

More Kings and Queens for the day...

We loved having a visit from our friends Wandrille and Nathan from France.
They told us the story of Little Red Riding Hood in French!

We've enjoyed building castles!

We played with the Bee Bots and programmed them to turn to different places on our King and Queen Land Map.

We made a family of dragons. Inlcuding Dilly, Dan, Daddy and Ryan Dragon!

More Kings and Queens for the day!

This week we have been learning a new song by playing claves.

We had a car wash in the playground!

Our Sports Day was great fun, we enjoyed racing against our friends!

The Mums and Dads Races



This term we will be having lots of fun learning about Minibeasts!

We will be setting up a Garden Centre in the role play corner to sell plants, pots, tools and even creepy crawlies!
Outdoors we will be building a minibeast hotel and using magnifying glasses to spot some visitors.
We will also be reading the books 'The Hungry Caterpillar' and 'The Bad Tempered Ladybird', and will use these stories in our play.
This is going to be such an exciting term which will finish with 'The Ugly Bugs Ball'!

This week we have opened our new Garden Centre role play corner

We used gardening tools and magnifying glasses to look for minibeasts in the soil.

When we found the minibeasts we looked at them carefully then put them back in a safe place.

Through our second week we have been playing counting games using spiders and snails!

 We have been planting seeds that will grow into flowers and vegetables.

We made spiders out of wool to help us sing our Ten Little Spiders song.

Throughout our third week we have been having fun making mud pies!

We have been reading 'The Pet Shop Sale' then decided to sell some of our soft toy pets in our Garden Centre.

We have also been building a caterpillar and counting how many parts he has to his body, we then made marks on him using special wipe away pens.
Mckenzie said "Caterpillars turn into butterflies!"

In our fourth week we have been watering our plants to help them grow.

Looking for minibeasts on our 'bug hunt'.
''Look, I can see the ants marching!'' said Druss.

We have loved playing with rainbow coloured bubbles in the water tray!

We've had a great last week of term, look at us having fun in our Ugly Bug Ball!

The topic for this term is jobs and life skills.

We will be having lots of fun pretending to be carpenters, builders, painters and decorators and seamstresses.
We are looking forward to our friend Barry the painter's visit. He will be teaching us how to paint and decorate using his works tools!

We will also be busy learning lots of life skills including cleaning, gardening and cooking.

We have been making patterns with the Tap Tap Shapes!

We loved flipping pancakes in our Little Mixers' Pancake Day Race!

We've enjoyed using the builders tools.

We worked very hard to build our own structures.

We have been helping to keep the Nursery clean by washing clothes, windows and even the bus stop!


We played with puppets acting out the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

We planted seeds to grow flowers and watered the soil.

We had a visit from Barry the painter! He talked about his job and showed us how to use decorating tools.



Then we pretended to be painters and decorators in our workshop!

We made our own wallpaper by rolling the mark making rollers in paint.

Term 3.

The theme for Term 3 is 'Winter time and The Gruffalo'. 

The children will be learning about winter time and seasonal changes, Chinese New Year and the story of The Gruffalo.

Your child will also be learning a new counting song each week.  The song of the week will be displayed in the conservatory. The songs can also be accessed through our 'links' section.

Please talk to the class team if you have any questions or suggestions.

Animal homesl

We made a Gruffalo cave and built homes for the animals from the story. We made an underground house for the Fox, a logpile house for Snake and a treetop house for Owl.

The Gruffalo's Cave!

l  l
We built caves to hibernate in for the winter.

l  l
The Gruffalo's Child loved to carry his Stick Man everywhere he went. We made some stick men of our own and played with them in the water tray looking at the different sizes of sticks and whether they floated or sunk to the bottom.
We tried a dish of Scrambled Snake-it was delicious!

We also made and ate Gruffalo Crumble, it was grrrreat!

Hibernation Day
Before hibernating with our soft animals we found food for them to eat and a place for them to store it for when they wake up.

We then found a safe and warm place to sleep for the winter...yawn!


It's now time to come out of hibernation and look for the food we stored away...yum yum!

We're going on a Gruffalo Hunt! 
We had lots of fun hunting for the Gruffalo. As we walked through the deep dark wood we looked high and low and found lots of characters from the story. At last we found the Gruffalo, we could see him through the trees!
"Look, there he is" said Billy, pointing. "He has purple prickles all over his back! Arrrhhh!"

We love playing lots of different games with the parachute!

Our hands turned blue when we explored painted popcorn!

We made animal tracks in the playdough and looked to match the tracks on the sheet.

For P.E this week we learned about 'pushing'. We used our upper body strength to push against our friends. We had so much fun, look at our 'pushing faces'.

Paul the Polar Bear.
We tipped water into Paul's egg to see if he would grow. We placed a black mark at his starting size. How much do you think he will grow in a few days time?

Write Dance!
We moved our bodies to the music then created lines and loops in our play.
We even dyed our hands purple with 'krongelidong spaghetti'.


We made Bonfire Night pictures using paint and blew through straws tocreate fireworks.
We also used natural materials to create a bonfire. We talked about the different sounds we hear on Bonfire Night.

 We opened a 'Doctors Surgery' in the role play area and used the doctors equipment to check our friends health.

 We also had a visit from Postman Shane [Maeve's Dad].
He talked about his deliveries and showed us how to use a 'post it peg'.




Carrying on with our topic about 'People who help us' Sailor Inganni [Ollie's Dad] came to visit us. He told all about his adventures at sea and even allowed us to try on his hat! We thought Violeta looked great! 



We had brilliant fun dressing up as Police Officers, making our own badges, blue siren hats and even constructing a Police car!



We celebrated Hanukkah by making candles from clay then placing them in a candlebra.

Our hands were FREEZING when we played with the ice cubes, iced rice and icebergs!

We built Santa's Workshop and dressed up as Santa, Rudolph and Elves.

We made paperchain decorations and wrapped presents with Christmas wrapping paper.


A sneaky peek at our Christmas Dance.
This is us practising!

 Autumn Term 1 - September 2013
Welcome to Little Mixers’ Nursery!
Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all the new children and their parents to Little Mixers’ Nursery. I hope that you will find the following information helpful to you in the first weeks of new school year.
The Nursery session timings are as follows:
Morning Session: 8.45am to 11.45am
The school gate will be open as follows;
For the morning session the gate will be open at 8.40am to 8.55am in the morning for drop off and 11.45am for collection before lunch.
If you are late bringing your child to school in the morning, or arrive late to collect your child and you find the school gate locked please go to the main school reception where you will be able to drop off/collect your child with the help of the school secretaries.
If your child is unwell please telephone the school as soon as possible in the morning to advise us that your child will not be attending that day.
Once all the children have started school we will be putting them into 3 smaller key worker groups. Please see the conservatory window for this information.
Please sign your child in and out for every session they attend.
If anyone is collecting your child, other than yourself, please inform the nursery staff and write this information down in our communication book. It is useful for us to have a photograph/ accurate description of the person and their name. Unfortunately we cannot release your child if we have not been informed of these arrangements in advance. Nursery children can only be collected by adults (over 18’s).
We have now introduced school uniform for the Little Mixers’ children to wear  on a daily basis. We do not require the children to wear the Oldmixon logo [except for the book bag] suitable school clothes from a local supermarket/shop will be suffice. This includes:
Red t’shirt
Red jumper/cardigan
Grey trousers/skirt/shorts/dress
Black shoes
Red and white Gingham summer dress
Oldmixon school book bag
Children must be suitably dressed for all weathers. Your child needs to wear a waterproof school coat, preferably with a hood and sensible footwear. It is also helpful if you could bring in a pair of wellington boots to leave in the nursery for wet/muddy days.
All items of clothing, including footwear must be fully named.
Please encourage your child to dress and undress themselves at home. We encourage the children to be independent in school, and to do as much as possible by themselves.
Please note. Your child will have the opportunity to take part in lots of different creative activities/outdoor play in all weathers. Where possible we do provide protective clothing; however, on occasions your child could come home messy so I will apologise in advance.
Water Bottles 
We will be providing your child with a sports water bottle to use in school for drinking water.
If your child has asthma please could you bring in a spare inhaler for them to keep in school. The inhaler must be prescribed for the child with their name on the medication box.
School Book Bags/Library Books 
Your child needs to bring their book bag to school every day. Children are encouraged to ‘read’ at home on a regular basis. Every Friday your child will have the opportunity to take a
library book home. Please read this book to your child throughout the week so he/she can share the story with us when they return it.
Home/School Communication 
Please check your child’s book bag every day for any school letters/ nursery messages that we may have put inside. We also have a Parents’ Notice Board in the nursery conservatory area and next to the school gate where we will display all current letters and notices.
At the start of each half term we will place a copy of our class newsletter on the website to inform you of the areas of learning we will be helping your child to develop, and ways that you can become involved and support your child at home.
In the nursery class we like to focus on the good behaviour, by giving lots of positive praise to the children. We believe if you use praise effectively and appropriately, children are much more likely to demonstrate positive behaviour. 
Curriculum/Themes of Interest 
Your child is within the Early Years Foundation Stage of their learning, which is a curriculum
devised for children from birth to five years of age. The curriculum is split into four themes, which are as follows: A Unique Child, Positive Relationships, Enabling Environments and Learning & Development.
Each term we will be following a ‘theme of interest’, this term it is called ‘Nursery Rhymes/Autumn’. We will also be observing the children closely to find out what they are interested in, and incorporating this too. If there is anything that your child is particularly interested in at the moment please let us know.
Thank you for your support,
The Little Mixers’ Team.


Little Mixers’ Nursery
Term 1

Personal Social and Emotional Development
Self confidence and self-awareness
Fostering independence – coming in and hanging  coats and bags alone.
Registering independently.
Being independent with toileting.
Getting used to new friends, adults and key workers.
Gain confidence in using new equipment.
Take part in helping carry out small tasks.
Managing feelings and behaviour
To be aware of how others may be feeling – in real  situations and in stories.
To become aware of the expectations of the class.
Respond to boundaries and routines within the classroom environment.
Communication and Language
Listening and attention
Listening to others and stories, songs and poems.
Joining in with rhymes and stories and familiar refrains.
Following directions.
Auditory memory games.
Clapping and copying rhythms and beats with Beat Babies and Write Dance.
Focus attention on a specific activity for a period of time.
Working on prepositions in games.
Following simple instructions.
Talk about experiences.
Understand the use of different objects in the environment.
Begin to ask and answer questions – to friends/adults [including what, where, who]
Introduce new vocabulary.
Extending sentences during play.
Talk about what is around them and what they can see.
Encouraging the use of correct grammar.
Physical Development
Moving and handling
Climbing and balancing on large pieces of equipment.
Write Dance.
Children’s Yoga and dance.
Using small equipment to develop fine motor skills.
Holding a pencil.
Holding scissors and cutting.
Balancing blocks/building towers.
Health and self-care
Talking about healthy choices and helping to prepare healthy food – snack times.
Dressing/undressing with independence.
Washing and drying hands.
Independent toileting.
Using equipment safely.
Keeping the beat and rhythm – music.
Listening to rhymes.
Listening to stories.
Choosing library books.
Learning to sing the alphabet.
Listening for sounds in the environment.
Recognising own name.
Mark making – from trollies, in play, outside with chalks and larger equipment.
Use a range of mark making materials to make meaningful marks.
Recite numbers to 5 or more.
Sing counting songs and rhymes.
Play number games.
Shape, Space and Measures
Playing with puzzles.
Understand where objects in the environment ‘fit’ and ‘live’.
Begin to understand specific time events; snack time, story time.
Understanding the world 
People and Communities
Begin to make new friends.
Learn each others names through songs and rhymes.
Harvest activities.
The world
Remember where objects belong.
Investigate their outdoor environment.
Listen to and look at stories and information books about places.
To operate listening boxes, cameras, microphones and CD players.
Expressive arts and design:
Exploring and using media and materials
Join in singing favourite songs.
Children’s’ Yoga/dance - focussing on body movements with materials.
Music – beats and exploring sounds.
Using various construction materials to build.
Discovering new musical instruments.
Being imaginative
Pretend playing alongside a friend.
Talking about their creations.