Oldmixon Primary School is now closed. We remain open between 8am-6pm, Monday-Friday, for children who are identified as vulnerable and children whose parents are critical to the COVID-19 response, as defined in government documentation.

Following a rise in COVID-19 cases in Weston-super-Mare and the precautionary closure of local A&E provision, Trustees have decided to delay the wider reopening of ELAN schools to children in Preschool, YR, Y1 and Y6 by one week.

This will be reviewed by trustees on 4th June. Confirmation of specific year group opening dates, times and procedures will be conveyed to parents and carers following this review.

For more information, please follow the link: here

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Anti-Bullying week

This week our children have been talking about bullying in anti-bullying week.

They have learnt what bullying is, what they can do to stop bullying and how to be a good friend to those around them.

Some children designed posters, some children spoke about what it means to be a good friend and some children talked about why school is a safe place for them which is free from bullying.