Session times:

Nursery: sessions as normal through the nursery gate

Reception: 8:45 - 3:15 through the nursery gate

Year 1: 8:45 - 3:15 through the back gate

Year 2: 8:45 - 3:15 through the front gate

Year 3: 8:30 - 3:00 through the front gate

Year 4: 8:30 - 3:00 through the back gate

Year 5: 8:30 - 3:00 through the front gate

Year 6: 8:30 - 3:00 through the back gate

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School Priorities

Education - Spelling

All children have daily spelling activities.

This could be in the form of a phonics lesson or a work building game.

As a school we use the Read Write Inc Scheme of work.

Read Write inc (RWI) is a phonics complete literacy programme which helps all children learn to read fluently and at speed so they can focus on developing their skills in comprehension, vocabulary and spelling.

In Reception, all children will learn how to 'read' the sounds in words and how those sounds can be written down.

Children follow the same format as Reception and year 1 and 2 but will work on complex sounds and read books appropriate to their reading level.

Children who cant yet form letters correctly often use magnetic letters to form their words, meaning they are often able to spell before they can write.