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Reception,year 1 and 2


Today the children in reception,year 1 and 2 visited the Science Dome here in school. The children were taken to a hot tropical rainforest, the desert and Antarctica where they got to experience the sights, sounds and smells of these environments. They found out about the animals that live there and thought about how we can help to save the world. 


Regan said "We learnt about the rainforest, it rains all the time there."


Leo said "We saw planet earth, we learnt about an animal that has lots of legs a bit like a lobster."


Lilly-May said "We were learning about planets and different countries, how hot and cold different places are.  In the desert it's hot but still some animals can live there."

Mary said "We were learning about the jungle and there was lots of rain. We saw planet earth and we saw Antarctica, it's very cold."


Ryan said "We learnt about the desert and lizards live there."