We are very happy and proud to have welcomed back all year groups!

Nursery 9:00-1:00 every day

Reception 9:00-2:00 every day

Year 1 8:30-1:30 every day

Year 2 8:00-12:00 every day

Year 3 8:00-11:00 Monday and Tuesday

Year 4 8:45-11:45 Wednesday and Thursday

Year 5 8:45-12:00 every day

Year 6 8:30-1:30 every day

We are also still offering provision for key worker children.

If you have any queries, please email office@oldmixon.extendlearning.org

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The A-Z of wellbeing

Each week in the newsletter we will be featuring a different aspect of wellbeing, something for you to think about relating to your own personal wellbeing.


Have you ever felt as if you are just fed up of people, humans, mankind everywhere?

We have!

Most of us find being with others can be just what we need at times, but we also need our space and alone time once in a while.

Try and find some time just for you, it could be going for a run, having a long hot bubble bath or maybe a wander around the shops or even just sit in blissful silence!