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Nursery 2020/2021

🎄🎄We would to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. We look forward to seeing you in the new year.🎄🎄

The children...and staff had a fantastic time at the nursery disco. The children played games and showed us their amazing dance moves.

We had a visitor in the night!🎅🏼 He left us some delicious cakes to eat at snack time.😋



The children really loved making Christingles and reindeer food. They will be taking them home on their last day with all the other creative things they have made.❤️



Christmas has arrived in nursery!🌠🎄

The children’s role-play area has been turned into a Christmas shop and the children have dressed up and taken on the roles of Father Christmas and elves.

Some of the other activities were exploring numbers, ice, creating pictures on the light box, cutting out snowflakes and also being introduced to the Nativity story.

Our curiosity cube has also taken on a festive theme and the children have been fascinated by the different shapes and items in there.👀







We ended the week with so much energy and fun😊 Friday was our Christmas jumper day and we also took part in the Santa dash with the school.
We showed determination and a ‘can do attitude’ as we all ran around our playground many times earning ourselves a medal and certificate.📜🥇

We are super proud of you all.❤️👍


The whole school focused on a short clip/video this week and planned activities around it. We chose ‘The big night’ Sainsbury’s Christmas advert. 
We watched this advert with the children everyday and discussed how the children felt at the beginning of their show and at the end. 
Next we chose ‘reach for the stars’ to sing and dance to. The children did a fantastic job at singing and dancing to this and it was amazing to watch their confidence grow as the week went on.

Below is the link to the advert and song for you to watch and join in with your child at home.


The big night.

Reach for the stars.

The Christmas story in sand.

Our space theme has continued this week and the children have blown us away with all the new words they are using in their play. We have explored exciting new objects in our curiosity corner, matched the pants from the aliens love underpants story and explored paint with various utensils to create a space effect on black paper.



We had an exciting delivery of tall cardboard box this week. The children decided we could turn it into a rocket so we looked at the big box story as an example of what we might need to do. They worked together as a team and helped to decorate it with paint, pens and stars.

We think they have done an amazing job and it will be an exciting item to our space role-play resources for next week.





World nursery rhyme week has been a huge success. The children have developed their singing and enjoyed many activities linked to nursery rhymes, their favourite being ‘I’m a little teapot’ with the real china teapots and cups.

We have sent nursery rhymes and links home everyday on Tapestry so the children can continue their fun and learning with their families.



Here are some links to some of the things the children have loved this week.

Solar system song.

Whatever next story.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, blast off! 
The children have been excited and fully engaged with our new theme Space. 
We now have a space station in our room with astronaut costumes and props. They have to navigate through space avoiding all the planets using the control panel.


Outside the children have been mixing colours to create planets and developing their gross motor skills and perseverance with the rocket ring toss.


Our curiosity cube has provoked thinking and thoughts this week. The children have noticed if something has been added and they have been asking each other questions or making comments about the natural world and objects inside, “What planet is this? Where did that come from? This is Mars it’s hot and red.”


Following on from our story Aliens love underpants the children used play dough and a variety of items to be imaginative and create their own aliens. They had so much fun that they stayed at this activity for long periods of time. We decided to keep this out for them to revisit for the rest of the week. They adapted their models, extended their learning and language throughout the week using new worlds linked to our theme.




The children have loved exploring our new room and spacious outdoor environment. They have enjoyed all the new areas and independently accessed the equipment confidently both inside and outside.👍



Autumn has been our focus this week alongside settling into our new environment.

The children have explored leaves in depth and learnt all the different colours they change into. They investigated them on the light box, in our new curiosity cube and moved them around to create imaginative pictures.

We have been counting conkers, going on nature walks and used our senses with all the interesting things we found.




Halloween fun was had by all. Lots of creative and interesting activities were explored independently by the children. We especially loved learning a new song called '5 little Pumpkins' You can click on the link below to sing along together at home.



The children have been developing their problem solving skills this week. They were set different challenges to think about how they could solve the problem. We have been so impressed with their thinking, ideas and how they tested their theories.

One challenge outside was to get the water from one box to the other without lifting the box. The children thought about how they could do this for a little while. They were able to tell us their ideas and then put them into practice, "I know lets use our hands. We could use a scooper. Not this one it's got holes in it. The water will go."

There was so much energy, focus and resilience throughout the whole activity. The children were helping each other if they noticed their friend needed support, they were able to select their own resources independently to complete the problem and were proud of their accomplishment when they had completed the challenge.



Inside the children had a Numicon challenge where they were asked to fill the board using all the pieces, thinking about how they needed to turn them around to fit correctly.

A dinosaur also came along and destroyed a numbered tower that the children had to build again with the numbers in the correct order.



We are working very hard to encourage the children's independent skills when it comes to putting on/taking off coats, hand washing, toileting and tidying up. It would be really good if you could support us with this at home. Let us know if there is anything you need support on.



Our focus this week has been colour, shape and number. The children have enjoyed many fun and engaging activities. They have especially enjoyed learning a new counting and shape song. Please find the link below to these songs and you can sing them together at home.

The magnetic shapes have been a great way to recognise and create shapes but also it has sparked the children's imagination as they made pizza, castles, houses and chocolate.




We went on a number hunt outside together and the children were able to find all the hidden numbers. Some were able to recognise the numerals 1-5. Inside we played the colour train game. The children had to find different objects from around the room and match them to the correct coloured carriage. As you can see in the photos the children did an amazing job. 


The children have been so creative using the shaped paper to create their own masterpieces. We have put them up in class for them to see as they were all so proud of them.



The Gingerbread man has been our focus this week. We have modelled how to tell the story in many forms for example books, video clips, puppets and acting. By the end of the week the children could all join in with the repeated refrain. The children played with puppets and retold parts of the story together.

Our role-play area got turned into the gingerbread mans house and the children shared resources and acted out everyday actions.

We used the chalks outside to explore large mark making on the floor and drew characters from the story and lines on the floor for him to follow modelling directional language along the way.


We set a challenge for the children. We created a river for the gingerbread man to cross and then we asked the children to think of different ways  he could get across without getting wet. The children amazed us with their ideas and came up with, "On a boat, on the fox, build a bridge, go around and jump over."

Together they decided to build a bridge and demonstrated perseverance whilst using new resources that were  tricky to use.


We have introduced the children to beat baby this week. Everyday we took part in a new rhyme/game which helps the children with their listening and attention, following instructions, keeping a steady beat and building up self confidence by joining in with others.



This week we have focused on music and movement. The children have all been highly engaged with singing, dancing, tapping out rhythms and developing their gross motor skills by using the items from our windy day box outside.

We have especially enjoyed dancing and moving along to the story Animal Boogie. Please click on the link below to enjoy this story at home with your child.


We explored different ways of moving outside by reading action cards. The children jumped, ran, rolled, tiptoed and took long and short strides. 





This week the children have enjoyed our theme of nursery rhymes. We have practiced many rhymes together and are extremely impressed with how they are remembering the words. We used the tap sticks to help the children to keep a steady beat and they were able to follow instructions to tap them fast, slow, loud or quietly.

Some of the children's favorite rhymes and activities were Polly put the kettle where they made tea in our real china tea pots taking care not to break them, they created spiders for Incey Wincey and made marks using gross motor movements to colour sheep for Baa baa black sheep. Singing nursery rhymes really helps with your child's memory so if you could sing some everyday with your child at home this would be really beneficial to their development. 

The children have been confident, creative and imaginative in their play and are really beginning to engage with others in many role-play games. 

We have played lots of memory and listening games in small groups and have noticed that the book area is always occupied with children sharing stories with each other.







We have had a fantastic couple of weeks settling back into Nursery. 

This week the children have been engrossed in the nursery rhyme and story about Humpty Dumpty.

We have been practicing singing the rhyme together both inside and out alongside many fine and gross motor activities linked to this theme.

The story After the fall is all about Humpty Dumpty and how he over comes his worries and challenges himself to achieve a goal of getting back up onto his wall after falling off. The children were so proud of Humpty Dumpty when he eventually got back up on his wall they were all cheering together.

We have been encouraging the children's own perseverance in challenges at Nursery and we are super proud at how well they are coming on. They are showing real pride in themselves and developing their own resilience. Please encourage your child to keep going when tasks get hard. This will help them massively in their future.





Below are a few more photos of the children being confident explorers and learners.