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Pupil Voice 2014-2015

  • Pupil Voice

    July 2015


    What did we spend the money on?

    We have spent money on new playground equipment.


    • I like the new play equipment because when you’re bored you can just go over and play on it. Ellie Year 4 


    •  It’s good because it’s fun and intense. Jack Year 3
    • It’s good because there’s the climbing frame and I can go to the end. Mitchell Year 2
    • I think it’s exciting because the spinning log is a challenge. Imogen Year 5
    • It’s fun because we used to just sit around and that was boring, now we can go on the new equipment.                Joshua Year 6

    We had a general election and the children voted for a whole school trip. 


    Countryside Day


    Today the whole school visited North Somerset Show Ground for our Countryside Day trip. The children got to learn about a variety of things. There was cheese tasting, cows being milked, fence building , dry walling, butter making, a sheep show and lots more. Everyone had a wonderful time and learnt a lot. 








    Pupil Voice
    Thursday 29th January 2015
    What should we spend £2000 on? 

    The campaigns will be starting shortly led by our Year 5's.
    We will holding a general election to decide as we all explore and learn about the value of democracy! 

    This money was recently awarded to our school for showing excellence in pupil premium.

    Term 5
    Pupil Voice

    Pupil Voice Meeting
    26th April 2013
    Today the representatives from each team met to discuss the opinions from their team meeting, on Co-operative Trust.

    These are the opinions from a range of children.
    • The schools will be able to help each other, if a school has a good Teacher, they can help the other schools in the trust.
    • The children could join together to do a choir.
    • The children from different schools could join together to each other.
    • The children could join together to learn the same things and share equipment.
    • We could join together to do camp club.
    • The schools can join together to do sports.
    • We could have inter school competitions like Maths, Literacy, General knowledge and Science.
    The overall comment was - I think it will be good because we can get new skills from other children and Teachers.

    Pupil Voice Meeting
    16th April 2013

    Our playground and Fields.

    This terms pupil voice meeting took place today
    (Tuesday 16th April) to talk about our school playground and fields and how the children feel we could improve it. The children gave their ideas during the meeting, these will now be taken to a meeting with Mr Greenwood by representatives from each team.

    Mollie said - "We could have a maze"
    Teagan said - "We could bring in our scooter to go on the track"
    Riley said - "We could have a park with swings and monkey bars"

    Team Bristol talked about having a pond with a fence around. 

    Reading Rocks

    Pupil Voice
    Term 4

    Children from year 1 to year 6 took part in this terms pupil voice meeting about reading in school, what is good about it and what they feel needs improving. Each team had a mixture of age groups and discussed this terms topic. Representatives of each team then attended a meeting with Mr Greenwood to discuss the main issues from their team.
    Read on to hear the children's ideas......

    Breeze said " We have lots of books in school"

    Mollie said" Teachers read with us all the time"

    Josh said " We could have an author visit us in school and talk to us about writing a book" 

    Here are the children's main ideas of what needs improving.

    Ideas in 
    green have already been put into action
    • Children would like a greater range of books in the school library.
    • Children would like more access to the library. (Children have the opportunity to visit the library during playtime and lunch)
    • Children think it would be good to earn book points.
    • Children would like certificates for meeting book challenges.
    • Middle area could have book shelves in.
    • More higher level books should be available.
    • Older children could read to younger children.
    • Trip to Weston Library. (Children have been visiting the local library)
    • Author of the week.
    • Reading at playtime. (The library is open every playtime also before school there is book club Monday-Thursday from 8:15am)
    • Reading area in each class.
    • Bigger/more attractive library.
    • More quiet reading areas.
    • Make book marks.
    • Golden/Golden to get book prize.
    • Book club at weekends.