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Pupil Voice 2015 - 2016

Pupil Voice 

Term 1


What do you want to discuss this term?


Here are some ideas...







Term 2 Pupil Voice -  ‘Homework- what’s your view ? ’


Children identified home work as an important area for school development and improvement. We held our initial pupil voice to gain individual viewpoints – from this we were able to devise questions based on this early feedback and areas we are keen to get right as we develop our new policy. Children, staff  and parents were asked to complete questionnaires.



We aim to create a draft policy by the spring  term which we will trial having collected as many views from our school community as possible.


The results of the questionnaires  are  available on the links below .


Thank you to those of you who have already shared your views with us, it is much appreciated and these will help form part of the final policy.


As you will no doubt be aware the most complex issue with homework is the range of differing views around what it should look like for your own children. We know that the current government have removed the specifications around how much should be given in primary schools but Ofsted will still look to see how homework links effectively with the learning taking place in school and grade us according to how well this is achieved.


We are open to developing our new policy and have no fixed plan in mind – this will evolve as we see what you want for your children as well as what staff and governors feel is appropriate and effective.  


It will be incredibly hard to suit everyone but we do promise a fair and open consultation which we hope you will enjoy being part of.

Our aim is to create a policy that is written by all of us and means something to each of us with an interest in the children here at Oldmixon.


What did we find out ?


Pupils said…


Picture 1

These are some of the changes have been put in place.