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Term 1


Welcome to year 5


This term, we will be looking at the

Groovy Greeks!


Week 2


This week, we have started to look at Hercules and we have been writing newspaper reports about the birth of Hercules. We have also began to look at Ancient Greece and we found out that Weston-Super-Mare is 2128.6 miles from Greece! In science, we were studying how we get day and night and we made our own sundials. We also got our dancing shoes on - we improvised ways of moving as though we were in Ancient Greece and created movements from the Ancient Greek Olympics to create a phrase by linking the movements together.

Week 3


In English this week, we have been writing diary entries - we have put ourselves in the shoes of Hercules and wrote diary entries about how we felt when we left home, how we felt when we met Pegasus and found out Zeus was our dad and how we felt during our training with Phil. We have been looking at life in Athens and Sparta for our topic work and have also designed Greek plaques and will be making them with clay next week. 



Week 4


This week we have looked at writing letters in English. All the children have wrote a letter from Hercules to Zeus which includes all of the key features that we have been looking at throughout the week. In Maths we have been using diennes to break down column subtraction and number lines to work out the difference between. On Tuesday afternoon, we made our own Greek plaques, which the children designed themselves and wrote what they wanted to in Greek lettering. You can see the pictures below!

Thank you for the amazing homework projects that have been brought in. We have received some fantastic models, posters and even delicious food for the class to try!

Next week, we are going to the Sousta Greek Taverna - pictures to follow!


Week 5

This week has been very exciting for Year 5, it has been the week of our first Year 5 trip. Our trip was to Sousta Greek Traverna, a Greek restaurant where they provided lots of different Greek foods for the children to try. They also taught the children how to do some Greek dancing; overall the trip was a great success and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. In English we are now writing letters to the staff at Sousta to thank them for their kindness.

During numeracy we have started to look at money, checking that the children have knowledge on money and know how to work out prices and change using column addition and subtraction.

We have been making a Hercules scarecrow for our harvest festival, all of the children took part in this and have created a wonderful scarecrow.  Also we have made a tzatziki dip which we will be selling at the harvest festival for 50p!!!