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Term 1



This term our class topic is all about the Romans.

Term 1 Week 7

In Art this week we made Roman Shields out of clay. We had to design the shield on paper first. Next we flattened out the clay and finally we transferred our designs onto the clay using wooden tools.

Here are some pictures to show you what we did.

Roman Shields


In Maths this week we have been looking at time.  We practised drawing the hands on clocks and writing the correct time.  We thought about minutes past the hour and minutes to the hour. Some of us started thinking about am and pm.


In English we have been reinforcing our phonics to help decode words and improve our spelling.

Term 1 Week 6


What an exciting week!  On Monday we had a visit from M&M Productions who performed the play Treasure Island.  Today (Friday) we will be starting our Enrichment activities all based around this performance.


Lucy said "I liked when the fight happened and the pirate had a broken leg and he was pretending to be the Captain."


Maisie thought the best bit was when they had guns and were firing them.  "Real fire was coming out and lots of smoke - I felt excited" she said.


Ethan thought it was really funny when one of the pirates said "I want my mummy!!"


Here are some photos of the performance.  Can you see the fantastic costumes the actors wore?


Treasure Island


Other news this week is that we have been working hard on our multiplication skills using arrays to help us.  Here is an example:

12 x 3 =36

. . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . .

We can then add up the groups, either groups of 12 or groups of 3 to work out the answer.


In English we have all been working on improving our phonics skills using our speed sounds and Dot, Dash, Count.  Our story this week was called The Thing from The Black Planet.  We had to write a sentence using the word "panting".  Leah wrote "The creature was panting all the way back to his cave".

In PSHCE this week we were looking at rewards and consequences.  Here are some pictures to show our team work.

Team Work


Term 1 Week 5


On Tuesday afternoon we worked in small groups to make oat biscuits to sell at our Harvest celebration.  On Thursday, after school, our families came to look at our scarecrow and buy our delicious biscuits.  All the scarecrows are now displayed in the hall.  Lots of us have been bringing in harvest gifts which we have donated to the Foodbank.


Cooking Oat Biscuits


In English this week we have been continuing with our Read, Write, Inc.  One of the skills we have been learning is to "Hold a sentence".  The teacher reads out a sentence, we have to remember it and then write it down.  


In Maths we were improving our subtraction skills by drawing number lines and counting on in jumps.  We have worked hard on our presentation.


Term 1 Week 4


This week we had a visit from Caro Barrett from the North Somerset Music Centre.  We practised songs for Raise the Roof in November at Windwhistle school. All the songs were about maths and when we join the other schools we have to wear a number.  Lots of schools from the Co-operative take part in Raise the Roof.

Raise the Roof


In Maths we were looking at place value, hundreds, tens and units.  We also played a game to practise our two times table and doubling.


In English we had to write a job application letter.  We used our knowledge of the equipment, weapons and organisation of the Roman Army to help us.  We thought about the skills we had that would make us a good soldier.  Were we good with a javelin, sword or bow and arrow?  We also had to think about why we wanted to be a soldier.  Did we want to travel the world conquering new lands? Did we want to earn money to send back to Italy for our families? Did we want to help the Roman army defeat their enemies? 


Continuing our Roman theme, in dance we practised lots of Roman Army movements.  We had to interpret how a soldier would look - strong and tough!

Term 1 Week 3


This week in Literacy we started working on our Read, Write, Ink.  Each group worked on a different story, Chicken-Licken, Anansi and the Four Bananas and The Gift of the Sun. Today we will be writing a new version of the story or a diary entry using all the skills we have learnt this week.


In Maths we continue working on our addition skills, concentrating on improving our numbers bonds and doubling.  Here are some pictures of us adding multiples of 10 onto two digit numbers.




Maths Skills

We also looked at the spread of the Roman Empire and we created a map showing how much land the Romans had conquered by 117AD.

Roman Empire

In PE we have been working on our football skills.  You can see us in action in these photos..


Term 1 Week 2

This week in Maths we have been practising our numbers bonds to 10, 20 and 100.  We played a game to help us.


In English we have been writing a recount of the Romulus and Remus story about the Creation of Rome.  We acted out sections from the story, it was lots of fun.  We also found out some facts about Gladiators.  Did you know they were mainly slaves and prisoners?


Our PE lesson this week was a round robin of lots of different football skills. 


Have a look at some of the pictures from our English lesson ..........




Term 1 Week 1


This week we have been settling into our new class and getting to know our new teacher Mr Ware.


We have been working on our English and Maths skills.  We have had our first Spanish lesson with Mrs Norris which we all enjoyed. 


Our topic this term is the Romans and we have been learning some interesting facts about them.