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Term 1 - 2014-2015

Welcome to Oldmixon Primary School. We have had a very busy first few days in school, learning to work and play together both in the classroom and outside.

Week 2

This week we have taken part in our first PE lesson. We enjoyed a range of activities in the Sports Hall and all had great fun.

We have also taken part in our first Write Dance session. We listened carefully to a story, then danced to the music. Then we used big paper and chunky pens to draw BIG pictures in response.


As part of our topic on vehicles, we have been making roads, tracks and ramps using different construction materials.

Week 3

This week we have welcomed the storytellers, Silver Moon and Golden Sun, into our school. They shared a traditional tale about 'The Rabbit and the Fire' with us, it was really exciting.
Photos are on our 'Visits and Visitors' subpage.

Week 4

Our topic focus this week has been trains. We have enjoyed making and drawing train tracks.

We have also been learning about shapes. We have learnt the shape names and how many corners and edges each shape has. We enjoyed playing some shape guessing games.


Week 5


This week we have been making our own boats as part of our topic.  We began by testing different materials to see which would float or sink, then we each made our own boat using a range of materials.

After we had made our boats, we enjoyed testing them out in our water tray!

Week 6

This week we have been sequencing the story of the Little Red Hen and we baked some bread, just like the Little Red Hen did.  This tied in with our learning about Harvest.


Week 7

We had lots of fun using a wide range of objects to build obstacles to drive our own vehicles around this week.

Week 8

 WOW!  What a busy and enjoyable first term at school we have had!
This week we have been on our first school trip, visiting the Bus Depot and then spotting lots of different types of transport around our town.  Photos are on our Visits and Visitors page.