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Term 1

Term 1, Week 7


Harvest and Autumn has been our main theme this week with our learning. The children have been out looking for signs of Autumn, from gathering fallen leaves and looking at the different colours, sizes and counting them and making rubbings, to researching information about the seasons and Autumn on the computer.



We have also been lucky to have explored a huge pumpkin. First, the children used their observational skills to draw what they saw, looking at the details of colour, shape and shading they could see and used pastels to reflect this...



Then they started using small tools and their hands...



  well as some apples that the children took turns to peel and chop. Then the children tasted the raw apple and some that was cooked and mashed down. More children prefered the raw apple to the cooked!









We have all really enjoyed our first term altogether in the Reception Class. The children have settled in well and are now growing in confidence. They are trying hard and very enthusiastic learners and we are looking forward to the new term, when they will begin their next journey to combine all the skills they've learnt so far to start reading, writing and more Maths learning and developing. 


Have a wonderful, restful week and we look forward to seeing the class back to start term two and all the new learning to take place.

From the Reception Class team.




Term 1, Week 6


This week has provided the Reception Class with the opportunity to complete the last main event in the story of the Little Red Hen - Making the bread! 

The children have been very excited to act out the story with all the events so far:

-Finding the corn

-Planting the corn

-Watching the corn grow and caring for it

-Grinding the corn to make flour...

And then, it was time to make and taste the bread. The class had a discussion about what we could make as our contribution to the Scarecrow competition and we decided to make some hedgehog bread rolls. 


First the children mixed the ingredient and warm water together...           



Then, they kneeded the bread and let it rest...  


Then, they sniped the bread to make prickles and added sultanas for eyes...



After that, the hedgehog rolls were left to prove, before cooking them in the oven.



Finally, all the hedgehog rolls were set out to be sold, alongside our class scarecrows. The scarecrows were a little boy and girl who were in school uniform and demonstrating the friendships that are growing as the class develops and becomes one, ready for school life.



The new phonic sounds learnt this week have been a big focus and how to form them correctly, as well as writing the children's names independently. There has also been great focus upon aurally segmenting and blending short words, which is the start of reading and writing skills. Literacy activities have included reading different versions of the story about the Little Red Hen and bring to find rhyming words. There has also been a lot of object hunts to find objects and pictures showing the initial sound linked to the sound of the day. (e.g. for 'e', we've found an elephant, envelope, egg, elf etc.)


​In Numeracy activities there has been a lot of exploration of Numicon and counting objects.

There have been challenges to complete a base full of Numicon bits to put together without any hole left uncovered, then trying to fill the base using only one or two certain pieces. We have also started looking at 'The tenness of ten' and how numbers above ten are made out of ones and bundled together to make tens (we used smoothie straws).





We have continued to enjoy the outdoor area, especially while it is still dry. The children have been dressing up and practising their independent dressing skills, constructing chicken houses and farm buildings and enjoying each others company and sharing new ideas.



Term 1, Week 5


This week has been very exciting. Our eggs have started to hatch and we had Mary the hen visit us with Farmer Nick. The children have enjoyed caring for the chicks - they have held them and watched them have an exploration of the carpet! 

" They are very soft" "They've got prickly feet!" "The chicks are very noisy!"





Farmer Nick brought his Red Hen called Mary. Mary helped the class to retell their story 'The Little Red Hen'. We started at the beginning, where the hen found some corn, then we planted it, watered it, cut it, ground it to make flour, baked it and then Mary ate the bread and everyone took turns to feed her. 



Over the week, the children have painted their little red hens, and worked together to create their own Little Red Hen houses - the children looked at lots of different types of chicken coop. Including what features the coop would need: a roof to keep out the rain, a door to get in, windows to let the sun in and a ladder to keep the foxes out! There were some fantastic houses created using team work and they are proudly on display in the conservatory for you all to see.





This week we have also been exploring how we control our mark making and developing correct letter formation. There have been some fantastic letter representation both in sand, paint, pencil, playdough and even silver foil.




We have also been very excited to start  to use the magnetic boards and letters this week to help to make and read short words and some children tried to write their own words and numbers too!




In numeracy activities, one of the favourite activities was to sort the tray of seeds out, giving their own justification for the sorting groups and also helping to develop finger strength for pencil control by using tweezers to pick up the seeds and place into their sorting pots. Then the sorted seeds were counted, the piece of numicon found to represent the number before finally finding the numeral on a number fan. There was a lot of fun through this activity and rather a lot of seeds on the floor!




Outside, the car wash has been in development and by taking the child's interests further still, the musical mud kitchen has evolved...




Next week, we are looking forward to completing our Little Red Hen learning journey by making bread - Hedgehog bread, to sell for our Scarecrow celebrations. 

Term 1 - Week 4


We have been very busy exploring our environment and using different resources this week as well as all completing whole days at school for the week. On Monday we took advantage of the wet weather and had great fun learning to indecently put on waterproofs and wellies and then splash in the puddles before investigating what would happen with the powder paint in a puddle. The children then took their own expiration further by sweeping the colours to gather so they mixed and went into different directions and some children even wanted to see what would happen when the scooter wheels and wellies left tracks from the painted areas.






The children have continued to learn new phonic sounds - t,i,n,p and how to write them using correct letter formation. Now we are beginning to recognise the different sounds and their letter shape, we have started to blend the letters together to read the words. There have been many daily activities to practise and recall the sounds as well as putting them together to make complete words. We also talked through the story of the Little Red Hen and identified the main parts of the story: Beginning, middle and end, as well as who the characters were in the story and the events that happened through the story, before creating our own story picture book.



In Numeracy activities we have been exploring the Numicon shapes, drawing round them and identifying them buried in the sand. We have also started using number fans to show the numeral as well as the use of 10's frames and the concept of counting each item once and giving it a correct number for the amount. We used some ice cube tray and numicon pegs to help us to do this.



The class have continued to retell the story of the Little red Hen and our own Little Red Hen has enjoyed being with the children and listening to their story telling. 


We even helped the Little Red Hen to grow some corn. The children helped her plant the seeds and water them, just like the Little red Hen in the story. We will keep you informed how they corn is growing...



The children also had an opportunity to develop their enjoyment of play dough, to using clay. They all made their own individual title Red Hen to keep the chicks in the incubator company.

​The children carefully used their fingers to roll and mould the clay into their desired shape and then they used fine tools to create their own marks for eyes, a beak, feathers etc. 

We are looking forward to start seeing the chicks hatch out next week - hopefully!










Term 1 - Week 3


This week has been our first week of being all together in Reception class and staying to lunch. They were brilliant at getting their own tray and cutlery, and then choosing their own meals and puddings. 



The children have been watching over the eggs to see if there have been any changes yet. We had a visitor from Farm Link, who showed us all how they see if a chick is growing in the incubated eggs - Candling. We watched her candle each egg and are very hopeful (and excited) that we can hatch out at lea

st six of our eggs over the next fortnight. We will keep you all posted.




As the children have been demonstrating such good listening skills, we have decided to start their activities focussing on phonics and their early reading and writing skills. This week, we started learning how to recognise the sounds 'm, a, s and d' as well as how to write them using correct letter formation. 





The children enjoyed making the sounds and writing them in a variety of ways; mark making them in the sand, making them out of scrunched up silver paper, formed out of play dough and written in paint, pencil and crayon. There was a lot of focus on how to hold a pencil too - 'nip, flip and grip'.


In Literacy activities, we have enjoyed learning the story of the Little Red Hen. The children have helped add actions to the words and we have drawn a class story map to help retell the story in order from the beginning, through the middle and right to the end. The children have been brilliant; even using different voices for the characters of the Hen, Pig, Cat and Rat. They were so good that Mrs Hudd came down to be our audience and gave us a big clap at the end. See if your child will retell the story to you.


In numeracy activities this week we practised our early maths skills to help us recognise amounts and patterns quickly. We used dice and dominos to explore the numbers and their regular patterns as well as singing lots of counting songs and exploring numicon pieces.




Our creative area has given us a range of red / brown hens as the children mixed their own Little Red Hen colour and then painted their own hens, concentrating on the details that they could see in pictures and photos of different hens.




Please remember that we are now going to be in school full time from next week. The gate is open at 8:45 and closed at 8:55. We are really looking forward to seeing you all for our first full day on Monday morning.



Term 1 - Week 2


This week we have been busy exploring our classroom and outdoor environment. We are getting to know where all of our toys live!


We had a look at numicon and numbers and were able to sort 2D and 3D shapes. 


Throughout the week we have been learning to write our names with the correct letter formation, we are now getting good at this! 


On Thursday we had our very first write dance lesson! We listened to a piece of music called 'The Volcano' and then drew pictures to match the music. We had lots of fun!


All children have selected a library book they are interested in, this is a story for them to share at home, discuss and enjoy together! 

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Term 1


5th September 2016


The Reception Class for 2016 have settled in brilliantly to our school community. We have all enjoyed exploring our learning areas inside and outside while settling into a school routine (including where things are and where to tidy things away.)

We have used our creative skills to draw, paint, cut and stick as well as started to explore the many aspects of literacy and numeracy. We have also enjoyed sharing stories, singing and dancing together.








We have really enjoyed exploring our outdoor area, using lots of different equipment for our physical development: Scooters and pedalling bike / tractors, balls, the sandpit, water play, chalks and construction were among some of the most popular activities.






The children have been showing their independence skills well, by gaining confidence to put their own wellies on for outdoor exploration and putting on their own waterproofs for messy play.




We have all had a good week in reception and are looking forward to seeing you all next week. Please remember to label all clothing, shoes and coats to make sure they return to the right person. Could we also remind you that PE bags should now be in school and book bags are brought in daily.


If you have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to talk to one of the Reception class team. 

Thank you