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Term 1 Week 7 2014

This week on Thursday we went on our first class trip to Cheddar Chocolate Factory. We all had to wear hair nets so our hair would not go into the chocolate. There was a display of different chocolate and we got to try these we had White, Milk, Dark, Orange and Mint chocolate.


Mr Sweet told us about the different machines that they use to make the chocolate and how much can be produced in a week and a year.


Then the teachers had a go at making chocolate and we got to vote for the best. The chocolate was then put in the fridge to cool.


We looked at the machine that makes the wrappers and Mr Sweet made labels with the Oldmixon logo on for us to take home.

After that we all had a go at tipping the chocolates out of the moulds we bagged them up and got to keep them.


The next stop was Cheddar sweet kitchen where we watched Rhubarb and Custards being made. They added flavouring, colour and sugar to the two liquid mixtures and kneaded it while it cooled. Then the mixtures where added together.


A special machine was then used to make rows of sweets and they where left to go hard and then got broken up and we tried them.