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Term 1/2

This week in the Maths the year 6 children have been working together in groups to problem solve. 





" Problem solving was really fun because we are working together" 

" Problem solving was really tricky but I enjoyed it because, it got my mind working and I got there in the end ." 


During our D.T lessons this week, we have been making bridges and testing to see how strong they are using different objects. 




" Making bridges in D.T was really fun and i liked the challenge".


 "If the bridge was not stable and you put a weight on it

the bridge would fall over". 




Amazing start to the new term with all the new Year 6 students!


Everyone has shown an amazing attitude to get back into their learning and demonstrating a mature attitude to everything within and outside of class.


We have settled straight back into group work using word building to create and share ideas.



Also in our first week we got into small groups and went into the drama studio to practise some role play with the aim of changing our mind set.


For example instead of saying "I can't do this", we changed our mind set to "This may take some time to work out".



Year 6 have been really enjoying learning how to play the Trumpet!


Every Monday we have an afternoon of playing trumpets and we even have the opportunity to take them home for extra practise!


Here are some snaps of our sessions.





Every Wednesday some of our Year 6's have been going to Hutton Moor for swimming sessions.


We have found these amazing so far and look forward to continuing them for the rest of the term!


Image result for hutton moor


As you know our story we have been reading throughout term 1 is "Stitch Head."


As a class we have been working really hard on producing pieces of writing related to stitch head.


In addition to this some children have took it upon themselves to do extra at home.


Brodie has produced this amazing model of 'Stitch head'.



Sophia John and Amy have also spent their time producing this amazing model of the 'Mad Professor'.



We are really proud that these girls have took their learning home and want to show it off.

Parent + Child bridge making


On Wednesday afternoon we invited our children's parents to come in and take part in one of our Science acitivties which involved making bridges.


We would like to extend a massive thank you to all who came in and took part, there was an amazing turn out and the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience!


Some excellent bridges were made using a variety of different resources.


Here are some snaps of what went on.





Today is Diwali day!


We are taking part in numerous different activities looking at the 'Celebration' of Diwali.


To begin with we looked at a story related to Diwali and the religious beliefs.


We read the story as a class then split into groups looking each at a section of the story.

We 'boxed' the story up and each group told a portion of the story using sounds and actions.


Following this, we presented it together in chronological order.



In our class this week we have started looking at Chinese Multiplication.


We have found this as a very interesting and different way to multiply numbers and it is closely related to our Topic this term of The Shang Dynasty.


We have been investigating the method to see whether its works with smaller and large numbers.


Here are some pictures of the method used.




Book Review


As an interesting new way to encourage our children to read more we have introduced something new for ourselves to try.


At the start of the week we were allowed to choose a book which we found interesting and as our homework it was our task to read the book.


On Friday we brought our book back, covered it in paper and produced a book review based on what we had read.


This allows people to read the book reviews and choose the book based on what people thought of the book.



This year we have introduced a system called The Secret Student.....


The Secret student is a reward scheme to encourage good behaviour throughout the day.


Every morning the adults will select a student at random. This student will be closely monitored throughout the day and has to ensure their behaviour is immaculate all day.


He or she will be monitored to ensure they are being kind, sensible, considerate, hardworking, etc.


The following day if they have ticked all the boxes required, they will be revealed! 

If unsuccessful then the name will be kept secret and no-one will have the reward.


The reward will be the student and a friend of their choosing will get to sit in our special corner on comfy chairs, using their own stationary and will gain a more independent way of learning through the day.


So far all of our Secret students have been revealed, whose next? Could it be you?




Anti-Bullying week


This week we have been looking closely at Anti-Bullying.


This is a massive part of our school focus, we have looked at bringing more awareness to bullying and investigating how important it is to promote this vital subject.


We have been looking at different scenario cards into the seriousness of bullying.


The main question we asked was How serious is Bulling? Some of the different scenarios we looked at were:


  • The severity of nasty texts and emails.
  • Laughing at somebody if they make a mistake.
  • Leaving someone out of games or team activities.
  • Calling someone unkind names.


These are just some of the scenarios we looked at, we spent time discussing these cards and highlighting the causes of these events and how we might act if we witnessed any of these occurring in and around our school.


We found this a valuable experience and we feel in our class the severity of Bullying has been highlighted and we will strive to ensure this does not happen in and around our school.


We split into groups and acted out some of these scenarios, providing role play on how to deal with these situations. Here are some snaps of our role play: