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Term 2

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Term 2 Week 6


The Gingerbread Man

The Gingerbread Man wrote to us to ask us to help him escape from the Fox. We wrote back with our ideas.



The Gingerbread Man who ran into Christmas

We have loved practising for our Christmas show. We worked with our friends and peers from Reception and Year 2 and we feel incredibly proud of ourselves! Thank you for all your support and for providing our brilliant costumes! 

Term 2 Week 5

Story Mountain

We have been using the story mountain to structure our own stories. We are becoming brilliant story writers!


Shape Decorations

We used triangles to create our own stars and Christmas trees. We have been perfecting our cutting skills. Keep practising using safe scissors at home.

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Christmas Show

We have been working on our Christmas show with reception and Year 2. We are becoming fantastic little performers! Make sure you have your tickets for next Thursday or Friday.


Term 2 Week 4

Bar Diagram

We used square paper to help us to make bar diagrams. We worked on our digit formation and we used our bar diagrams to find out the most popular colours in our class.

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Dot to Dot

We worked on our number recognition by playing dot to dot. We are getting much better at recognising two digit numbers.


Letters to the old man

We recieved a letter from the old man in the Gingerbread Man story. We wrote back to him and told him where the gingerbread man is. We were brilliant at remembering our full stops at the end of our sentences!


Do you know where the Gingerbread Man is? 



We followed instructions to make Gingerbread Men. We measured out the ingredients then baked the in the oven. Luckily they didn't run away! We wrote to all the teachers in school and delivered our gingerbread men. Lots of the teachers wrote back to us. The gingerbread men were delicious!

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Term 2 Week 3

R.E Day

On Monday the whole school participated in RE day. We learnt about Diwali and tasted some treats. We dressed up in traditional clothing.

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We used our hands to measure the outline of our bodies.


We used the balances to investigate objects to find out which were heavy or which were light.


Questions about the Bear

We have been learning to use question marks correctly. We thought of questions to ask the bears.

What would you ask the bears? 


We used willow to make stars. We needed to make 2 triangles then stuck them together.


Bear Hats

We measured our heads and made bear hats.

Term 2 Week 2

Tally chart


We have been learning how to make a tally chart. We counted how many bites it took to eat a whole piece of fruit.


Unifix cube measuring


We have been working on our estimating skills. We were estimating how many cubes long our feet were. We then used our estimating skills for all sorts of things.

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Term 2 Week 1

This term in Year 1 we are learning the story 'Can't you sleep, Little Bear?' We shared all our ideas about how we are going to learn the story.


"We could cut Little Bear and Big Bear out of cardboard and use sellotape and a straw to turn them into puppets." Jack 


"We could make a story of the book" Stanley


" We could make puppets and stick them in a book." Kaden


"That's called a pop up book" Owen


"We can go on a school trip and find them in a cave." Buddy


" In the woods." Ryley


"Ask Mrs Parker to come to the woods with us." Cassie


"We could send her a letter and ask her." Lalia


"Read lots of stories about Bears." Kacey


"We could use shapes to make a Bear picture." Evan


"We could have a picnic with the Bears." Miss Cox


"Lets make honey sandwiches." Buddy


"They like to eat honey." Ruby-Leigh


"We could make some honey cookies for the Bear." Summer


"We could make some cakes." Angel


"We need carrot sticks." Alfie


We have been writing sentences about what is happening in the image from the story. We continue to focus on forming our letters correctly and leaving a finger space after every word.


We have been using pictures to order the story of 'Can't you sleep, Little Bear?'

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