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Term 2

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Week 7, 12.12.16


This week we have really enjoyed preparing for Christmas. The children have made their own hats, cards and calendars and used their phonics knowledge to create lists for Christmas and careful letter formation to sign their own names in their cards.


The children have enjoyed developing and practising their large motor skills in the Muga. The children have been running, kicking a ball to score goals, balancing bean bags on heads and throwing them to go into a hoop, throwing and catching with a partner and parachute games. 





We have all enjoyed Christmas crafts and have carefully cut, drawn, stuck and glittered. We did this in our classes and enjoyed Christmas activities in KS1 classrooms too.






We all enjoyed our Christmas dinner in the hall with our hats and crackers. Everyone ate very nicely and there was lots of excited chatter as they ate.






For our last afternoon of 2016 we celebrated Christmas Jumper Day and looked at each others jumpers and at all the details on them and then we drew on a blank jumper shape and created some amazing designs - some even had pompoms stuck on them!






We wish you all a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year, 

and look forward to seeing you all on our return to school on 4th January 2017.

Week 6 - 5.12.16

This week has been a very busy and exciting week for the reception class, combining all our learning as well as all the preparations for the Christmas performances. We have been very proud to watch every child grow in confidence to sing, dance and perform in the play.


We have enjoyed the fresh air as often as possible and started to use the Muga playground as a larger area to run and explore different ways to move. We have started working towards walking / running a mile a day as well as using the parachute and other equipment to help develop our physical skills.








We have also been busy writing, cutting out and decorating our own wishing stars to decorate the hall, which have included things that we wish for to make a happy new year friendship, happiness etc. 





The children have been using their problem solving skills to place numicon in the stocking shape and fill it completely, without leaving a space. Some children decided to challenge themselves further by only using two pieces of numicon and nothing else, which was quite tricky depending on the shapes they chose!




The challenge for this week was to work together to help the Gingerbread Man cross the river without getting wet. The children shared their ideas and eventually planned to make a bridge using the crates to help get him across. There were a lot of talking and listening times to share ideas and then they set to work. 



They had to be careful not to put their feet in the water, otherwise the fox might gobble them up!

Week 5 - 28.11.16


This week has been a very busy one. The children had a cooking focus this week and enjoyed making the Gingerbread Men, counting out measurements to add ingredients into the bowl before mixing, rolling, cutting out and baking them. 



The next day, the children carefully designed their own Gingerbread Man icing and thought about how they were going to decorate it with the icing, sweets and raisins.




Then, we went on a journey around the school to give out our Gingerbread Men.



The next stage was to write up the method to make the Gingerbread Men, combining all we've learnt in our phonics and handwriting sessions.




The gingerbread men came to visit and they had numbers on their tummy instead of buttons! The children had fun organising them into sequence and then Mr Fox came and ate them and the children had to find out which number was missing!

We also started to explore the concept of addition and subtraction and the equals to sign. Look at their fantastic arms to help remember the different signs. The children started creating their own problems by trying to see how many buttons two gingerbread men had all together.



We went on a frosty walk and looked at all the changes around us. The children enjoyed running through the white grass and hearing it crunch under our feet and looked at the footprints left behind us. 





We have also explored our senses, thinking about the five senses we had, we used one of them (our nose) to smell some different things in pots. They ranged from curry powder and chocolate to strawberry jelly. They had fun guessing what the different smells were.



Week 4, 21.11.16


There has been some fantastic writing produced this week in reception. The children needed to innovate upon the story of little Gingerbread Man and to help them, they created their own story blocks to help them think about the characters in their own stories, where the Gingerbread man was running to, why he was running and what was going to happen next. The children used their phonic knowledge to write the initial sound of the words, some children decided to challenge themselves further by writing as many of the phonic sounds they could hear in each word. 




The children have been very busily exploring and developing their own reading and writing skills by applying their phonic knowledge. We have had lots of games and mark making opportunities and they have all enjoyed these greatly. We have had:

- Find the Gingerbread man under the cup. (Segment and blend the words on the cup to reveal the lost gingerbread man.)

- Make your own words using letters written on the bottom of the little upturned cups.

- Naming the letter sounds and writing them correctly on the large paper and making words with the cards to then write out.

- Make the words with magnetic letters and boards.




In maths the children have continued to explore their numbers, what they look like as amounts and numerals and they enjoyed ordering them and are now starting to find the total amount when adding 1 more on or taking 1 away and how to use a number fan confidently.



We have also started to make Gingerbread man decorations and have started with making collages of running gingerbread men, chopping up and sticking as many different 'Gingerbread' colour materials as we could. Next week we are looking forward to making some tasty gingerbread men and icing them too.




​Week 3, 14.11.16

This week started with a fantastic whole school day focus upon RE. The theme of the day was Interfaiths and their celebration of light. The children learnt about the meaning of the christians Christmas, through the symbolic meaning of a cracker, they had a party which included tasting foods, for Diwali, they learnt about the Jewish celebration of light as well as how light makes them feel safe in the darkness: including being able to see by torch and candle light, through to how traffic lights keep you safe on the roads.




​The children enjoyed working in different classrooms and teachers through Key Stage 1 and created some great ideas and understanding, which they shared in a celebration assembly at the end of the day.


On Tuesday, the Reception Class joined together again with Year 1 & 2 to start off our interesting learning journey to help the lost Gingerbread Man. We retold the story, using props and masks, before meeting the Gingerbread Man and working in groups to create questions to ask him, which we then hot seated him to find out more. The Gingerbread Man also brought some gingerbread cookies for the children to all try, to gather words to hep us describe what they tasted like. We even caught a glimpse of the Gingerbread Man running away through the hall during dinner time! This WOW moment, has helped us to start thinking about the Gingerbread Man and to start building our own stories about what he could get up to, using experiences and imagination. 




In phonics, there has been more focus upon correct letter formation now we are writing short words and we have nearly learnt all the letter sounds in the alphabet now. The children have enjoyed using their new sounds cards and mats at home and this is showing through the work they are producing in class, thank you.




In numeracy, the children have been cutting buttons on the gingerbread Man and then matching them to numerals, writing the numbers and finding the corresponding piece of numicon. Some children have even started adding the total amount of buttons on two gingerbread men to find an answer. 




In Expressive art activities this week we have made our own gingerbread people out of gingerbread play dough, using a rolling pin and cutters safely, before placing on a baking tray and cooking them in our own role play oven. There have been some highly decorated and detailed gingerbread people and a lot of discussion as the children have worked together to achieve this. 



Week 2 - 07/11/16


During our second week back, the children have started to show their newly learnt phonics and they have started applying their phonic knowledge to reading and writing short words. This week, the children all learnt how to label a picture that was linked to our new story theme, the story of the Gingerbread Man. Children used their sounds and letter formation really well, and wrote their own labels for the Gingerbread Man's head, leg and arm, amongst many other words that the children decided themselves to have a go with. Then, the children decorated their own, labelled, Gingerbread Man. Mrs Newton was very, very pleased with all the effort every child gave, the results were very impressive:




Another activity the children took part in, that was linked to their new story, was the challenge to mix their own brown, paint their own Gingerbread Man, cut out the shape, decorate it with their own choice of buttons and googley eyes, before finally decorating them with the 'icing' (black pen and white chalk). There are now a great number of espying Gingerbread Men from a cooker door on display in the classroom!





​In Literacy the children have continued with their phonic learning, ready to help their reading and writing skills and this week there has been a big focus on blending short words together to create words, which the children have also written. Letter formation continues to be a big focus and the children are trying hard with this too. They have learnt the little rhymes to say as they write as well as their growing recognition of the tricky words that are learnt by recognition because they are unable to be decoded with phonics. We hope that your child enjoys their phonics packs and reading books that they have been sent home with this week. 




In Numeracy, the children have been exploring mathematical concepts and this week, they started to create repeating patterns as well as counting and measuring in cubes. There was a lot of discussion about who's tower was the longest / shorted etc which resulted in competitions to try to make the tallest tower and estimation also started occur, about how many cubes each patterned tower might contain.




Within Expressive Arts activities this week, the children explored some transient art, using a variety of red, green and black objects found around the class. (another mathematical skills for sorting). The children looked at the poppies for remembrance day and created their own versions. There were some beautiful pieces of art created.






During our PSHE, Jigsaw time, the children took some time to talk about themselves and say what they thought they were good at, then listened to each other about what they were good and what others though they were good at too, to get different view and it is often very hard to see what you are good at yourself. The children all took turns to tell Jigsaw Jenie what they felt they were good at. It was lovely to see such positivity and growing confidence. 




Thank you to all those who were able to come to the phonics and reading workshop held this week, we hope that you found it useful and that you enjoy using this resources together at home to support your child's learning. We are asking the children to take responsibility for their learning by making sure they bring their book bag to school every day day.Please talk to a member of staff if you were unable to come and would like to have a quick catch up about it. 


Next week, we are looking forward to more exciting activities with our little Gingerbread People and retelling his story confidently.

Week 1, 31.10.16


We have had a great start to our second term in Reception Class. From the children's interests, we took part in activities that helped explore Diwali and Bonfire Night. The children learned about Rama and Sita and the story of the first Diwali. We talked about the characters in the story and why the diva lamps are made to help them find their way back home. We also made our own salt dough and then created our own diva pots and decorated them. The children looked at patterns drawn in henna on hands and designed their own medi hand pictures as well as using bright colours to complete rangoli designs, before chalking their own rangoli patterns on the playgroup to welcome people in.




There has been a big focus this week in phonics to develop segmenting and blending words to help early reading and writing skills. Fred the frog has been helping with this in class and he's also been playing games with the tricky words growing on the sight word tree, to help the children recognise some of the words that are regularly used, soothes they can be recognised and written on sight. The children also used the new phonic sheets to find a word, read it, make it with magnetic letters and then write it at the bottom.




In numeracy, we have continued to develop our counting skills by creating a number line showing the 'ness' of a number. e.g. The 'fourness' of four: 4 piece of numicon, 4 leaves gathered from outside, a photo of 4 children, 4 dots on a post it, 4 written by a child etc. The number line runs from 1 to 10 and we will look to create the next stage over the forthcoming weeks. 


Our Shape, space and measure focus has been upon recognising a shape within a shape. 3d (solid) shapes made out of combining 2d (flat) shapes. The children had great fun building their own sculptures and describing the shapes they'd used. 



Outdoor learning included a hunt for Autumn leaves, which combined into each child's own Autumnal crown. The children were identifying a range of colours and varying sizes. 




​For fine motor skill practise, the children really enjoyed threading the orange and black halloween pasta with string to make necklaces and strings. 



​The children also created their own splat and glitter firework paintings after finding out some information about Guy Fawkes, Bonfire night and firework safety. 




​At the end of the week the children all wrote and decorated invitations to the Year 1 children to come and visit the classroom and see all the things that had been created over the week. They all took pride in what they were showing and the year 1's were a brilliant audience.


We are looking forward to starting to learn and share some favourite traditional stories. Please remember to come to our phonics and early reading workshop next Thursday afternoon, to share how we teach phonics and early reading skills and ways you can support your child at home with their phonics and what to do with the readings books and reading records that will start to be sent home over the few weeks to enjoy with your child.