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Term 2

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3! Here you will find all our important information and also where you will be able to see all the fun events happening in Year 3!

In Year 3, homework and reading homework are given out on a Thursday!

P.E is on Tuesday and Thursday



Week 1

Welcome back! We hope you had an amazing half term and come back ready to learn even more! This term our topic is the Stone Age and we are really excited for all the oppurtunities coming up!


This week we have been to Raise the Roof at Bournville. we sang lots of songs all about school and we had a fabulous time!


In English this week we have been reading Stone Age Boy. Midway through the story we took a visit into his cave!

We heard many different sounds during our mindful listening including echos, droplets of water and even a cave bear!


We have also started our topic this week. We have arranged timelines of events and have developed our understanding of BC and AD. For our WOW we made stone age food; stewed fruit! Ryker loved it so much he said he wished he had lived in the stone age! 




Week 2

Welcome back! We hope you had an amazing half term and come back ready to learn even more! This term our topic is the Stone Age and we are really excited for all the oppurtunities coming up!


This week in maths we have learning to subtract hundreds, tens and ones. We have been using equipment to help us for when we must exchange. 

This week we also had a visit from Emily from Dogs Trust. She discussed with us how we should care for a dog and what a dog needs to be happy. We have learnt a lot and were very interested in some of the things Emily told us about. 



Week 3

This week we have been continuing with subtraction on a number line! We have been using number lines and equipment to help us.


We have been reading Oi! Caveboy! in English and the children have been finding the story very funny!

They have written some excellent potions to help make the cheif better! 


On Monday afternoon we were also lucky enough to go ice-skating! We had an excellent time and we were so proud of every child getting up and carrying on even if they fell! 






Week 4

This week we have been solving word problems in maths! We have been developing our skill of learning how to solve 1-step and 2-step problems. We have been helping each other and working in teams.

In English we have been reading Ug! Ug is a boy who lived during the Stone Age but was desperate to see the future! We were all given a different scene from the story and we had to think of synonyms for said to describe how the dialogue would've been spoken.

For our enquiry this week we went on a walk to collect our resources to make a Stone Age village. We found lots of different sticks and twigs which will be really useful! Keep an eye out at home for any more sticks we can use! 




Week 5

This week we have been continuing with our one step and two step word problems. We have working really hard to try and develop our own questions for our friends to solve.

In English we have continuing with the story Ug and learning about Stone Henge. The children found it very interesting that there was a slaughter stone at Stone Henge. The children have also written fact files at Stone Henge and have been broadening their knowledge of an archaeologists role. 

We conducted our own science experiment this week and looked at the different properties of rocks.

Some questions we generated were:

"Can it crack?"

"Does it make a mark on paper?"

Does it change colour when wet?"




Week 6

This week we have been solving missing number problems using addition and subtraction. We have used bar models to help us work out whether we will need to add or subtract. 

We have been working extremely hard in English too! We have been trying to reach our aim of using a co-ordinating and subordinating conjunction in every piece of work! Ask your children to use one in a sentence, they are very impressive!

In science this week we have explored the three different types of rock; using food! We made igneous rock using ice cream and melted chocolate. Sedimentary using rice krispies, m&ms and chocolate, we then mixed it with marshmallows and watched it set into layers! Lastly, we made metamorphic rock using digestives, marshmallows and gummy sweets and then putting it under heat and pressure!



This week has been an amazing week for P.E. We finally got to use our brand new vault! The children had an amazing time trying out new skills and Bex was very impressed with the children's attitudes.