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Term 2

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Term 2 Week 7


This week in Year 1 we have been busy practising for our christmas production and then on Thursday and Friday mornings we performed for all our parents. 



Here's more from our science experiment.


Waterproof materials – Which material would make a waterproof roof for a little pig’s house?


The children thought about the question and discussed the properties of the materials.

“The rain will go through the little gaps in the straw,” Hollie.

 “They can just put more straw on it,” Tyreece.


The children were asked how they might test the materials.

“We could get a cup of water and put lots of water on it,” Bella.

“If you put a box underneath, the tables can’t get wet,” Oliver.


The children talked about their observations as they carried out the tests.

Paper “The water goes through, that means not waterproof,” Lilly.

“They’re all waterproof,” Leo.

Felt “It’s not waterproof, it went through,” Holly.

These are waterproof (showing wallpaper and plastic). This will really go through, watch,” Jackson.

Straw “It’s going to go through (pours on water). Look (showing the water has gone through the straw and into the cup),” Megan.


Some of the results were not what the children expected.

“I thought the water would go through the plastic but it didn’t go through,” Rosie.

“They didn’t work, the water went through,” Georgie.

Combining the materials, “We’re trying all of them,” Jai. “Oh… there’s water.”

“They’re leaking,” Joshua.

“The cotton wool surprised me ‘cos there’s a little hole in the middle and it went through but the cotton wool didn’t get wet,” Oliver.


After carrying out their investigations, the children sorted the materials into waterproof and not waterproof and used their observations to decide which material the pig should use for a roof.


Some children applied their knowledge in different ways.

“I would use the letters ‘cos they plastic (laminated display letters),” Joshua.

“I would use glass,” Jenson.

“You would cut yourself,” Emily.

“Metal then,” Jenson.


Lots of children thought that metal would be waterproof so we asked them how they could prove this.

Put water on it and it won’t go through,” suggested Deea.

We needed something made of metal to test. One child found a metal spoon and one found a metal rack. The children agreed that the metal rack would be tricky to test as the water would pour through the holes between the rungs.

The children tested the spoon and proved that it was waterproof.

Term 2 Week 6


This week in Year 1 we have been very busy practising for our christmas production.





In Science this week we investigated different materials to see if they would make a good roof for a house. We had plastic, straw, sticks, bricks, cotton wool and felt. Then we poured on a small amount of water to see if the material was waterproof.





Term 2 Week 5



This week for our English work we have been focusing on our comprehension. We had a sheet with different information and pictures on. Then we talked about what we can see and answered questions in full sentences about what we saw.



For Maths this week we have continued with our work on money. We have made different amounts of money for an object. We also worked out different ways to make larger coins.


5p = 2p+2p+1p

5p = 2p+1p+1p+1p

5p = 1p+1p+1p+1p+1p


Art and DT

We have been working on and designing our own homes for the Three Little Pigs.








Investigating materials – Which material would make the strongest house for the Three Little Pigs?


The children looked at the materials and talked about the story.


“They are from The Three Little Pigs,” Emily.

“The Big Bad Pig and the Three Little Wolves,” Joshua.


We discussed how we might test the materials and the children decided that they should make houses and then try to blow them down.


As the children built they made predictions and began to test their ideas.


“I tried the walls and it just fell down,” Rosie.

“I think we need a strong house. I think we need the cotton wool,” Tyreece.

"I tried to blow it down it did,” James.




Emily and her group were stacking the twigs in different directions.


“Mine’s really strong,” Emily.

“It’s not strong because it might blow down. We didn’t stick it hard enough. Bricks stick together. They got pointy bits on the top and bottom that stick,” Oliver.

“Twigs are not strong because if you got really good breath it will blow it down. I think the bricks are strong,” Bella.




“It’s going to be better and not blow down,” Jackson.

“It’s strong ‘cos it’s made out of plastic,” Caitlin.

“The house didn’t blow down,” Jayden.


Then I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down.

The children recited the words from the story as they took on the role of the wolf and attempt to blow down the houses. They looked carefully and talked about what they observed, including the things that surprised them.


Tyreece decided that his house might be protected by the tray it was in. “I’m putting it on the table then it will blow away.”

“Our house didn’t come apart,” Tyreece.


“My house surprised me because it didn’t blow the straw,” Joshua.

“The stick houses didn’t blow down,” Deea.

“The stick houses didn’t blow down in real life but in the story they did,” Ellie.

Term 2 Week 4



This week in English we have been writing our own version of the story The Three Little Pigs. We started with a story map where we planned what characters we would change and what would happen.




Then we used our story maps to write our own stories.



This week in Maths we have been looking at money. We looked at the different coins that we use and put them in order. We have also looked at different amounts of money and worked out what coins we use to make the different amounts.






Road Safety

This week is Road Safety week. In our class we talked about how to be safe when crossing the road, where we should stand and when its safe to cross.



Term 2 Week 3



This week in English we have started to look at the story of the Three Little Pigs. On Monday we went to the sports hall with our friends from Year 2 and Reception and the story was read to us with the use of puppets. 




We have also learnt different actions to help us retell the story and worked in small groups to help us remember them.




We also had a visit from the Big Bad Wolf this week who told us it was all a big mistake and he was just trying to help the Three Little Pigs out and they wouldn't listen to him.





In Maths this week we have been working on subtraction. We started the week using a numberline to help us count back and then wrote out our subtraction number sentences. We have worked with a partner using a 10's frame and had to see who could get to 0 first using our subtraction skills.





This week is Anti-Bullying week. Year 1 thought about being a good friend and what it looks like and how it makes us feel. Everyone had a turn at holding our jigsaw piece (Jack) and telling him what they had done this week as a good friend.



Term 2 Week 2



This week in maths we have been working on subtraction number problems. We have used different resources, number lines, bead strings, counters, straws and pebbles.







For our English work this week we have looked at the Big Bad Wolf. We wrote our own wanted posters including a description of what the wolf looks like. Also we have received a copy of a letter Granny wrote to the Wolf this week saying how disappointed she is with him. Then we wrote a letter to her as the Wolf to say sorry.



Term 2 Week 1



This term in English we are going to be sharing lots of different Traditional Tales. Our first tale is Little Red Riding Hood. This week we had a visit from Little Red Riding Hood and asked her lots of different questions.


"Why did the Wolf go into the forest?" Keagan


" Why did you go into the forest?" Lilly-Mai


"Where does your Granny live?" Bella 


"Why did the big bad Wolf lock Grandma up?" Ellie


"Why was the Wolf pretending to be your Granny?" Tyreece  


We then wrote down lots of our own questions. Also this week we have retold the story of Little Red Riding Hood.





We have been exploring 3d shape, recognizing 2d faces on them and sorting them, using our own sorting criteria.


First we started by playing ‘guess my shape in the bag’ and then we built towers and rockets using the 3d shapes that we could name. Next we could choose five 3d shapes and describe the shape and where they were positioned, bottom, top, 1st,2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th.




Our next shape activity was to sort 2d and 3d shapes, using various criteria: colour, size, shape, face shapes…




…then we went outside to find some of the 3d shapes and describe them to each other using mathematical language.