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Term 2

   Welcome to year 4   


Land Of The Pharaohs 


This terms topic is Ancient Egypt.


Things to remember.


  • P.E is on Wednesdays
  • Homework is given out on a Friday and returned to school by the following Thursday. 
  • Book bag and P.E kit to be in school everyday.


Date for your diary.



  • Bristol Museum 19th November

Please ensure your child had returned their permission slips.

Week 5


This week in maths the children have been working on fractions. They have been looking at fractions of shape and number.

Topic this week the children made a Shaduf, this is a device used in Ancient Egyptian times to move water from a low place to a high place. 


Week 4


This week in Maths the children have been looking at Polygons, learning the properties of polygons, drawing them and naming them. 





In English the children used Drama to imagine what it would be like to be a slave in Ancient Egyptian times. The children thought carefully about the dialogue that would have been used between the Slaves and Pharaohs. 



Week 3


This week is our WOW week!

Today Monday, the children visited Weston Odeon and watched the film Annie as part of the Film Festival.


In the afternoon the children used Papyrus paper and wrote in hieroglyphics to create their names. 



Tuesday, the whole school took part in a variety of activities involving the festival of Diwali (Hindu 'festival of light'). The year 4 children dressed up, learnt about Hindu weddings, tasted sweets and listened to the story of Rama and Sita.




In the afternoon the children visited Windwhistle school where they took part in the annual 'Raise the Roof' singing workshop.  





Wednesday- Today the children designed a Cartouche, this is a tag used to write the name of an Egyptian god or royal person, these were written in hieroglyphics. 

The children designed them first on paper and the created them out of clay.





Thursday the children visited Bristol Museum where they took part in an Egyptian Workshop. In the workshop the children learnt about an Egyptologist called Amelia Edwards who travelled down the River Nile and visited many of the cities in Egypt. The children handled artefacts and found out what they were and how they were used in Ancient Egyptian times. 

The children also looked around the Egyptian exhibit and had the opportunity to look at other exhibits around the museum. 



Week 2

This week the children have been taking part in Drama activities in English. Thinking about what it would be like to be on an Ancient Egyptian boat. 






In P.E this week the children had another rugby session with Rich Hynes, the children played warm up activities and then started learning about Tag Rugby. The children put on the belts and tags and did a range of activities involving tagging each other. 


The children have been working hard to learn the songs for Raise the Roof, which we will be attending next week at Windwhistle School. 



Week 1



This week the children have been looking at and writing diary entries in English. We have been listening to stories from Ancient Egypt and writing about living in those times. 


In P.E this week the children had a session of Rugby taken by Rich Hynes from Weston Rugby Club. In the lesson the children played team games where they learnt to throw and catch a rugby ball correctly. They also played relay games and focussed on running and passing the ball. 


We started our new topic this week on Ancient Egypt, the children learnt about the different people in Egyptian society.