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Term 2

18th December 2015


We have had a very busy week preparing for Christmas. We had a brilliant start to the week by performing our Nativity dress rehearsal to the school and then performing it to family and friends on Tuesday. All the children did brilliantly, they took part and helped to retell the story of the birth of Jesus through songs. 




We have completed our Christmas projects - calendars, cards as well as enjoyed wrapping 3d shapes and creating may other Christmas activities. 


 We have been exploring number

recognition and ways to order them. 


We have also been enjoying some team building time, sharing ideas

and creating bigger ones from communicating with each other.       



We have also enjoyed sharing books together in our developing reading area. 


The Reception team all wish you a very happy Christmas and are looking forward to seeing the class back in the new year to continue their learning journey with many more exciting topics, as well as continuing to develop phonic knowledge to support reading and writing skills and mathematical understanding in both number and shape, space and measure.




11th December 2015


There was a visitor to Reception Class this week - Father Christmas visited in the middle of the night and left his messy footprints! He walked past our handwriting display and had a look at the children's careful letter formation and also came to check on our growing chicks!


Santa left a message asking for some help. He had lost his hat while out and about and wondered if the children could help to make him a new one. The children were, of course, very kind and set about making him a new one so his head didn't get cold!




We have also been extremely busy rehearsing our Nativity play and can't wait to show you all our hard work next Tuesday - more pictures to follow so that we don't spoil the surprise.


The children have also been enjoying their exploration of the new phonic knowledge they are learning and are seeking out many opportunities to practise their developing reading and writing skills.





We have been exploring patterns using penguins an icebergs. There have been a range of two and three coloured repeating patterns. The children have also explored the Numicon pieces, their shape, colour, size and different ways to make them fit on the boards and any patterns that can be produced.






We have enjoyed our outdoor activities, especially the new equipment for our PE trolley that includes big balls, and small foam balls with bats to help hand eye coordination as well as scarves to help develop catching and throwing skills. The tractor and cars are always a popular activity too.




Another highlight of our week has been the adventures and challenges that the Elf has had in our class. We are enjoying the wrapped books that he is bringing us every day to enjoy reading together.


 Archie made a birthday cake for Elf...


Lucas made a bed for the Elf and then a bridge for him to cross over...



Lukasz spent some time talking to the Elf and making him a chair...


We have also been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to watch the six chicks that we hatched, thrive and grow. At the end of the week Farmer Nick came to pick up the chicks now they are stronger and we said a big thank you to him for all his help and resources to help these chicks hatch out of their eggs and to watch them grow and develop so quickly! We will miss them in our class.



Please don't forget that our Nativity play is on Tuesday 15th December at 9:30am.




4th December 2015


This week we have begun to learn the Christmas Story and some Christmas songs, ready to perform to you on the 16th December for our Nativity play. The children are getting very excited and exploring many aspects of Christmas in our classroom learning environment; A Christmas shop in the role play area, A Winter Wonderland to explore the North Pole, as well as many other activities, from writing notes to Santa to sorting and counting baubles. We also have an Elf that has come to visit and brings a new book to unwrap and read every day. He also asks the children to have a go at daily challenges. This week one was to make a repeating pattern with paper-chains, and another was to make him a house with a bed so he can stay in our classroom until her returns to the North Pole.


Another big event this week has been the hatching of our chicks! We now have six chicks who are growing very quickly in the class! The children have asked to name them - so far we have Ellis and Billy (each one has a name label written by a child) and the other four are still waiting for their names and name badges. The children are really enjoying getting to see them every day and are fantastic at handling them too! They have regular circle times to hold the chicks and let them have their run about in the circle and it has given the children some great conversations and language opportunities.


Along with Christmas, we have continued to learn new phonic sounds and practised blending and segmenting words. So far, we have learnt; 's,a,t,p,i,n,m,d,g,o,c,k,ck,u,r,h,i,b,f,ff,l,ll,ss' and our sight words 'I, no, go, to, the, into, come, so, like' recognition are all growing in confidence. After Christmas, we will be having a time to come together to explain the reading system that will be used for your children, as well as an opportunity to see how we teach phonics and number. There will also be some resources to share to support you and your child at home, as this all helps to progress your child's learning and confidence.


We are looking forward to a Christmas packed, active week next week. Please don't forget to encourage your child to bring in their reading book every day. We would also like some more WOW moments to help our tree grow. There are more WOW leaves just inside the conservatory door - we know your children are doing amazing things with you and it would be fantastic to share and celebrate them, Thank you.


27th November 2015



This week we have been extremely busy exploring the Gingerbread Man story, which resulted in making our own Gingerbread men and decorating them using icing and sultanas. 





We have explored how many sense we have and what they do, as the children asked about the smell of ginger. We have now got come smelly pots in the class to guess the smells - peppermint, garamasala, vinegar, chocolate and ginger. 


The children enjoyed showing people how we retell the story of the Gingerbread Man, how we sing our phonics, our Diwali pots and glass jars that we have decorated and finished by singing our 'Doctor Knickerbocker Number Nine' song. Thank you to all those who were able to come, we will look to do a similar event again soon. 



We are now starting to get ready for Christmas and are busy learning our Nativity play songs to sing to you. Please make sure that your child brings their book bag in every day to have in school so that it starts to become a routine.


Don't forget that it is the school Christmas fair next Thursday after school and we look forward to seeing you there. 




20th November 2015


This week we have had a really busy week, from celebrating Diwali with the whole school, to exploring what makes being a good friend as part of Anti-bullying week and part of the North Somerset initiative ‘Make a noise about bullying’.



During the Diwali celebrations the children really enjoyed moving from class to class to find out about various aspects of the celebration. They found out about what happens during a Hindu Wedding, tasting puri sweets, dressing up in traditional dress, Lakshmi, the deities, Diwali art.









We have been developing our Gingerbread Man topic by beginning to retell the story using actions. We have had a couple of challenges this week that have been very thought provoking:


1) Using red, yellow and blue, mix a brown to paint a Gingerbread person.



2) Creating a way for the Gingerbread Man to cross the river.




We have also been learning our new phonics – ‘g,o,c,k’ as well as practise to use all the phonic sounds that we have learnt up to date – ‘s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d’ We have been practising our segmenting and blending skills as well as listening out for initial sounds; and have been using magnetic letters to help us recognise the sounds and ways to build words. We’ve even started reading words and short sentences using our new reading skills.


We also enjoyed playing in the rain!               


We are looking forward to showing you all our learning next week for the class assembly to be held in our room on Thursday 26thNovember at 2:50 pm.


Please remember to bring in your book bag every day and ensure all PE kits are in school during the week. Thank you.


13th November 2015


This week has been the start of our Diwali celebrations. We have learnt about the Diwali story of Rama and Sita and looked at different ways Diwali is celebrated.  We have made a range of creative items:


Painting Diwali lamps using glass paints and fine brushes...



We made clay diva pots and decorated them with glitter. sparkles and match sticks...



We also created henna patterns for Mendi hands and Rangoli patterns...


We have been counting t-lights and finding the matching numeral or number on a number fan and developing our problem solving skills to find the total amount, of one more and one less t-light.



We have also been enjoying learning our phonic sounds and using them to help our reading skills. So far we have learnt the letter phonic sounds 's,a,t,p,i,n,m,n,d'. We have been creating lots of CVC words using our phonic knowledge to segment and blend the sounds together. We have also been learning to recognise the sight words 'I, no, go, to, the, into, have'. We have been looking at forming these letters correctly as well as practising what the letter names are too.


The children have been making fireworks with pipecleaners - choosing colours carefully to gain their desired effect, using their fine motor skills to manipulate the wires and imagining what the fireworks would soundlike up in the night sky.



We have also had a visitor to school this week - Farmer Nick has brought us some eggs to look after, to incubate and hatch over the next few weeks. It's all very exciting and we can't wait to see how many of them will hatch...



We have also had lots of music this week, exploring the instrument trolley. Lucas came up with the idea that we needed to do a parade with the instruments and some of the children gathered some materials to enjoy the windy days that we have had.



On Friday we had a special 'Carnival Celebration Day'. We created our own carnival cart to sing and dance on, decorated our scooters to go on parade, used the instruments to create our own music for the parade and created our own costumes out of material. In the afternoon we paraded round the playground to the Year 6's and Nursery children and then enjoyed a hotdog with our Year 6 buddies and some time to catch up with each other. 





Please remember to bring in book bags every day and ensure your child has brought in a PE kit in school for the term. These are part of our values that contribute towards Friday Banquet, once Reception starts attending this - Thank you.










6th  November 2015


We have started this term off with a bang! This week we have enjoyed learning about Bonfire night and how it all began with Guy Fawkes. We have talked about the gunpowder plot, bonfire and firework safety, what the fireworks look like in the sky as well as singing our own counting song about fireworks. We have enjoyed lots of songs and rhymes and creating different movements and noises that fireworks can make as they go across the night sky.


The children have been experimenting with different ways to create fireworks: lots of black sky firework pictures using pastels, glitter and chalks as well as our own rocket factory in the creative area!






We have been very excited to start learning our phonic sounds to help our reading skills - our first letter sounds that we have learnt are - s,a,t,p and we have been exploring these letter sounds by listening out for the initial sound heard in words, singing the jolly phonics songs using the actions for each letter sound and forming the letter correctly using pens, chalks and even squirting water out of bottles to create the letter shapes.




We have also enjoyed new resources this week. The talking telephones were great fun sending messages to

each other and finding different methods to link the phone lines to each other.   


The other exciting addition to our  classroom this week has been a dark den, torches and a camping area. There has been lots of discussion about the dark and how to stay safe during bonfire night. "You need a torch to stay safe in the dark, or else you might bump down a step!" (Buddy). Children have been reading each other stories in the camping tent and finding ways to stack small logs together to create a 'bonfire' to help to keep warm in the night. We look forward to developing this area further over the next few weeks and creating more adventures and challenges.



Making and displaying our class rocket - working together.