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Term 2

  • Our topic for Term 2 is

    The Wild West




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  • Term 2 Week 7


    This week we welcomed back Miss Carwardine from her maternity leave and last Friday we said goodbye to Mr Ware who has been teaching us since the summer.


    In English this week we have been writing a story about an Elf.  One group wrote about an child called Alex who had put bubblegum in his sister's hair and Santa put him on the naughty list.  Alex was taken to Santa's workshop at the North Pole by Florence the Elf so he could make his sister a special teddy to say sorry.  On Christmas Day when his sister opened her present she found a beautiful teddy called Bubblegum!


    On Tuesday we enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner and today (Friday) we are having our Christmas party, eating lots of food and playing lots of games.  






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  • Term 2 Week 6


    This week we have been getting ready for our Christmas concert so we have been practising lots of Christmas songs.  The concert took place on Thursday afternoon and we hope you enjoyed it.


    In Pupil Voice on Wednesday the governors had asked us to think about our new Headteacher.  We talked about the qualities needed to be a good Headteacher and also what makes Oldmixon such a great school. Each group had to send two representatives to a meeting with Mrs Simpson to feed back what they had found out.


    During our afternoon sessions we have been designing and making Dreamcatchers. It is believed that Dreamcatchers trap any bad dreams while you are sleeping.  We read a book called Grandmother's Dreamcatcher which explained the Native American belief that a spider created a web to trap bad dreams.   We created the web from wool and decorated the outside to make them look colourful.







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  • Term 2 Week 5


    This week we have been working on our Indian Masks.  We created our designs on paper and then painted them on to some masks.  They look scary! 



    In Maths this week we have been looking at multiplication using arrays.  Our challenge was to find as many different arrays for the number 36.  Why don't you have a go and see how many you can find.  Here is an example to show you - 3 x 12 = 36





    In Literacy we have been improving our diary writing skills.  On Friday we will be working on our Cowboy Diaries.







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  • Term 2 Week 4


    In English this week we have been working on our Read, Write Inc skills.  We have also been looking at how to write a diary and at the end of the week we will be writing the diary of a cowboy in the Wild West.


    Our Maths lessons this week have been about fractions and how to find the fraction of a number.  Mr Ware was very funny when he said the words numerator and denominator. To remind us that the numerator is the number at the top of the fraction he said it in a very high voice and the word denominator in a really low voice so we would remember that it went at the bottom of the fraction.


                    2  - numerator

                    3  - denominator


    This week we have been designing our Indian masks and next week we will be making them.


    Finally, here are some posters we created last week for Anti-Bullying week.





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  • Term 2 - Week 3


    We have had a very busy and exciting week!


    On Monday we had a trip to the cinema to see Annie and it was fabulous! Lots of other schools were there too.


    On Tuesday morning we celebrated Diwali. Lucy said "We went to Year 1 and drew round our hands and then drew some Rangoli patterns on them.  We then went outside and drew patterns on the playground with chalk.  After that we went to the hall and dressed up in wedding costumes and Keeley and Morgan got "married".  After break we tried some sweets and they were covered in sugar, one was a bit milky and one was very sweet." 

    Here are some pictures of the the class doing all the different activities.






    On Tuesday afternoon we joined the other schools in the co-operative to "Raise the Roof". The event was held at Windwhistle School this year and we sang lots of songs about numbers.




    Term 2 - Week 2

    On Monday we had a great trip to the National Roman Legion Museum at Caerleon in Wales.  It took over and hour to get there and on the way we went over the Severn Bridge.  When we got there we went round the Roman Baths, the best bit was looking down into the Roman Bath where you could see some Romans swimming in the water.  Next we had a walk round the Ampitheatre.  The lady explained that this was where the Romans had their gladiator fights and where speeches were made.  


    Before lunch we had a talk about the different artefacts in the Museum and we looked at the coffin of a Roman soldier.  Inside were the skull and bones of the soldier together with all the things that he took with him to the afterlife.


    The last activities we did were in the school room and the barracks.  The teacher was very strict with us and we had to do maths.  In Roman times girls did not go to school so they were allowed to relax while the boys worked.


    Finally we were allowed to try on some armour and look at the sleeping quarters of the soldiers.  The beds were not very comfortable!


    Here are some photos of our trip.





    Term 2 - Week 1


    In Maths this week we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes and identifying their properties (faces, edges and vertices).  We also had to find the line of symmetry on lots of different shapes.


    In English we have continued practicing our phonics through Read, Write, Inc.  


    In Science we started growing some beans.  

    Myesha said "First we got a big jar and put in some cotton wool.  Then we added a small seed into the jar and poured in some water.  Next we put it by the window so it will grow in the sun.  Every week we will be looking to see how much it has grown."



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    In PSHCE this week we were looking at rewards and consequences.  Here are some pictures to show our team work.