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Term 3

Have a wonderful half term break and we will see you back at school on Monday 19th!!

Week Five

Wow what a great term!! We have loved our topic Electricity this term. On Thursday afternoon we got the chance to show some of our parents what we've been up to. Making circuits, adding more components, experimenting with liquids to see if they conducted electricity and using conductors and insulators. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.






On Tuesday as a school we were thinking about how to stay safe when using the internet. We had a class discussion about all of our ideas; playing age appropriate games, not talking to strangers, telling an adult if we see anything that makes us feel uncomfortable. We shared kind messages with each other, made posters, looked at some problems and discussed what we would do in that situation and wrote a pledge on how we were going to keep ourselves safe online.





Week Four

This week we have been thinking about mental health awareness day and time to change. We learnt about how to keep our brains healthy by ensuring we have three healthy meals a day, getting enough exercise, spending time with our friends, talking about our troubles and being mindful. 

Over this term we have been thinking a lot about being mindful. As a class we take part in a Yoga session every week focusing on our concentration, working as a team and following instructions. We have also been taking brain breaks at three points in the day to encourage mindfulness, focusing on our breathing and emptying our minds, to help us be ready for the next part of the day. I'm sure if you ask your child about the sun sequence or the brain breaks they would be able to teach you it.


 On Friday as a school we celebrated Number day, raising money for the NSPCC. We came to school wearing items of clothing with numbers on, took part in activities and games all related to number and we also had a biscuit sale at break time to raise more money for the charity YUM!! 


Week Three


We've loved reading more of both of our class books this week. We have found out that Ivan in the story Ice Palace had a little brother who was taken and kidnapped by a terrible man called Starjik. This week we have been thinking about how the villagers feel about Starjik and whether or not Ivan should go out and hunt for his younger brother. We used a method called conscience alley to decide whether we would go out and look for him, the children passed through the tunnel while others gave a short message as to whether to go or not.




Samba Fever

We were very fortunate this week to have a member of North Somerset music team come in to school to teach us all about Samba music.

'We found out that it came from Brazil. There were lots of different instruments; drums, shakers and bells. We had a brilliant time learning about the instruments and then getting a chance to play them together.'








Week Two


In Maths this week we have been looking at shapes. We have learnt about the different names of shapes and whether they were regular or irregular. We found out this all depends on the length of the sides and the angles in the shape. In Thursday's lesson we worked with a partner to form shapes using our bodies, while our partner mirrored this. We found it really tricky to form regular shapes.





This term we are lucky enough to be reading two class books, Ice Palace by Robert Swindells with Mrs Leggit and Operation Gadgetman by Malorie Blackman. 




'Operation Gadgetman so far has been about a girl called Beans whos dad is a maniac scientist, this week we designed our own spy kits and what we would have inside them. Im looking forward to reading the rest of the book.' 


'Ice Palace is about an island called Ivan's Land and each winter something bad would happen, until Ivan changed all of this. This is all we have read of the book so far, we have been writing our own descriptions of what we think the setting would look like. In thursdays lesson we worked in groups on a freeze frame of Ivan's land in either winter or summer.' 




Welcome back to Term Three!

We hope you had a lovely break and are looking forward to getting back to work! 

This week we have busy getting back into the swing of things, we have started off our new topic for the term Electricity take a look at our topic web below to get an idea of what we will be doing over the next five weeks.



We started the week looking at circuits, we were given all the components we needed and in groups had to try and make the light bulb work.

'It was really hard figuring out how to make the bulb working and even when we had worked it out it was tricky to attach the clips to the bulb, but when we finally got it working I felt ecstatic.'