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Term 3, 2014-2015

Curriculum information to parents Term 3
                                    3…2…1… BLAST OFF!!!  

This is what we will be learning in term 3.
Communication and language:
To listen to others, use more complex sentences when talking, following a story without props. Remembering poems, songs  and rhymes, exploring alliteration. Playing memory games.Reading clues, writing messages,
Phase 3 phonics. Reading words and captions. Writing words and simple sentences. Learning how to spell high frequency words.Reading clues, writing messages.Learning the story of Whatever Next by Jill Murphy.
Personal  Social and Emotional development:
Playing co-operatively. Selecting own resources. Explain own knowledge Developing independence and relationships.
Physical Development:
Understanding the need for exercise, sleep and hygiene. Landing safely.
Counting backwards. Ordering larger numbers.Learning about 3D shapes,Finding totals.Exploring weight.
Understanding the world:
Building on our existing knowledge.Finding out and exploring asking why things happen.Exploring the dark den, lights, magnetism.Exploring websites. Ask questions.
Expressive Arts and Design:
Design a space buggy engaging in imaginative play.Exploring different sounds. Role play in the space café. Building rockets and exploring different materials. Singing musical songs and dancing to moon music.
When planning for the children, I plan opportunities for playing and exploring, active learning , creating and thinking critically. These are called the Characteristics of Effective Learning and are reported on in diaries at the end of the year.

Hello and welcome back to Term 3!!
The children have been busy learning the story 'Whatever next!'
They have been acting it out using props and discussing what is their favourite part.

The children took the space theme outside and decided to build a space station. They used different materials, equipment and learnt how to carry them in a safe way.


In the conservatory the children have been playing with our role-play space resources.
They have been dressed up as space girls and boys, building a space rocket, using the large bricks to zoom off into space and go exploring all the planets.


We have been enjoying space poems this week as a class. Here are a few for you to enjoy reading at home with your children.

Star wish.
Starlight. Starbright.
First star I see tonight.
I wish I may, I wish I might
Have the wish I wish tonight.

In a spin.
The moon goes round the Earth,
and the Earth goes round the Sun,
and me, I just go round and round.......
wondering how it's done!
Graham Denton.

Jumping on the moon.

When you jump on Earth
you land with a thud
in the mud.
When you jump on the moon
you soar like a balloon,
you glide like a feather
on a summer afternoon.
You float like a ballet dancer
in a graceful arc.
You land like a dandelion clock
in the park.
Roger Stevens.

Look at how much our wheat has grown!!!

Outside the children made a small world space tray, using different materials.

Each day the children will be learning interesting facts about space!! enlightened

We were very lucky to have a look inside the space dome this week, learning lots of interesting facts about space.

The children have been building in space. Making a home using different materials, objects and building bricks.
Baby bear from the story 'Whatever next!' even came to visit us for tea.


We have also enjoyed a performance from M and M productions of Sleeping Beauty.


Spaceman Harry visited us in school. He told us lots of interesting facts about space and what it's like to be an astronaut. We saw real space food and even found out how they shower in space!!


This week the children have been making moon buggies. They used a variety of materials and worked together as a team.
First they had to draw plans of what they wanted their moon buggies to look like.


The children outside have been busy making rockets, which have landed on the moon.
They worked together, listening to each others ideas.enlightened
The children have enjoyed making and playing with the space smallworld.

We have learnt all about story mountains this week. We used the story of Whatever next to create a story mountain, which needed a beginning, middle and end.

In P.E the children have been learning to travel around, sideways and over objects. The children were pretending to be asteroids moving around planets.

The children have been making things from space using the magnetic shapes.

Zig and Zag our alien friends had left us some alien Goo for us to explore!! We loved what it felt like!


The children have been making their own models of aliens, using playdough and plastic body parts. Here are a few photos of their models.

The children have been busy contructing moon buggies, space rockets and space stations this week using different construction.


The children worked together in groups to create a junk model space ship.


Outside the children have been enjoying using the hockey sticks. Learning how to use them safely.


The childrem have made planets this week using balloons and paper mache. Once they are dry they will be hung up in our classroom to enhance our space displays.


As the weather has turned cold the children have made fat cakes for the birds outside to feed on.
They mixed nuts, oats, raisins, bird seed and mealworms together with the fat and then squashed it down into a cup. Once chilled and set we will remove the cup and tie the fat cakes up in the trees and bushes for the birds to eat.


The children wanted to make their own space puppets, once made the children acted out different space stories to an audience.


The children decided that they wanted to make space music whilst they were playing. They made up space songs and dances.


Our fat cakes we made for the birds were set and ready to be hung outside, we had lots of fun doing this for the wildlife, deciding where they needed to go.


Some of the children were using Numicon to see how many ways they could make 10.


The children were able to explore dark and light in our dark den in class this week.


Some of the children outside wanted to use the space hoppers to have a space race on the moon!! Ready, steady, hop!!!


The children used straws to blow paint around on the paper to create alien shapes. Once they were dry they were able to use a variety of materials/objects to decorate/create an alien.

The children have loved the cold, frosty mornings. Looking at how their environment changes, how much ice they can collect, and what happens to it over a period of time.


The children went outside with Zig and Zag as they wanted to build something for them. They used a variety of materials and construction to create an amazing moon buggy. Once it was built the children and their alien friends went on a great adventure into space.


The children have been so busy this week building things using the magnetic shapes, thinking of how they can develop their ideas further.


We have been working very hard at counting back from 20!!
We could show you how to do this at home.