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Term 3


   Welcome to year 4   


Week 3


This week in English the children have been preparing for our school storytelling presentation which took place on Thursday. 


The children retold the story of The Little Jackals and the Lion. They created a story map and then worked in groups to perform the story. The children included actions and lots of expression. 


Well Done to Year 4 for coming 1st place in the story telling presentation.




This week in Maths the children have been revising subtraction methods, thinking about exchanging. 




In English the children have been thinking about story writing, based on the story 'Voices in the Park'

The children have been focussing on including, thoughts, feelings and description. 


Topic- The children have been researching Bristol, ready to produce a leaflet about the city. They used the I pads, computers and Google Chrome books. 


In Art this week the children have been looking at pictures of Totterdown in Bristol, they have produced their own interpretations of the scene using shapes. 




Week 2


Today Friday the children had the opportunity to watch the production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the children's enrichment activities will be based on this story. 




This week the children have been looking at diary entries in English. They have been using drama to explore the thoughts and feeling of characters from the book Voices in the park by Anthony Browne. 



In Maths the children have been working on Time. The have been using the clocks to read O'Clock, half past the hour, quarter past and quarter to the hour and 5 minute intervals. They have also been looking at train timetable and journeys from Weston to Bristol. 



In Science this term we are looking at solids, liquid and gases. This week we looked at water and how it changes from solid to liquid to gas. Thinking carefully about what needs to happen to the water for these changes to happen.



Week 1


This week the children have started their new topic and read their class book 'The Day the Crayons Quit'

The children used the Chrome book and reviewed a variety of games, thinking about how to play the games, difficulty, graphics and what you learn from the games. 


In maths the children have been rounding numbers to 10 and 100 using 2,3 and 4 digit numbers. 


P.E this term is Basketball, today the children learnt new skills during their session. They were bouncing the ball between their left and right hands, learning how to pass the ball quickly and accurately to each other and played team games using the skills they had learnt. 








Today Thursday the children took part in an African Drumming Workshop. During the session the children learnt about different African instruments and learnt how to play the different instruments to the rhythm and beat of African songs.